Ngo Loi felt sorry for her daughter and Jackie Chan was taken advantage of

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Recently, on her personal page, Ngo Ỷ Loi has just posted a few strange photos with the status line as if she wants to denounce someone, and at the same time pity her daughter Ngo Trac Lam as a sacrifice.

In recent years, the relationship between mother and daughter Ngo Ỷ Loi and Ngo Trac Lam has always been said to be unstable, constantly causing noise and being noticed by the media. After Ngo Trac Lam and his homosexual lover Andi got married, Thanh Long's daughter wanted Ngo Ỷ Loi to accept her "wife", but Ngo Ỷ Loi did not let Andi into the house. Because of this, Ngo Trac Lam was very angry, so he and Andi left home.

Ngo Loi felt sorry for her daughter and Jackie Chan was taken advantage of - Photo 1

Loving his daughter, Ngo Trac Lam gives Ngo Trac Lam pocket m.oney every month. If Ngo Trac Lam is alone, this m.oney can be used to maintain daily activities. However, raising another person is extremely difficult. Previously, Ngo Ỷ Loi participated in an interview but did not r.eveal any information about Ngo Trac Lam, she only said that her daughter and Andi were living in Canada.

Before, because he did not receive the love of his father, and suffered from his mother's violent use to the point of leaving, Ngo Trac Lam lived a miserable life in a foreign land.

Specifically, during the time of the raging Covid-19 epidemic, Jackie Chan's "fallen child" did not even have m.oney to buy a mask to protect his health. Even this g.irl can't step out because she doesn't have a mask but can only stay at home.

Born and raised in a family with a single mother, Ngo Loi said she was heartbroken because she made her only daughter repeat her mother's past, but she did not regret giving birth to Ngo Trac Lam from an awkward love. stealing with Jackie Chan. "Each experience is a lesson for me, I have no regrets or resentment against anyone," she said. Ngo Ỷ Loi asserts that he is an emotional person, so he does not want to leave the c.hild.

When Ngo Trac Lam celebrated his 21st birthday, Ngo Ỷ Loi sent congratulations to his daughter, but Ngo Trac Lam did not reply, making Jackie Chan extremely awkward. On June 28, Ngo Ỷ Loi suddenly posted some very strange photos, it was a picture of Andi but it was not convenient to make it public. Jackie Chan's lover seems to want to accuse Andi of taking advantage of Ngo Trac Lam and pitying his daughter as a sacrifice.

Ngo Loi felt sorry for her daughter and Jackie Chan was taken advantage of - Photo 2

Although he dated Jackie Chan and gave birth to a daughter, Jackie Chan never acknowledged the existence of Ngo Trac Lam. Over the past 20 years, the life and noise surrounding Ngo Ỷ Loi and Ngo Trac Lam has always been a lucrative topic for Chinese-language media to exploit.

In early 1999, Jackie Chan met Ngo Ỷ Loi after an event. In November 1999, Ngo Ỷ Loi gave birth to her first c.hild. However, she and Jackie Chan have not yet commented on this information.

However, then the beauty said that when she found out she was pregnant, Jackie Chan moved home, leaving her alone.

Ngo Loi felt sorry for her daughter and Jackie Chan was taken advantage of - Photo 3

It was this confession of Ngo Ỷ Loi that caused Jackie Chan to be fiercely criticized. Jackie Chan later admitted to the Chinese media that it was his son, but he refused to see his face because he thought he was being taken advantage of by Ngo Ỷ.

Jackie Chan's "falling daughter" is Ngo Trac Lam. Her life with her current lover is quite difficult, but in an interview with Chinese media, she confirmed that she has no intention of asking for m.oney from Jackie Chan.

Also in this interview, Ngo Ỷ Loi said that since her 18-year-old love affair with Jackie Chan, she has not yet loved another person. In the past years, Ngo Ỷ Loi has been pursued by many men, but has not opened up to anyone because of children's problems. Miss Asia 1990 said that when she got married, she would have to give birth to a c.hild for her new husband, unable to take good care of Ngo Trac Lam. In addition, the reporter mentioned rumors in the past that Ngo Ỷ Loi was the third person to enter the love affair of Mai Diem Phuong and Trieu Van Trac, Mai Diem Phuong and Lam Quoc Bin. However, the Hong Kong beauty denied, asserting that she was not interested in false rumors.

Ngo Ỷ Loi became Miss Asia 1990 when she was only 17 years old. Although her acting career was not very bright after that, she always attracted attention through the scandals in her personal life, perhaps the most famous being her love affair with martial arts star Jackie Chan. Ngo Ỷ Loi and Jackie Chan once dated even though he was a married man at that time.

Ngo Loi felt sorry for her daughter and Jackie Chan was taken advantage of - Photo 4

Ngo Loi felt sorry for her daughter and Jackie Chan was taken advantage of - Photo 5

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