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Quoc Truong suddenly said a sentence r.evealing marriage information that caused people to stir?

Thanh Thanh13:55:52 04/12/2023
Recently, Quoc Truong has shared a few lines of status on his personal page. Notably, the actor suddenly said a sentence r.evealing marriage information. This has caused a stir among the people.

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Liu Xiangjiang's eldest daughter conflicted violently with her mother, wanting to leave her mother

Cát Cát11:04:40 04/12/2023
Recently, in the new episode of "Sister Beautiful Sister", Liu Xiangjiang revealed that her daughter and she had just had a violent conflict. Accordingly, the eldest daughter of the singer thinks that she has changed and no longer loves the c.hild as before.

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Yulan was upset when her son was told he lacked love because his parents divorced, insisting 1 sure thing?

Đào Thị09:40:54 04/12/2023
Recently, Ngoc Lan shared the moment her son visited his mother on set. In addition to complimenting the b.oy's affectionate life, there were also negative comments claiming that her son lacked love because of his parents' divorce. She spoke up frustratedly.

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Long Hai: "Three Bands" in Huong Phu Sa, the twin brother of the Diamond People's Party, all his life devoted to art

Cát Cát08:30:32 04/12/2023
Artist Long Hai is known as the sister of the Diamond People's Party, having a long association with her troupe. In addition, he also acted in films, most impressively playing Ba Ran, the biological father of Ut Small Tang Thanh Ha in the film Huong Sa.

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Wife Ho Quang Hieu rarely showed up after the wedding, her husband did 1 thing that made netizens admire

Mai Trúc14:45:20 02/12/2023
Recently, wife Ho Quang Hieu released a series of photos with her husband while attending an event. This was a rare appearance of the 2 couples after the wedding. Notably, she was given 1 thing by her husband that netizens admired.

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Do My Linh shows off the standard attitude of "strawberry hao mon", the husband does 1 job to prove the "love wife"?

Anh Thụy13:25:06 02/12/2023
Recently, Do My Linh posted a moment with her husband Do Vinh Quang attending the event. Many people could not help but be impressed by the beauty and charisma of the queen. Notably, she was also given 1 job by her husband to prove his wife's love.

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Changjiang revealed that an artist was "banned" by Nha Fang because he took care of him so much?

Tiểu Trúc09:40:56 02/12/2023
Recently, Changjiang suddenly revealed an artist who made Yan Fang jealous and forbade him to meet him. The reason is because this person is a character who is taken care of by the comedian to every bite.

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Phuong Oanh livestream openly "badmouthed" Shark Binh's husband, but still happily accepted 1 thing?

Thanh Thanh10:55:42 01/12/2023
Recently, Phuong Oanh was taken by her husband Shark Binh to Japan to enjoy the autumn air. Recently, the livestream actress publicly told bad stories about her husband Shark Binh, but still happily accepted 1 thing.

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Hoa Minzy openly leaned on the shoulder of a "hidden" guy, whose identity was surprising?

Thanh Thanh10:14:44 01/12/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Hoa Minzy made people stir when she shared a happy moment when leaning on the shoulder of an unmasked son. The singer's identity came as a surprise.

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MC Cat Tuong went to volunteer after a series of "tribulations", only wishing for one thing?

Thanh Thanh09:55:55 01/12/2023
During the past year, MC Cat Tuong was stressed, tired of the visions and rumors falling from the sky. Recently, the female MC had a charity trip in some areas facing difficulties and natural disasters. Besides, she also expressed her desire for one thing.

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Lam Thanh Nha: Quitting her job to pursue acting, used to work with "beautiful sister" Thanh Hang - Chi Pu

Thanh Anh08:34:08 01/12/2023
Lam Thanh Nha is one of the young actors of the Vietnamese entertainment industry, loved by many audiences because of her honest performance. The actor once attracted attention when collaborating with the beautiful sister Thanh Hang - Chi Pu in "Sisters".

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Dong Nhi's daughter caused a fever when posing like a real c.hild model, people are still excited about one thing?

Đào Thị15:01:39 30/11/2023
Recently, Dong Nhi posted a series of photos of his daughter Winnie on his personal page. Notably, people couldn't help but go c.razy when b.aby Winnie had extremely adorable poses, looking like a real c.hild model.

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Tuan Hung suddenly revealed the relationship between his mother and his wife after 10 years of living in the same house

Thanh Thanh10:36:16 30/11/2023
Recently, on his personal page, singer Tuan Hung suddenly shared about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law of his mother and wife after 10 years of living in the same house. People were surprised to learn something.

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Hoa Minzy revealed a photo wearing a wedding dress, and was also led by Duc Phuc - Erik into the ceremony. Is the truth surprising?

Mai Trúc09:36:48 30/11/2023
Recently, social networks were abuzz with the moment Hoa Minzy wore a wedding dress. Not only that, the female singer was also led down the aisle by two close juniors, Duc Phuc and Erik. However, the truth behind is surprising.

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Cuong Do La's b.aby boy has a lovely expression when getting a haircut, a special feature of both of them that causes a fever?

Thanh Anh14:41:29 29/11/2023
On his personal page, Cuong Do La showed off the moment his two children Suchin and Sutin were taken by their father to get their hair cut. Notably, a special thing the two have in common was discovered by people, causing a stir in the online community.

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan organizes a grand b.aby shower for two children, netizens are c.razy about one thing?

Anh Thụy10:01:17 29/11/2023
Recently, Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan's family held a grand b.aby shower for their two children. The photo frame of the whole family happily gathered together makes the audience admire it. In particular, people also focused their attention on one thing.

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Lam Khanh Chi shows off her beauty after restoration, what is the beauty's attitude when compared to Huong Giang?

Anh Thụy09:34:43 29/11/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Lam Khanh Chi showed off a set of beautiful photos after her beauty restoration. Notably, an audience compared her beauty with Huong Giang. The beauty's attitude attracts attention.

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Director Mai Dung: From acting to encroaching on the director's field, he has a unique laugh that is unique to anyone else

Đào Thị08:31:18 29/11/2023
Mai Dung is famous in the Vietnamese comedy industry as an artist with a unique laugh that is unique to anyone else. Recently, in addition to acting, he has branched out into the role of director and has also had success with a series of television films.

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Sam had a surprising reaction when asked about the identity of her "hidden" husband?

Thanh Thanh09:57:21 28/11/2023
Since the public proposal until now, Sam has hidden the appearance of his other half. Recently, when an audience asked about her husband's identity, the actress had a surprising reaction.

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Shark Binh shows off romantic photos with Phuong Oanh in Japan, what is one thing about his pregnant mother that attracts people's attention?

Mai Trúc09:41:38 28/11/2023
Recently, Shark Binh and Phuong Oanh had a vacation in Japan. Recently, on his personal page, Shark Binh showed off romantic photos with his wife in Japan, a point about his pregnant mother that attracted people's attention.

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Minh Hang was going out but rushed home because of something related to her son

Cát Cát14:37:10 27/11/2023
Recently, on her personal page, Minh Hang revealed that she was going out but rushed home because of something related to her first son. People who heard the details of the story were extremely sympathetic.

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Khanh Thi revealed the secret to losing weight "quickly" after giving birth, everyone laughed because of one thing?

Cát Cát10:03:26 27/11/2023
Last September, Khanh Thi and Phan Hien were extremely happy to welcome their third c.hild, Lisa. Recently, the female grandmaster revealed the secret to rapid weight loss after giving birth on her personal page. However, everyone laughed because of one thing.

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Truong Giang's daughter - Nha Phuong shows off her artistic talent but is dominated by one character?

Anh Thụy15:14:57 25/11/2023
Recently, Nha Phuong showed off the moment her daughter Destiny showed off her extremely adorable artistic talent, making people excited. However, the g.irl was captured by another character.

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Khanh Thi was touched when her "darlings" did something when they saw her mother coming home late from work

Đào Thị14:55:35 25/11/2023
Recently, on Khanh Thi's personal page, she posted a warm moment with her children. Accordingly, the dancesport queen was touched when her babies did something when they saw their mother coming home late from work.

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