Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of 'ambiguity'

Vân AnhApr 20, 2024 at 17:04

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Currently, Trieu Le Dinh's heat is still increasing strongly after Du Phuong Hanh fever. Besides the current hotness, the actress and her young lover suddenly received great news that made the audience panic.

On April 19, Chinese media simultaneously reported that the short film titled Hello, Hello, directed by Mai Le Oanh and starring the two main actors Trieu Le Dinh and Cung Tuan, was excellently shortlisted. Shortlist for the art film category of the Beijing International Film Festival. This is not only good news for the producer but also for those who love the couple Trieu Le Dinh and Cung Tuan.

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 1

This is a film produced by Vogue Film, directed by Mai Le Oanh. The film's content is based on the theme of the relationship between AI and humans. In the film, Trieu Le Dinh plays the female lead Lam Am, while Cung Tuan takes on the role of artificial intelligence AI. In the contrasting gap between reality and virtuality, the couple will complete the process of changing from human to AI.

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 2

Even though it was only a short film, Hello, hello has already made the audience excited because of the attractive and new content as well as the lovely interactions between Cung Tuan and Trieu Le Dinh . Accordingly, the short film was released at VOUGEWorld's 130 Years of Discipline Exhibition taking place from October 9 to October 23, 2022.

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 3

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 4

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 5

This is the first time these two artists have collaborated together, so the project is eagerly awaited by many fans. In addition to this project, both actors have upcoming films that promise to "warm up" their names on the Chinese small screen.

Recently, POWER STAR channel (China) announced a list of the most influential female stars in the entertainment industry in March 2024. Accordingly, at the top of the list is Duong Tu. Right behind her are Trieu Le Dinh, Bach Loc, Chau Da, and Dilraba Dilmurat.

Trieu Le Dinh is making an impressive comeback with the historical project Du Phuong Hanh. This project's release date was delayed by nearly a year. That's why, when it was broadcast, Du Phuong Hanh almost took over Chinese social networks and media.

In particular, Du Phuong Hanh also marks the next great collaboration of couple Trieu Le Dinh and Lam Canh Tan. They once created a quite successful historical masterpiece - So Kieu Truyen .

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 6

Trieu Le Dinh (born 1987) is one of the famous female stars of Chinese cinema today. She affirmed her position in the field of television drama. The movies she recently appeared in have all resonated and achieved impressive viewership ratings such as Hoa Thien Cot, Minh Lan Truyen, Happiness to Ten Thousand Families, The Wind Blows Ban Ha...

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 7

After a few days of making waves on Chinese social networking platforms, the fever called Du Phuong Hanh shows signs of cooling down. The number of viewers watching the movie shows signs of decreasing. However, the name Trieu Le Dinh still receives special attention from the audience, affirming her position as a flower g.irl of the 8X generation.

Born in 1992, Cung Tuan has nearly 10 years of acting. In the 9X generation of actors, Cung Tuan is one of the few whose background is not from Bac Anh or Trung Hy. In the past, when he saw his friends going to acting school, Cung Tuan expressed his interest and decided to "pack up" and go to Beijing to pursue his passion.

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 8

Since becoming famous thanks to Son Ha Lenh , Cung Tuan really hasn't had any bright spots in his career. An Lac Truyen received a series of criticism for poor quality, in which Cung Tuan was repeatedly criticized for his beauty and acting. The film brought together two "popular" stars but ended up being a huge failure. Coming to I Want to Go Against the Wind , the combination of Cung Tuan and Chung So Hy was completely "dumbfounded", receiving a rating of around 0% when shown on Dong Phuong channel.

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 9

In 2021, the case of Ngo Diec Pham being accused of committing a crime and being imprisoned shocked public opinion, and Cung Tuan was also called out. He is listed on the list of 4 famous male stars (next to Truong Nghe Hung, Thai Tu Khon and Vuong Nhat Bac) who bought articles to "dethrone" Kris Wu. Furthermore, the handsome actor has been criticized many times for his unstandardized attitude and behavior.

Having gone through many ups and downs and a series of scandals, Cung Tuan is still steadfast in the acting world. More film resources come to him than ever, and he also has the opportunity to collaborate with many big stars like the current Dilraba Dilmurat, or the upcoming Trieu Le Dinh.

Trieu Le Dinh and her young lover received great news after a period of ambiguity - Photo 10

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