Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop

An NhiMay 28, 2022 at 17:04

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As the male god who owns the best "age-hacking" beauty in Cbiz, Duong Duong is now considered by the audience to be no longer suitable for creating student images or school garden scenes.

Thanks to the presence of two famous actors, Duong Duong and Vuong Chu Nhien, My Fireworks of the World is currently receiving the attention of a large audience even though it has just entered the filming process.

Recently, behind-the-scenes photos revealing Duong Duong's image were suddenly passed on by netizens and became a h.ot topic of discussion on forums.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 1

Accordingly, the image of a handsome actor in a school uniform and holding a fan has made many viewers unable to hide their excitement and excitement.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 2

In addition to the praise for the male lead's top beauty, many people expressed their disappointment with his appearance this time. They think that Duong Duong looks much older and more mature than the original character in the story.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 3

In fact, Duong Duong is also over 30 years old, although he has a face that is not dead, but perhaps with his current maturity and poise, he is no longer suitable when playing student roles like this. People worry that the actor will not be able to portray the immaturity and innocence of the character Hua Duc when he was in school.

The audience also expressed the opinion that at this age, the actor should gradually change direction to be better for his future career.

My World Fireworks is a film adapted from the novel A Citadel Waiting for You by the author Cuu Nguyet Hi. The main producer of the film is Duong Duong's boss - Jia Si Khai. The film belongs to the modern romance genre. The male lead, Tong Diem, is a firefighter and the female lead, Hua Tham, is a doctor.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 4

Accordingly, the story depicts the hardships of firefighters and doctors but does not make the reader feel heavy, the story is realistic but not gloomy. Many details and dialogues make readers feel touched, sad and tormented. Each character has its own color. The author integrates many philosophies and meaningful lessons in the words. That is also the previous style of writer Cuu Nguyet Hi.

About the character Hua Shen, when she was adopted by the Manh family, she became an extremely shy and self-deprecating young woman. Always have to see other people's faces to live. During those cold lonely days, she met Tong Diem. He had kindled a warm fire in her. He protected, pampered, tolerated her. He let her experience the world. With him she could live, with him she had a real smile. But her warm, happy little bit has been extinguished since the moment she chose her family and let go of his hand. From that moment on, the meaning of life in her no longer exists.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 5

Hua Shen at the age of 18 could not "take off socks to run barefoot towards love". Because at that time she was not sure about the future with him, nor sure about his love. If she chooses him, maybe she really will be empty-handed. At that time, she didn't understand her heart, ruthlessly chased him away, and quietly ran away with her castle for ten years. However, she later discovered that the castle in her heart had not opened again since then.

10 years later, Hua Shen at the age of 28 became a doctor, but the shy g.irl at that time became cold and indifferent. Fate made the two meet again and this time even though he said bitter words, cold words, she still wanted to find him. The other gate had to use ten years of trade-offs, just waiting for the original person to cross the long distance, without the fog and wind chasing and entering.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 6

Duong Duong's role is Tong Diem. He is a male lead who had an unhappy childhood. Her mother had to leave, but she also had to watch her drunken father die in front of her. If Hua Tham did not enter that deadlocked life of hers, perhaps Tong Diem would have no reason to be earnest about this life.

After being abandoned by Hua Tham, Tong Diem once again lost his mind, but during those 10 years, he always kept trying because he still kept the hope that the future could be with her even though he was uncertain. The moment we met again, although Tong Diem was cold to Hua Tham, the love that year had not changed.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 7

Even though he knew that seeing her old wounds would bleed, he still wanted to meet her. Although she did not choose him, he was still worried that "if she marries someone in that world, she will be forced to die". Although she can't choose, he still loves her with tolerance, with a love of giving without thinking "I don't need you to do anything for me, I don't need you to promise me in the future, I will definitely walk with you. brother. If one day you want to break up, then break up. But for now, we're together." Tong Diem's love is beautiful, warm and selfless. He didn't force her to decide anything, he just patiently and quietly waited for her.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 8

The film My Fireworks of the World, starring Duong Duong and Vuong Chu Nhien, is still in the process of filming. The film is expected to air on Hunan TV station and Mango TV website at the end of this year or early next year.

Duong Duong revealed the image of a student in a new movie, and netizens criticized it non-stop - Photo 9

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