Thich Tieu Long - Hac Thieu Van "Tan O Long Vien": A career in decline, a life of one heaven - one area

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Both emerging from martial arts movies, but the current life of this c.hild star couple is different from one heaven and another.

For those who love martial arts movies in particular and Asian cinema in general in the 90s of the last century, they will certainly know Thich Tieu Long and Hac Thieu Van. 2 c.hild stars appeared in New O Long Vien, from this film, the names of the two c.hild stars rose to new heights and affirmed their position.

However, after a while, both Thich Tieu Long and Hac Thieu Van became blurred, besides that life changed a lot, the main reason came from the family background and the orientation of the parents.

Thich Tieu Long - Hac Thieu Van "Tan O Long Vien": A career in decline, a life of one heaven - one area - Photo 1

Famous Asian co-stars, 5 years old have made tens of billions a year

During the 90s of the last century, Thich Tieu Long (real name Tran Tieu Long) was once considered a martial arts prodigy, the "golden boy" of the Chinese screen. The c.hild star born in 1988 is expected to continue and become famous on par with the top martial arts stars in China.

In just a few years, the c.hild star has appeared in 12 movies and 4 movies, covering the entertainment industry. During that time, Thich Tieu Long was very active in running shows, c.hild stars became a great source of income for the family. Learning is also reduced more when I have to spend time practicing martial arts as well as participating in my art activities.

Thich Tieu Long - Hac Thieu Van "Tan O Long Vien": A career in decline, a life of one heaven - one area - Photo 2

Thich Tieu Long - Hac Thieu Van "Tan O Long Vien": A career in decline, a life of one heaven - one area - Photo 3

However, although he still retains the aura thanks to his continuous appearances as well as maintaining his form, Thich Tieu Long temporarily put aside his career to study abroad in the US at the age of 15.

In addition to the rise of c.hild star Thich Tieu Long, Hac Thieu Van was also placed next to the title of the leading c.hild star couple of the screen from 1994-1997.

At this time, Thich Tieu Long and Hac Thieu Van became the leading c.hild actor pair of the screen. Hao Thieu Van was born in 1990 and has been acting since he was 4 years old. Although he does not have the agile appearance like Thich Tieu Long, but Hac Thieu Van still receives many roles and expensive advertising contracts because of his plump and lovely appearance.

Before he was 10 years old, Hao Thieu Van earned tens of millions of yuan from acting. Compared to today's stars, this is also an extremely high number.

Careers are all downhill, life is different now because of parents' actions

Not only emerging together at the same time, 2 c.hild stars Thich Tieu Long and Hac Thieu Van also had a relatively similar career decline. For Thich Tieu Long, after returning home from studying abroad, the actor no longer retains the same charm as before. Thich Tieu Long only participated in a few web shows with low investment and low remuneration.

As for Hac Thieu Van, the audience was not well received in his comeback. The constant change of the market along with the emerging faces made him forgotten.

However, the two had completely different endings thanks to the orientation and upbringing from their families.

For Thich Tieu Long's family, his parents used the huge amount (hundreds of billion dong) their son earned to start making some profitable investments. And that m.oney kept accumulating, making Thich Tieu Long have a large amount of m.oney since he was a c.hild.

Thich Tieu Long - Hac Thieu Van "Tan O Long Vien": A career in decline, a life of one heaven - one area - Photo 4

Thich Tieu Long's father, Mr. Tran Dong Son, used 50 million yuan (175 billion) of his son's film fee to open a dojo and a series of branches. The dojo opened with the reputation of Thich Tieu Long has attracted thousands of disciples to study, the source of income from there is abundant. And yet, in 2010, Thich Tieu Long continued to open a wushu training facility called Long Mon Thich Gia, guided by himself as a martial artist.

Besides, the actor's family soon realized the importance of studying, so Thich Tieu Long soon developed in an academic direction. After having knowledge from many years of studying abroad and a stable economic source, the father and son opened a film and television culture company. Therefore, even though the acting career is dead, there is still an abundant life.

In contrast to his co-star, Hac Thieu Van has an extremely difficult life, besides having to bear a huge amount of debt. Previously, when he had a high income, Hac Thieu Van's parents took all that m.oney to do business but lost m.oney, and the b.oy also had to bear a large debt.

Thich Tieu Long - Hac Thieu Van "Tan O Long Vien": A career in decline, a life of one heaven - one area - Photo 5

Stripped of all the m.oney from their own parents, the c.hild star has no refuge, nor a clear direction, so the study and acting career also dissipate accordingly.

During this time, Hac Thieu Van had to go to school and work part-time at a fruit shop to pay off school fees. Because of frequent absences from school, they did not have enough credits, and eventually they did not get a university diploma. After that, he started a food business and struggled to run an online business to make ends meet.

Thich Tieu Long - Hac Thieu Van "Tan O Long Vien": A career in decline, a life of one heaven - one area - Photo 6

Thich Tieu Long - Hac Thieu Van "Tan O Long Vien": A career in decline, a life of one heaven - one area - Photo 7

It can be seen that the lives of the two c.hild stars have had many different changes because of the behavior of their parents. Although they are both famous and earn a lot of m.oney, Thich Tieu Long is kept by his parents, earning that m.oney so that he can always have an abundant life, as a driving force for development. Meanwhile, Hac Thieu Van's m.oney is no longer a penny, the future is uncertain, running to eat every meal.

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