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Tran Thanh was secretly filmed the moment he pushed away an audience member who wanted to take a photo together, causing netizens to argue fiercely

Uyển Đình10:21:39 20/12/2023
Present at an event, Tran Thanh was suddenly filmed by a passerby's c.ruel moment with fans. Accordingly, when an audience member wanted to take a photo with him, the male artist waved his hand to attract attention.

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Mym Tran dated a handsome man after breaking up with Hoang Minh Hung?

Phong Trần15:38:27 09/12/2023
After breaking up with Hoang Minh Hung, Mym Tran gradually regained her original state with friends standing side by side. Recently, she also continuously appeared with a guy on the show Perfect Love Confession, and the two seemed very close.

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Lohan Duong Thanh Dat: A handsome policeman who 'betrayed' his family, demobilized to follow his passion for singing

Phi Đức16:39:32 02/12/2023
Lohan Duong Thanh Dat used to have 7 years studying and working in the Police. However, with a strong passion for art, he was demobilized and determined to follow the path that his heart tells him.

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'Boss' of the movie 'Saigon Commandos' Hai Nhat has a stroke, his health condition is worrying

Juni Nguyễn10:20:06 19/10/2023
The news that the boss of the Saigon Rangers, artist Hai Nhat, was admitted to the emergency room has made many colleagues worried. It is known that the male artist is actively undergoing treatment, sometimes in a coma and sometimes awake.

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Hai Nhat - Ba Can in Saigon Rangers: Hong Van is afraid to come close, U80 enjoys the countryside

Minh Lợi15:16:50 15/09/2023
Actor Hai Nhat played the villain Ba Can in Saigon Commandos extremely well and made others think he was always fierce. However, when meeting him, everyone commented that Hai Nhat was an approachable and gentle person.

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Tien Dung (The Men): Betrayed Hai Bang before the wedding, a long history of love, now lost Vbiz

M.A15:58:40 06/06/2023
Tien Dung - a member of the group The Men - was once known as one of the flower boys of Vietnamese showbiz. The male singer has a noisy love affair with Hai Bang, used to spend a lot of press ink. After the youth market, Tien Dung now lives a secret life, no longer interested in...

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Diep Bao Ngoc screams Hai Bang's name - stepmother of his son: Calling with principle, not called mother

Pinky07:24:59 22/05/2023
Actor Diep Bao Ngoc shared openly when he directly mentioned the new family of his ex-husband, the couple Thanh Dat and his wife, singer Hai Bang. It is noteworthy that the stepmother's treatment of her son. The face of the movie that has caused storms in the past time, actress...

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Hai Bang: 2 and a half years gave birth 3 times, sterilized right on the operating table, faced the boundary of life and death

Pinky16:59:19 13/05/2023
Female singer Hai Bang once caused confusion in public opinion when she gave birth to 3 children in a row in only 2 and a half years, at risk of life-threatening immediately sterilized, worth mentioning, performed right on the cesarean table for the second b.aby. 3. The voice of...

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Tran Thanh officially made the first move in the middle of the noise, what did he say that was praised?

Chi Chu08:08:51 11/05/2023
After a long time of keeping quiet between the continuous marketing and noise, Tran Thanh recently officially made the first move. The action of the male MC in the midst of the "boycott" storm of the audience suddenly received many compliments. From mid-April 2023 to the...

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Hai Bang was rumored to be mistreated, forbidding her stepdaughter to call her mother, the owner immediately "frustrated" antifan

Hoàng Phúc13:31:41 08/02/2023
Annoyed when the news was spread, Hai Bang still "closed her eyes" on this matter when she was advised to sue. Previously, the singer had stated that she wanted her husband's stepchild to call her by her because of the notion that each c.hild has only one mother. Accordingly, a...

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Miss Ly Thi Minh Nguyet was forced to owe more than 140 billion VND by the bank, selling properties

Rosé17:52:53 08/01/2023
Notably, businesswoman Ly Thi Minh Nguyet has been honored many times at beauty contests for business people such as: Vietnam Business Queen 2017, Tien Phong Steel Rose, Miss Successful Entrepreneur 2018 , 1st runner-up of the Entrepreneur Idol Contest 2018, runner-up of the...

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Trinh Tu Trung: Born unexpectedly, disadvantaged childhood, has now become an underground giant of Vbiz

Hoàng Anh11:12:21 21/07/2022
Trinh Tu Trung is a familiar name to most young audiences today. He is not only known as the most sharp judge of Vietnamese showbiz when sitting on the h.ot seat of many reality TV shows, but also as a musician, actor, and film producer. To get to the present achievement, Trinh...

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Dat Villa is rumored to have a new lover, still filming a clip together?

Hoàng Phúc14:52:28 29/04/2022
Dat Villa plays a strange g.irl in the new clip, raising the question of dating. After a period of salary distribution, the relationship of two h.ot TikTokers Dat Villa (real name Dang Thanh Dat, SN 1994) with Vidhia (Indonesian, SN 1999) is a question mark for netizens. There are...

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Diep Bao Ngoc - Married at the age of 19, a single mother after a broken marriage with Thanh Dat

Hà Hà11:42:08 30/03/2022
After the marriage breakdown, Diep Bao Ngoc has now found new happiness. Diep Bao Ngoc was born in 1993 in Ho Chi Minh City. She is a famous and well-known Miss Teen Model in the Saigon community. In addition to her achievements during filming, she also received many awards in...

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Hai Bang - The singer is labeled as a husband and a full life with actor Thanh Dat and 3 children

Duyên Trần18:49:08 30/10/2021
Hai Bang was born in 1988, is a former member of the group White Cloud. She is no longer a stranger to the audience through the song Little Stone with the main pursuit of R&B and ballad music. The song marking her important milestone is a composition by musician Nguyen Hoang...

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Mac Van Khoa's wife is suspected of having a 9-year-old son, what is the real story?

Hậu Hậu11:54:07 27/10/2021
In the Vietnamese comedy village, from the career to the married life of actor Mac Van Khoa and his wife Vy Pumpe always attract attention and love from the audience. Mac Van Khoa and his wife also work hard to update their daily images to the public. It is known that the two...

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Hai Bang does not let her husband's stepchild call her mother, what is the reason?

An Nhi11:31:11 27/10/2021
Many people were surprised when Hai Bang revealed that she did not like her husband's stepchildren calling her mother, but when everyone heard the reason, everyone nodded. Hai Bang is known to many audiences as a singer while working with the group May Trang. After that, she...

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Thanh Dat: Success from acting to business, fullness in Hai Bang after a broken marriage

Hậu Hậu17:42:49 24/10/2021
Thanh Dat was born in 1984, he is known to the public when he participated in many famous TV series. There was once a broken marriage, but netizens are secretly happy for the actor when he has a full life with female singer Hai Bang. Join the arts and business Thanh Dat is one...

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Michael Dell - The CEO who gave up his studies and the chance to create a billion-dollar computer empire

team youtube22:17:42 15/05/2021
Like many other billionaires of the world technology village, Michael Dell also quit his studies at the University of Texas, of the city of Austin to form Dell Computer Corp. - America's fastest growing technology corporation. In 1988, at just 23 years old, Dell had an initial public offering (IPO) and decided to

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