Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud

NắngMar 17, 2022 at 10:47

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The old noisy story of Xuan Bac's wife and former model Trang Tran has just been revealed by netizens.

In the past few days, the fact that Hong Nhung - the artist's wife Xuan Bac published her son's sensitive personal information on social networks, has caused a stir in the public. In particular, former model Trang Tran was one of those who spoke out harshly, disagreeing with the way Xuan Bac's wife's children were raised.

In the midst of this incident, the online community was reminded of the longtime "deep feud" of Trang Tran and his wife Xuan Bac. The "wrong family" couple had no less than two words of war on social networks, even so harsh that they declared that every time they met on the street, they fought directly.

In 2015, Trang Tran got into a scandal with the police of Hang Buom ward. While drunk, she constantly used harsh words to i.nsult the opponent, even kicking a soldier. The clip of the incident was quickly spread, making Trang Tran the focus of criticism. Xuan Bac's wife, after seeing the clip, re-shared it on her personal page with the caption: "Lessons for young people. Look at this mirror and hold back."

Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud - Photo 1

In 2017, Xuan Bac's wife, then a lecturer at the Hanoi College of Arts, accused People's Artist Anh Tu of suppressing and trying to get himself out of the examination board in 2016-2017. Trang Tran again defended the teacher and criticized Hong Nhung online.

The conflict between the two sides has not stopped. In May 2021, in the midst of a heated argument between Trang Tran and CEO Dai Nam, the giant woman announced that if she had an opportunity to meet outside, she would "bury her face, don't sit there and scold people!". Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac's wife re-shared the above article with the message: "This personal opinion: If you meet me on the street, I will also bury this c.hild. Lie to me more than 3 years ago does not count".

Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud - Photo 2

Refusing to stand still, Trang Tran challenged: "I heard that your comedian's sister-in-law wants to bury you? Yes, I'm in Hanoi, I'll meet you if you like to f.ight hand-to-hand. Let's meet! Learning as an actress, no one invited me to act in a movie, so I decided to act in comedy. online, sister? Come on, plow face."

Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud - Photo 3

The clip that Trang Tran then cursed at Hong Nhung has now been revealed again. In it, she said: "Dear sister-in-law, MC. Don't tag him because MC is an artist that everyone loves... Your husband, an extremely famous comedian and artist, is an artist. The artist that all brothers and sisters in the South and in the North love about humility, privacy, tact, and dignity in their profession. say what.

From the fact that your husband always goes to work on time, properly, and treats artists, everyone who meets your husband also has 1 "brother", 1 "artist" sentence, and 1 sentence of respect. But you are so stupid, you don't know how to keep your husband's face."

Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud - Photo 4

Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud - Photo 5

Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud - Photo 6

Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud - Photo 7

This time many people agree with Trang Tran, saying that Hong Nhung's noise indirectly affects the image and reputation of Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac. The attitude of netizens is quite surprising because so far Trang Tran has not been popular with everyone.

A few days ago, when the incident of Hong Nhung posting her son's sensitive and private information on social networks began to surface, Trang Tran could not sit still.

The former livestream model frankly criticized: "Many people ask me if I'm gloating about this, but I don't. I don't like her but her b.aby is not guilty, it's very cute.

Do not try to pretend that you are a strict, strong, brave mother who knows how to educate her children. Her children are lovely, and her husband is admired by many.

So please, for this mistake of your c.hild, you and your wife should close the door and tell each other and teach their children, not spread it all online.

I also bow to my brother. Please s.mash your wife's phone or delete her Facebook for me, don't post anything more. In the middle of the night I watched the b.aby cry and choked, so poor."

Trang Tran - Xuan Bac's wife and the "meet is buried" feud - Photo 8

Currently, the wife of Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac has not responded to Trang Tran's livestream attack. The public is afraid that the two will have a fierce war of words online like the previous times.

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