Young plastic master Duy Tan "appears" as a groom, people are going c.razy with his talented visual

Quỳnh QuỳnhApr 22, 2024 at 09:11

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Young plastic master Duy Tan is the character who has received the most attention from people in recent days. Not only does he have a great profile, he also possesses a real-life "total talent" visual. The photos of this young master wearing a suit immediately caused a stir on social networks.

Recently, the community has been extremely interested in the identity of the handsome and talented young man who has become popular on social networks. Accordingly, this guy's name is Tran Duy Minh Dat, known to be the son of Mr. Tran Duy Hy - Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Duy Tan Plastic Joint Stock Company. Currently, he is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Plascene Company - a branch of Duy Tan Plastics in the US.

Young plastic master Duy Tan appears as a groom, people are going c.razy with his talented visual - Photo 1

Most recently, people shared a moment of the young master and couldn't help but admire him for being so handsome. In these images, Minh Dat is wearing a white shirt and black vest, his charisma filling the frame. If I didn't say it first, many people would think this is some famous actor or model. Some people even commented that Minh Dat resembles Korean actor Cha In Pyo.

Young plastic master Duy Tan appears as a groom, people are going c.razy with his talented visual - Photo 2

Young plastic master Duy Tan appears as a groom, people are going c.razy with his talented visual - Photo 3

"So handsome!", "This guy's facial features are both kind and warm", "This is the intellectual beauty!", "The young master is handsome on the outside, both talented and rich on the inside", "Look looks like actor Cha In Pyo", "Handsome, rich, good student",... are some comments from netizens.

According to information shared on LinkedIn, Tran Duy Minh Dat graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance and Management from the University of Virginia (University of Virginia - USA) in 2012. This is the second largest public university in the United States. There are years when the school rises to the top of the nation.

In addition, he also studied and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of California (University of California, USA) from 2017 - 2020. This is a famous school with a long history and system. America's leading educational system and always ranked among the best universities not only in the United States, but also in the world.

Young plastic master Duy Tan appears as a groom, people are going c.razy with his talented visual - Photo 4

Since June 2016, Minh Dat has assumed the position of Operations Director of Duy Tan Plastic's branch in the US. Up to now, he has been COO for nearly 8 years and during that time, he was also assistant CEO of Duy Tan plastic.

In addition, this young businessman is also considered to be actively active in the young business community in Ho Chi Minh City. He is the Vice Chairman of the Family Business Club under the Ho Chi Minh City Young Businessmen Association, often appearing in club and association activities.

Young plastic master Duy Tan appears as a groom, people are going c.razy with his talented visual - Photo 5

Not only does he have a "finish line" background and a great education, Minh Dat also impresses with his handsome appearance and charisma as if he were "tearing out a story". The male businessman is said to have strong charisma, making it difficult for people to take their eyes off him.

In recent days, many people believe that Tran Duy Minh Dat is Midu's hidden husband. However, both still remained silent and did not officially speak about this matter. On April 21, Midu officially confirmed the information about her upcoming marriage, causing netizens to discuss a lot. Even though Midu freely shared about her marriage, she still decided to hide the information and appearance of her fiancé.

Young plastic master Duy Tan appears as a groom, people are going c.razy with his talented visual - Photo 6

Midu also revealed more to netizens about her other half and promised to introduce them to everyone soon. "Du's destiny is gentle, kind and warm. But in the immediate future, perhaps we need a little more time for the two of us to arrange personal matters so as not to affect work. But soon Du will introduce my man comes to everyone" - she wrote.

Previously, Midu also shared about her boyfriend's taste: "At each stage I will have a different model. Currently I like someone who has positive energy, is cheerful, sincere, has ethics and can do things." makes my life happier every day. I can live alone and enjoy myself, but if someone appears and helps me be happier, that helps me feel the warmth of love " .

Young plastic master Duy Tan appears as a groom, people are going c.razy with his talented visual - Photo 7

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