Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liying's indifference

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Many years have passed since Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng divorced, but the audience's interest in the couple is still relatively large. Recently, the sharing of talent from the Feng family about his ex-wife suddenly became h.ot again.

In the past, Feng Shaofeng was famous as a playboy, the "notorious" flower digger Cbiz. However, after marrying Zhao Liying, the actor surnamed Feng changed a lot, he was not afraid to openly show his affection for Zhao Liying on television, often accompanying his wife at events... Outsiders looking in would probably see how happy they were, how much Feng Shaofeng loved his wife.

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 1

However, Feng Shaofeng himself was not really confident in this marriage. In an interview, the star Minh Lan Story revealed that during 3 years of marriage with Zhao Liying, he felt that his ex-wife's love for him was not big enough, at one point he even frankly asked Zhao Liying: "Do you really like me, do you want to get married with me or just because you want to date, Just love?"

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 2

Feng Shaofeng added bitterly, "Until now, my wife has not given me her wedding ring." The marriage of Feng Shaofeng - Zhao Liying, apart from the marriage paper, a romantic wedding ceremony or wedding ring symbolizing love like many other ordinary couples does not have. This made Feng Shaofeng feel insecure.

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 3

Meanwhile, Zhao Liying said, "Sometimes I can't distinguish whether the other person is a company employee or a lover, and sometimes I don't care about the other person's feelings."

Through the above sharing of both Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, netizens think that their marriage breakdown can also partly explain.

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 4

Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying used to be a couple admired by many people. However, this marriage also came to a bad ending.

After the divorce, Zhao Liying focused all his energy on his career, while Feng Shaofeng chose to temporarily put aside his work to take care of his children and only returned to the screen not long ago. Unfortunately, the peak of his career has passed, his fame is no longer the same, the situation is in stark contrast to his ex-wife.

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 5

Despite their divorce, the two maintained a close relationship to co-parent their children. No matter how busy they were, both Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying tried to spend time with their children.

The two often take advantage of breaks between film projects to take their son out. Despite their divorce, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng did not hesitate to meet to eat together with their son.

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 6

Before that, many times Feng Shaofeng was photographed by the paparazzi to capture the moments when he took his son out. Apparently, when he went out with his father, the b.oy was excited, cheerful and reasonable. This shows that with both children is the biggest priority.

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 7

Recently, appearing at the exchange in the new film screening, Feng Shaofeng was quite emotional, his eyes were red when mentioning his 5-year-old son. The actor candidly confessed, "I love my son very much and cherish everything from interacting and communicating with him. I'll treat it like that, talk in an adult way."

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 8

Zhao Liying's ex-husband added, "I'm still growing up. I had children quite late and I'm relearning my experiences and feelings as a father. At a certain age, a good relationship between your c.hild and you is the greatest success."

Feng Shaofeng wept about his son, lamenting Zhao Liyings indifference - Photo 9

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