Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam

Hoàng PhúcMay 23, 2024 at 16:41

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If you've ever loved the 1993 version of Bao Thanh Thien, you probably won't be able to forget the beauty Trieu Vinh Hinh. She is one of the "Quynh female langs" (muses in the films of writer Quynh Dao) who were loved on screen at one time.

In Taiwan, there are two schools that are considered the cradle of star making, which are Hoa Phong School of Art and Guoguang School of Art. The popularity of these two schools is on par with the Beijing Film Academy and the Central Academy of Drama in the Mainland, and is also on par with TVB's artist training class in Hong Kong. And Trieu Vinh Hinh is the first student at Quoc Quang School of Art.

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 1

After graduating from this school, students will easily enter the entertainment world. Meanwhile, Trieu Vinh Hinh is a beautiful g.irl, so her artistic path is even brighter.

The beloved c.hild of female artist Quynh Dao

Trieu Vinh Hinh was born on May 31, 1963. Participating in three parts of Bao Thanh Thien's films, Cuu Dao Ben (as Mac Sau), Co Cam Hat (as Tran Bich Nga) and Loan Sinh Sinh (as Tan Man Chan), Trieu Vinh Hinh impressed the audience thanks to fragile, pure beauty.

Not only famous for participating in the movie series Bao Thanh Thien, Trieu Vinh Hinh is also one of the famous beauties of the movie Quynh Dao.

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 2

With a pretty face, delicate features and gentle looks, right from the moment she appeared on screen, she was quickly adopted by Quynh Dao.

She was once famous for her roles in the movies Separation River, Asiatic Wife, Empty Hamlet, Sad Love... But this also became a weakness when she was framed on screen in modest, modest roles. and weak.

After Hamlet, Trieu Vinh Hinh had many opportunities to develop her career and was once known as Tieu Phan Nghinh Tu.

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 3

Although not as prominent as Liu Tuyet Hoa or many Hoa Dan girls in Quynh Dao novels, Trieu Vinh Hinh also has her own career and has become a familiar face on Taiwan's small screen.

In the 90s, when romantic films gradually lost their position on the screen, Trieu Vinh Hinh no longer participated in as many films as before.

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 4

J.ealousy of love

Trieu Vinh Hinh is beautiful and famous but has a love life as difficult as her characters in the movie Quynh Dao. Trieu Vinh Hinh's first love was Ly Hung Quoc, the two always cared for and cared for each other. When Trieu Vinh Hinh continuously took on the main role in Quynh Dao's films, her boyfriend began to change his personality.

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 5

The actress was once influenced by Ly Hung Quoc on the street and the reason is said to be that she started to become famous and earn more m.oney. During that time, Trieu Vinh Hinh always lived in a state of anxiety and fear. Just hearing his lover's name was enough to make him shudder.

In 2002, Tong Vy was the one who pulled Trieu Vinh Hinh out of the darkness and suffering of his first love. The two fell in love at first sight. Tong Vy even "hardened" to drive from Taichung to Taipei just to see his girlfriend's face even though the journey took several hours.

When their feelings were ripe, Tong Vy suddenly knelt down and proposed to Trieu Vinh Hinh. At this time, it seems like there is no longer a love gap between them, but who knows what will happen in life.

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 6

In May 2003, rumors appeared that she was having emotional problems with Tong Vy, causing Vinh Hinh to lose his temper, turn to alcohol to relieve his sadness, and had the intention of ending it. However, she said that the couple sometimes quarrels, but not as fiercely as rumored.

At the age of 60, she said she is managing a tea shop and spends a lot of time studying tea ceremony. Trieu Vinh Hinh studied and took the barista certification exam, then shared his knowledge about tea culture with young people.

In addition, she pursues education, studying for a master's degree in film. Trieu Vinh Hinh intends to produce a web drama. The actress said she is grateful to her husband - Tong Vy - who always encourages and encourages her to do the job she loves.

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 7

Because of focusing on business and studying, the artist has not acted in films for the past four years. Trieu Vinh Hinh admitted that the older she gets, the harder it is for her to adapt to the stressful work of film crews.

Suddenly went to Vietnam

On the morning of May 22, Trieu Vinh Hinh came to Vietnam to participate in a tea event. Here, the film's muse Quynh Dao revealed her busy, energetic life at the age of over 60.

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 8

During his visit to Vietnam, actor Trieu Vinh Hinh was excited to share his passion for tea with everyone. At the same time, Trieu Vinh Hinh shared that although she has rarely appeared in public for many years, she feels extremely happy when people always remember famous figures from her past.

At the event, Trieu Vinh Hinh shared his memories of filming Bao Thanh Thien: "In the movie Tan Bao Thanh Thien, the love that shields the yin and yang world, the role of the Lover was played by another actress but because she couldn't read. The script was written in traditional characters, so the director called me immediately to fly to Hong Kong.

The director called me in the morning and in the afternoon I had to show up to memorize the script and speak continuously for ten minutes. After I finished performing, everyone in the film crew applauded. This is also a memory for me."

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 9

Stepping out of work, actor and tea master Trieu Vinh Hinh still chooses to spend personal time enjoying tea. For her, her favorite free time is making a pot of tea and enjoying it with her loved ones.

She jokingly said that tea is a drink that soothes tensions and disagreements in the family: "My husband and I sometimes argue. Every time that happens, I brew a pot of delicious tea and gently serve it to my husband. My husband thinks I had the heart to make tea, he couldn't help but drink it. Just try it, it will work."

Trieu Vinh Hinh: Gorgeous beauty Bao Thanh Thien, caused a fever when she came to Vietnam - Photo 10

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