Thanh Long is suspected of divorcing his wife Lam Phung Kieu and quietly withdrawing from his wife's company

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Recently, netizens have accidentally discovered that Jackie Chan has quietly withdrawn from two companies owned by his wife Lam Phung Kieu.

It is known that these two companies were founded by martial arts superstars in 2007 and since then have always been represented by Lam Phung Kieu as the legal representative, most of the shares are also in the hands of a famous beauty. this time.

The fact that Jackie Chan suddenly withdrew from these two companies made people doubt whether the marriage between him and Lam Phung Kieu had a problem, especially when during the past year they no longer appeared outside. each other again.

Jackie Chan and Lam Phung Kieu secretly married in 1982, the couple also has a common son, actor Phong To Danh. At first, Jackie Chan always suspected Lam Phung Kieu to marry him just for m.oney, but after the affair scandal with Ngo Ỷ Loi, his wife's forgiveness and no resentment made him feel very regretful.

Jackie Chan is suspected of divorcing his wife Lam Phung Kieu and quietly withdrawing from his wife's company - Photo 1

Since then, Thanh Long respects and loves Lam Phung Kieu more, not only that, but also hands over all his assets to her management. Because of this, netizens were surprised when the superstar couple Police Story caught rumors of a marriage rift. However, Sohu page said that nothing is impossible because many star couples in Chinese showbiz the day before were still passionate, but the next day they hurriedly broke up.

Jackie Chan just turned 67 years old on April 7. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the martial arts star's dedication to the Chinese-language film industry.

On social networks, the actor posted photos of his birthday on the set with his colleagues. He shared about the health condition that has caused concern to the audience in the past time.

Jackie Chan is suspected of divorcing his wife Lam Phung Kieu and quietly withdrawing from his wife's company - Photo 2

"My recurrent back injury not long ago has improved, everyone can rest assured. This year, I celebrated a simple birthday with colleagues. Working on birthdays is the greatest respect for me. with work. Wishing you all health, safety and health. Thank you to the fans for always loving and supporting Jackie Chan," the Rush Hour star wrote.

Although the back injury has not completely recovered, Jackie Chan is still working hard. Not only that, he also participates in intense physical training and martial arts sessions to prepare for a new project.

In January 2021, participating in the press conference of the animated film Wish Dragon, Jackie Chan had difficulty moving, a painful expression, and had to be helped by a recurrence of a lumbar injury.

Jackie Chan is suspected of divorcing his wife Lam Phung Kieu and quietly withdrawing from his wife's company - Photo 3

Jackie Chan is a famous martial arts star of Hong Kong (China). He made his mark on the screen with a series of films of Tu Quyen, Little Quyen, and Snakes... In 1995, the star's name shined in the Hollywood market thanks to the movie Bronx Street riot. After that, he stayed in Hollywood with a number of comedy-action brands such as Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon...

Jackie Chan is suspected of divorcing his wife Lam Phung Kieu and quietly withdrawing from his wife's company - Photo 4

On November 13, 2016, Jackie Chan received the Lifetime Achievement A.ward at the Oscars. To date, he is the only Chinese actor to receive this honor. According to Sohu, the star born in 1954 has made more than 200 films, encountered countless dangerous accidents on the set.

Once a popular name with action movies with a bit of humor, but, in the past few years, he has repeatedly "fallen off" at the box office. Pioneers, Aliens, Heart of Steel, Great War of Yin and Yang, Secret Dragon Seal all had unexpected sales.

Jackie Chan is in doubt that he divorced his wife Lam Phung Kieu and quietly withdrew from his wife's company - Photo 5

Thanh Long himself over the years has also been worried about his successor. The young martial arts actors he trained did not pursue the path of action films due to fear of injury. The actor's son was ostracized from the entertainment industry because he was arrested for drug use.

Jackie Chan is suspected of divorcing his wife Lam Phung Kieu and quietly withdrawing from his wife's company - Photo 6

Jackie Chan is suspected of divorcing his wife Lam Phung Kieu and quietly withdrawing from his wife's company - Photo 7

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