Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty

Uyển ĐìnhJun 17, 2024 at 19:53

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Thu Thuy is a bilingual female MC who caused a stir at the recent famous fashion event. She was a former student at Foreign Trade University and possessed beautiful beauty. Thu Thuy was also an MC hosting a series of VTV programs.

Vietnam International Fashion Week - Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week (AVIFW) 2024 takes place from June 13 - 16 with the participation of a series of famous designers such as: Designer Thuy Nguyen, Designer Vo Cong Khanh, designer Vu Viet Ha, designer Ha Linh Thu, Chung Chung Lee (Korea), designer Frederick Lee (Singapore), designer Giovanna Costa (Italy)...

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 1

At the show, social networks spread a clip recording the moment the female MC had an extremely professional bilingual hosting performance. Accordingly, this g.irl not only makes a strong impression with her bilingual hosting and flexible live translation abilities, but also shines thanks to her outstanding appearance. The beauty received many compliments from guests and audiences present at the show.

Immediately, the identity of the female MC became a topic of interest to netizens. Turns out, she is MC Thu Thuy, who appeared on VTV when hosting a number of programs.

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 2

In fact, this is not the first time Thu Thuy has shined on the AVIFW stage. In 2013, this beauty left a beautiful mark when taking on the role of MC accompanying Vietnam International Fashion Week 2023.

As the MC of 4 shows at AVIFW, Thu Thuy not only fulfilled her role as a bilingual MC well but was also considered an interesting highlight, bringing a new breeze to the show. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that in 2024, MC Thu Thuy continues to be "chosen by AVIFW" organizers, inviting her to continue leading the program.

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 3

Thu Thuy's full name is Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, nickname Thuy Tet, is a beautiful and very talented MC. Thu Thuy has a beautiful, charming face and a sweet, emotional voice. From a young age, she loved watching TV shows and felt extremely admired by the aunts, uncles, MCs, and editors who led the programs. From then on, she always nurtured the dream of becoming a singer. into a beautiful and talented female MC.

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 4

To realize that dream, Thu Thuy has constantly made efforts, studied, and practiced skills. She is a former student of Foreign Language Specialized High School. With great academic achievements, she passed the exam and studied at Foreign Trade University - a prestigious school among the top in Hanoi. While studying, Thu Thuy still tries to practice her soft skills and she becomes more and more confident when standing in front of a crowd.

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 5

With a beautiful face, confidence and inspiring voice, the female Foreign Trade student has tried her hand at being an MC, leading many large and small programs at school and class. She always receives a lot of love from the audience. From then on, she became even more motivated to try and develop her talent further.

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 6

After graduating from university, Thu Thuy returned to work at Hanoi Radio and Television Station. With excellent foreign language skills, she was also in charge of the English News Anchor at FBNC - Business and financial news channel, then worked as an MC at Sing to learn, VTV7,... After that, the beauty continuously returned becoming the host of Dep 24/7 (VTV2), Journey of Hope (VTV1), Hanoi Chronicle (H1),... No matter what role she takes on, the female MC always tries her best. Work seriously and professionally. She left a strong impression in everyone's hearts.

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 7

In 2012-2014, the female MC decided to study abroad. She studied for a Master of Science (MSc) in Management with Marketing at the prestigious Bournemouth University in England. Returning to the country with extensive knowledge, she became an MC at VTC Now Network and received many invitations to host large and small international programs. Now she has become a beautiful and famous female MC in Ho Chi Minh City.

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 8

With good foreign language skills and a flexible, modern and professional leadership style, Thu Thuy has received many invitations to be the MC of international programs and conferences held in Vietnam: Regional Business Forum Singapore 2023, Women's Conference 2023 organized by Forbes Vietnam, EVFTA Roundtable Series 2021, Indo-Pacific Business Forum 2020...

It can be seen that the female MC has quite extensive knowledge in many fields: Economy, society, culture... Therefore, she has received trust and is the face chosen by many producers. ".

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 9

Referring to her role at AVIFW, MC Thu Thuy said: "Fashion is a field I am very interested in and love. I myself have followed many AVIFW seasons and was an MC for AVIFW 2023, so I was not surprised. standing on stage this year. I am very happy to continue accompanying AVIFW, becoming a factor contributing to the success of this year's program."

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 10

Responding to the positive feedback from the audience for her, MC Thu Thuy shared: "As a 'bridge' between the audience and the organizers, I feel happy when receiving positive comments from the audience. I am very happy." I hope to receive many comments from everyone so that I can improve myself and continue to play my role well in upcoming programs."

Thu Thuy: Bilingual MC causing fever at fashion events, visual no less than Vbiz beauty - Photo 11

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