Jackie Chan was accused of stealing m.oney to treat an actor's accident, netizen reopened the "seal" of abandoning his biological c.hild

An NhiDec 16, 2021 at 21:49

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Chinese netizens are constantly criticizing Jackie Chan after the actor was accused of stealing m.oney from his colleagues.

In the past time, Thanh Long has focused on investing in the spiritual "blockbuster" project of Long Ma. It is known that Spirit of Long Ma is the latest martial arts comedy by Jackie Chan both starring and producing, which closed on 11/11 and will be released in 2022.

In this movie project, the 67-year-old actor plays a stuntman named Lao La. Lao La could not get along with his daughter, so he devoted all his love to his stunted old horse, Chich Tho.

Jackie Chan was accused of stealing m.oney to treat an actor's accident, netizen reopened the "seal" of abandoning his biological c.hild - Photo 1

One day, Lao La had a dispute with another person, and the Red Horse was in danger of being taken away. Lao La had to ask for the help of his daughter (played by Liu Hao Cun) and her boyfriend (played by Guo Qilin). A warm journey has begun. In that journey, they not only bonded the father-son relationship, but also found the Red Horse. The film's amusing story focuses on Lao La's love for his horse.

Recently, on the afternoon of December 16, a mass actor named Chu Thach Phong denounced the film crew of Long Ma for not paying for treatment.

Specifically, Chu Thach Phong - the actor who plays the soldier in the movie, recorded the clip and shared it on his personal page. According to the actor, in an action segment, the horse he controls because of panic threw himself to the ground. The accident left him traumatized, the CT scan showed a compression fracture of the thoracic vertebrae.

Jackie Chan was accused of stealing m.oney to treat an actor's accident, netizen reopened the "seal" of abandoning his biological c.hild - Photo 2

What upsets Chu Thach Phong is that the film crew left him in the hospital. They promised to compensate 30-50 thousand yuan (about 100-150 million dong) but after being discharged from the hospital, the actor received no response. Due to the difficult economic situation, he had to send a letter to the Labor Union asking for a settlement. The actor shared, "I now just want to be paid to take care of my medicine. I don't know how long it will take before I can return to work, while my family depends on my salary."

The case is currently causing discussion on social networks and Chinese-language media. Many people expressed criticism of the film crew's unfair treatment. Meanwhile, some comments compare the low salary of the public actors compared to the salary of millions of yuan per episode of the main actor.

Media contacted representatives of the film crew but they did not provide a response. Meanwhile, both Jackie Chan and the cast have kept their moves quiet.

Many netizens have criticized Jackie Chan as well as the film crew, even dragging the old scandal that Jackie Chan abandoned his biological son to sarcastic:

- In this movie, Jackie Chan is both the main actor and producer, if he curses, he only curses Jackie Chan, but Miss Ton doesn't seem to be a second session anymore. It's just that it's almost like her family case, but thinking about it, Jackie Chan even abandoned his biological son, let alone outsiders.

- What are the evil people so unethical about eating, not even a single greeting, not even a piece of responsibility

- It's not the first time Jackie Chan's moral scandal, he is the one who deserves to be sealed the most in Cbiz, why do you still let him freely benefit from Cbiz?

It is known that for more than 20 years, Ngo Trac Lam - Thanh Long's illegitimate daughter was abandoned by her own father, struggling with a same-sex relationship.

Jackie Chan was accused of stealing m.oney to treat an actor's accident, netizen reopened the "seal" of abandoning his biological c.hild - Photo 3

Jackie Chan is famous for being flowery and notoriously promiscuous in the Chinese-language entertainment industry. In 1999, Ngo Trac Lam was born, the result of a secret love affair between Thanh Long and Miss Asia Ngo Ỷ Loi, although the actor at that time had a warm family.

However, he was determined not to accept the c.hild because he thought he was trapped by the beauty queen and kept completely silent about the events of his son and his ex-lover. Later, Ngo Ỷ Loi also admitted in the interview that he regretted that he was determined to give birth to Ngo Trac Lam to hold Jackie Chan responsible.

In his autobiography, Jackie Chan: Young and old, the actor told about many mistakes and dark corners of life, but never mentioned his daughter Ngo Trac Lam. Despite owning a fortune of nearly half a billion USD, the actor insisted that he would not leave m.oney for Ngo Ỷ Loi and his daughter even a penny. He called the old mistake "the mistake every man makes".

Jackie Chan was accused of stealing m.oney to treat an actor's accident, netizen reopened the "seal" of abandoning his biological c.hild - Photo 4

If the son, Phong To Danh, played freely and was imprisoned for drug use, but the actor still loved and protected him, Ngo Trac Lam had never met his father in the past 20 years. suffer so much bitterness with the tongue of the world.

From a young age, she was shunned by friends, teased as an unacknowledged c.hild. Although not in the entertainment world, each of Ngo Trac Lam's actions is spread and filled all over the newspaper. Since then, she began to take negative actions such as dropping out of school, committing s.uicide... because she couldn't stand the pressure.

Regardless of whether Ngo Ỷ Loi used his children to trap and bind Jackie Chan or not, the way the actor abandoned and irresponsible to Ngo Trac Lam until now is still a stain that is difficult to wash off in his career. grandfather.

Jackie Chan was accused of stealing m.oney to treat an actor's accident, netizen reopened the "seal" of abandoning his biological c.hild - Photo 5

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