Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu

Hoàng AnhJun 10, 2022 at 11:07

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As the second most beautiful male star on the Chinese screen, it is not difficult to understand when Duong Duong's co-stars are all famous and famous beauties. Duong Duong's new co-star is also said to have "not-so-medium" beauty.

After the release of Thien Ha, Duong Duong quickly prepared for the new movie My Fireworks of the World. Immediately, the female lead "should be charming" with Duong Duong also received great attention. Accordingly, Vuong Chu Nhien will cooperate with the actor in this movie.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 1

Wang Churan graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Drama, had an impressive record when he started acting in high school and won many awards for young actors.

She owns a beautiful, elegant face and is known as the "new generation billion billion fairy", a copy of Liu Yifei.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 2

Without the sharp beauty like Dich Le Nhiet Ba or the pure innocence like Trieu Lo Tu, So Nhien impresses the opposite person with her pure, gentle beauty, and even has a fairy spirit. while filming historical movies.

If you put it on the comparison table, it can be affirmed that the actress is not inferior to any of Duong Duong's previous co-stars. The beauty of Vuong So Nhien is considered to be suitable for many generations of audiences.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 3

Although the film has not been released yet, fans have given many compliments to the beauty of Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien. The two interact quite naturally, close on the set.

Fans believe that the opportunity to co-star with this senior will quickly help the actress' career "upgrade", becoming a bright star of the Chinese screen.

Previously, from behind-the-scenes photos released, the couple made people fall in love with their extreme visuals.

Specifically, the scene of Duong Duong passing Vuong So Nhien on a bicycle was also posted and immediately received the attention of netizens.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 4

In the clip given, Duong Duong rides a bicycle on Vuong So Nhien pass in the back. Meanwhile, the new lover gently wrapped her arms around Duong Duong's waist. Although the image is quite blurry, it is not difficult to recognize the beauty of this handsome couple. In addition, the audience also paid attention to Duong Duong's image, although it looked quite ... but because of his handsome face, he was still very eye-catching.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 5

The image of Duong Duong and Vuong So suddenly riding a car makes the audience think of the fact that 6 years ago he did the same thing with Trinh Sang. Specifically, when playing the role of Tieu Nai in Love You At First Sight, Duong Duong once rode a bicycle to Bei Vy Vy (Trinh Sang) in the admiration of everyone. Up to now, Tieu Dai Than and Bei Beauty are still one of the legendary couples on the Chinese screen.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 6

When compared, the new love Vuong So Nhien was praised for her more beautiful beauty than Trinh Sang. The reason is also because when she was hungry, Boi Vy Vy's role, the 9x flower g.irl was so thin that it was alarming. She was even commented that she was far inferior to the beauty of the female lead in the original. However, many viewers also think that Duong Duong's new scene will be difficult to overcome 6 years ago.

Previously, there were many rumors that Duong Duong had a cold attitude to co-star Vuong So Nhien when filming together. However, a series of images of embracing love and affection were spread on the internet and then smashed groundless rumors.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 7

In the picture, Duong Duong knelt down in front of Vuong Chu Ran and looked up at her. The two looked into each other's eyes with love. Then there is the scene of Duong Duong and Vuong Chu Nhien hugging each other, the whole scene seems to be filled with honey.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 8

Immediately after these photos were released, the couple Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien made the audience excited.

Although it's only the backstage photos, the chemistry between the two is very natural and sweet.

Some comments from the audience about Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien's interaction:

- The picture is really blurry, but the beauty of this couple still occupies the spotlight.

-I don't know how the drama is, but looking at this picture, the chemistry is so good.

- So sweet. Duong Duong stood with Vuong So Nhien and saw the couple vibes clearly.

- This hug scene is so beautiful, the feeling is both very emotional and very sweet. Hopefully Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien will continue this spirit of work.

- The two are so beautiful, this movie is worth looking forward to.

Duong Duong and Vuong So Nhien are expected by the audience to become one of the couples who bomb the small screen in the near future.

The movie My Fireworks of the World, starring Duong Duong and Vuong Chu Nhien, is still in the process of filming and has no specific screening schedule.

Duong Duong's 'new love' is likened to a copy of Liu Yifei, 'eating out' Trieu Lo Tu - Photo 9

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