Trieu Le Dinh - goddess of luck: Whoever "background" her is also famous

Hoàng AnhMay 18, 2022 at 11:26

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Trieu Le Dinh is not only an actress who can guarantee the rating of Chinese goods, but can even be considered as one of the most co-stars in showbiz.

If you are a loyal fan of the series from the Chinese film village, surely people will discover something very interesting. Specifically, as long as a beauty has played a supporting role in the same project with Trieu Le Dinh, surely the future of that beauty will be unusually happy, and have a bright future.

Trieu Le Dinh - goddess of luck: Whoever "background" her is also famous - Photo 1

It can be seen that Phung Thieu Phong's ex-wife is truly "the goddess of luck" of the junior generations. According to this situation, if any actress in Cbiz has talent and strength but still can't play movies, you can try this way, maybe Trieu Le Dinh will continue to bring you luck. ?

The "Tieu Hoa Dan" Trieu Le Dinh is famous on the Chinese screen with many hit movies such as Sam Sam To Go, Hoa Thien Cot, Thanh Van Chi, So Kieu Truyen, Minh Lan Truyen..., and others. Female stars who have had a predestined relationship with her include Ly Tham, Duong Tu, Vien Bang Nghien.....

Ly Tham

Referring to Ly Tham, the public often remembers the image of the strong and thorny Dung Phi - Han Huong Kien in Nhu Y Truyen. Or an upright Tham Ly Ca in Cam Tu Nam Ca. Although she joined the entertainment industry quite early, for a long time she was only assigned supporting roles and was quite faint.

Trieu Le Dinh - goddess of luck: Whoever "background" her is also famous - Photo 2

It wasn't until 2017, after the movie "The Story of the Kieu Story" with the cooperation with Trieu Le Dinh, that Ly Tham's name suddenly flashed. Playing the role of Princess Nguyen Thuan against the female lead So Kieu, but Ly Tham makes viewers both hate and love. After the success of this role, Ly Tham has the opportunity to appear in famous series such as Khanh Du Nien, Lang Dien Ha, Dear Quan Trang, Hai Thuong Phon Hoa,... Thinh Quan next to Nham Gia Luan.

Vien Bingyan

Nowadays, Chinese film nerds often refer to Vien Bang Nghien in Luu Ly or Chuc Khanh Hao, but there is a fact that around 2016, Vien Bang Nghien was once involved in the cult project Lao Cuu Mon, and take on the female lead next to the female lead, Trieu Le Dinh. Although she herself always tries hard after the success of Lao Jiu Mon, the future of the actress is still standing still.

Trieu Le Dinh - goddess of luck: Whoever "background" her is also famous - Photo 3

Until the project Luu Ly was successful beyond expectations, Yuan Bingyan was known to the public more and raised her popularity. Since then, her role when co-starring with Trieu Le Dinh has also been mentioned more. In addition, she is also known by the people as "little Trieu Le Dinh", and is often compared with her seniors. Although being called a copy, this has partly helped the beautiful Vien to own more resources in movies.

Trieu Le Dinh - goddess of luck: Whoever "background" her is also famous - Photo 4

At the present time, the beautiful woman has quite a lot of good historical scripts to look forward to, including the falling flower season to meet him and Khuyen Thanh Dic Thanh Hoan. It can be seen that with this development, the actress is a very formidable opponent in the race to dominate the title of the new generation ancient goddess.


Yangtze is currently one of the most famous flowers in China. However, like the two names mentioned above, Ly Tham and Vien Bang Nghien, at the time of filming Thanh Van Chi and Trieu Le Dinh, Duong Tu still did not have the position as it is today. However, the unexpected success of Thanh Van Chi also partly helped Duong Tu get a certain position in the Chinese entertainment world.

Trieu Le Dinh - goddess of luck: Whoever "background" her is also famous - Photo 5

Yang Zi's role as Luc Tuyet Ky is considered quite close to the original because of his cold and temperamental appearance. Moreover, the image in this film of Yangtze is also considered the best image in her acting career.

And then the actress' career suddenly became an A-list star thanks to the Huong Mat Tu Khoi Suong project. Overcome with victory, Duong Tu continued to affirm his position through Than Ai Nhiet Ai, and achieved extremely good results.

Trieu Le Dinh - goddess of luck: Whoever "background" her is also famous - Photo 6

In the near future, Duong Tu will return to the screen with the movie Tram Vang Huong Phai. Not only the plot is attractive, the male lead Thanh Nghi is also a name that makes fans put a lot of hope. Therefore, the work is expected to create a great resonance.

However, it must be said again and again, anyway, the three beauties mentioned above are really talented and capable, not entirely based on the reputation of the senior Trieu Le Dinh. It can only be said that the old wife Phung Thieu Phong is quite "cool" in supporting the co-star of the project. Because, Ly Tham, Yangtze, or Yuan Bingyan all had a long time playing supporting roles, trying to participate in many films, as well as hone their acting skills through each work. After all, the glory only comes to those who are constantly striving, just not entirely in luck, or relying entirely on the "fame" of cult stars.

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