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Thuy Tien was sarcastically "hungry for m.oney" for asking for compensation of 44 billion dong, the female singer choked up?

Pipi10:09:11 08/04/2023
Regarding the amount of compensation of 44 billion VND, singer Thuy Tien recently suddenly spoke up to explain this amount. The singer said that she did not need an apology, but asked CEO Phuong Hang to compensate for the damage to the management unit. Regarding the case of Ms...

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Thuy Tien received great good news related to CEO Phuong Hang after being noisy with Nathan Lee, her husband broke down

N.P15:30:55 08/09/2022
Continuously entangled in a series of marketing problems from charity to song copyright, Thuy Tien recently finally received good news that made her husband Cong Vinh burst into tears. In December 2021, Thuy Tien - Cong Vinh became the focus of criticism of the online community...

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