Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz

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Tien Dung - a member of the group The Men - was once known as one of the flower boys of Vietnamese showbiz. The male singer has a noisy love affair with Hai Bang, used to spend a lot of press ink. After the youth market, Tien Dung now lives a secret life, no longer interested in showbiz.

Loves best friend Hai Bang, betrays his girlfriend when he is about to get married

Among many beautiful people who passed through Tien Dung's life, the love between him and Hai Bang used to consume a lot of paper and ink in the press. At that time, Hai Bang was the first lover that Tien Dung actively made public. It is known that the couple "got charming" when playing together in a group of friends. After a while, they fell in love and started dating.

"The two of them got along very well in many things from eating, h.anging out with which group of friends... I still remember falling in love with the way he took care of me. Everything made me think I was predestined with this man. Love comes to me simply," Hai Bang once confided.

Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz - Photo 1

In March 2013, many emotional photos in wedding costumes were posted by Hai Bang - Tien Dung on social networks, making the audience believe that a wedding was about to take place.

However, in early 2014, Hai Bang said that she had broken up with Tien Dung because her best friend had lost her lover. When talking about her old love, the singer still couldn't hold back her emotions: "I was the one who suggested choosing Lan Anh as that female model so that he could make the MV If I was the brother of The Men and I didn't expect it later. In that MV, the two of them had a relationship. Since I'm so confident in myself, that I've given him a lot of love, it's not possible that he's helping me.

So it took me a long time to find out. For a long time of doubt, there were many times I wanted to break up, but Mr. Dung did not agree. It wasn't until I saw with my own eyes that they were together, that I decided to leave."

Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz - Photo 2

At that time, Hai Bang and Tien Dung planned to get married. However, all plans for a happy home of the couple were broken when a third person interjected: "The parents of both sides have met and we have also considered a long-term relationship. Even we have been married. I thought about having a b.aby first. But that's all in the past. What I regret most is that Mr. Dung's parents are very good and love me. Now, even though Mr. Dung and I no longer love each other, sometimes I still have feelings for each other. visit the two of you", the voice of Little Stone revealed.

Suffering from being betrayed by her lover, Hai Bang once did not want to see Tien Dung's face for a long time. But time has erased the wound in her heart. Gradually, Hai Bang and Tien Dung had a better relationship.

Love history with Vbiz pink balls

Before falling in love with Hai Bang, a member of The Men group had a passionate time with Tra Ngoc Hang. In 2012, Tra Ngoc Hang revealed that her first love was Tien Dung - a member of the group The Men. This long leg said that the two used to love each other for more than 4 years since they were not famous, but eventually broke up for many reasons.

Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz - Photo 3

According to the female model, Tien Dung is a flower b.oy, there are too many girls around, so the couple often has conflicts during love. Therefore, Tra Ngoc Hang and Tien Dung decided to "go their separate ways" in peace. After breaking up, the two still maintain close friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

After breaking up with Tra Ngoc Hang, the media repeatedly recorded the image of Tien Dung having a private date with singer Tra My Idol on the street. Although they were praised for being a beautiful couple, both decided not to admit their love story to the public.

Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz - Photo 4

When asked about his relationship with Tra My Idol, Tien Dung only shared: "I have a real relationship with Tra My, but it's a brotherly relationship. I consider My as a close sister in the family. Tra. My is a g.irl with a personality, independent and able to take care of her family. She is suitable to be my sister, not to be my lover."

Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz - Photo 5

In 2014, Lan Anh first came into contact with Tien Dung when she was the female lead in the MV If He was the brother of the group The Men. Lan Anh is the one who Hai Bang accused of being the "third person" that caused the two to break up. After less than a year of dating, the two quickly broke up. Confiding about the cause of the breakup, Tien Dung said: "I and Lan Anh used to plan to get married. This is certainly true. But because of the other's personalities, both feel that they can't change, so they can't be changed. decided to part ways. This is a good solution for the two of us. We cannot bring such disagreements to life for long."

Get married and have children and live a private marriage

Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz - Photo 6

Experiencing many love affairs, by the beginning of March 2018, Tien Dung and Ho Vo Trang Linh registered their marriage and had a daughter together. Ho Vo Trang Linh also confirmed that both have registered their marriage. However, the couple has never been photographed together with their daughter.

Unlike Le Hoang who settled in Vietnam, Tien Dung moved to the US to live. Recently, he suddenly announced that he had a daughter named Violet. "Happy birthday to my father's youngest violet", the male singer shared.

Not long ago, he also sent his best wishes to his first daughter: "Happy birthday to sister 2 Milk, your daughter is now grown up and understands a lot! Wish you always healthy, happy, love you a lot".

Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz - Photo 7

Meanwhile, Ho Vo Trang Linh posted a photo of b.aby Milk taking a photo with his grandparents on his birthday. She wrote: "Happy Birthday b.aby Milk. I love my grandparents, but when my grandparents asked me to come back to raise them, I had to struggle." Through sharing, it can be seen that Trang Linh still has a good relationship with Tien Dung's parents.

However, netizens still wonder if the relationship between Trang Linh and Tien Dung is still husband and wife? By 2020, Le Hoang The Men once revealed that Tien Dung flew to the US from the beginning of 2020 to celebrate Tet with his wife and children while Trang Linh and her daughter lived in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, this h.ot g.irl has never posted a picture of b.aby Violet, causing many people to question whether the mother of the youngest daughter of Tien Dung (The Men) is not Trang Linh?

Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz - Photo 8

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