Thanh Hang was "taught" by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent

Gia LinhOct 23, 2023 at 16:10

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Supermodel Thanh Hang's wedding last night was definitely the most explosive event in Vbiz this time when it gathered many famous stars. Accordingly, the absence of a character makes people stir.

Taking the spotlight on the evening of October 22 was the wedding ceremony of supermodel Thanh Hang and conductor Tran Nhat Minh. The wedding of the supermodel and her husband was guaranteed to be private, with only relatives and close friends attending, including contestants from team Thanh Hang at The New Mentor.

Thanh Hang was taught by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent - Photo 1

The "New Bride" and her students also recreated the performance The New Mentor performed on the last Final night. This is a stage that left an impression on the audience with the support of Saigon Pops Orchestra (SPO) - also an orchestra founded by conductor Tran Nhat Minh. Thanh Hang and the contestants on the team made the guests cheer and howl when they started their first dance steps. While performing, the female supermodel occasionally looked embarrassed and had to glance at her students because... she forgot her lesson. She also asked Mai Ngo next to her: "This part, right?".

Thanh Hang was taught by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent - Photo 2

Notably, in this lineup of beauties, one member is missing, Bui Ly Thien Huong. Before that, the beautiful An Giang did not appear in the fashion photos of Thanh Hang and her students.

Bui Ly Thien Huong is one of the two earliest eliminated members of Thanh Hang's team at The New Mentor. She received a ticket to the Final night thanks to overwhelming votes, continued to "fight" with strong opponents but only stopped in the top 8. Meanwhile, runner-up Hong Hanh was also eliminated in the final round. episode 2 with Thien Huong but still appeared in the wedding photos and the "teacher's" big day.

Thanh Hang was taught by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent - Photo 3

After a journey of sticking together silently for half a decade, Thanh Hang officially announced Nhat Minh to her friends and the public. The couple had "love-filled" moments to mark a new milestone. Thanh Hang - Nhat Minh's more than 3-hour wedding was extremely complete. Even "Thanh Hang marries the conductor's husband" was the keyword that most people were interested in last night.

On the big day with her conductor husband, bride Thanh Hang wore 3 wedding dresses with different styles. When welcoming guests, the "big sister" appeared in a s.exy bustier wedding dress, while when entering the ceremony, it was a more elegant design, embracing the bride's slim figure.

Thanh Hang was taught by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent - Photo 4

The female supermodel said she had worn many wedding dress designs, but only today did she feel like the dress belonged to her. The bride choked up and said, "Wearing a wedding dress today, I didn't think this would happen. I've performed in many costumes, but those costumes don't belong to me, and today's outfit is extremely gorgeous." and especially that of a close brother."

At the end of the wedding party, Thanh Hang scored points for wearing flat shoes so as not to have a height difference with her husband. Conductor Nhat Minh's wife proves her 40-year-old beauty class by choosing light, clear makeup that is still extremely attractive.

Thanh Hang was taught by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent - Photo 5

A series of Vietnamese stars such as: Luong Manh Hai, Ho Ngoc Ha - Kim Ly, Huong Giang, Lan Khue... appeared on the big day of Thanh Hang and her conductor husband. The coaches and hosts of The New Mentor also went on stage to sing blessings for "big sister". Thanh Hang and Nhat Minh also happily "played" enthusiastically with their students and close friends. Looking at Thanh Hang's dancing moments on her wedding day, netizens also felt her happiness.

The first time Thanh Hang publicly talked about conductor Nhat Minh, she couldn't hide her happiness. In front of all relatives and friends, the bride demonstrated her high-handedness when r.evealing the reason for her decision to publicly r.eveal her husband. Thanh Hang said: "Today, Hang wants to publicly introduce the man standing next to her. If anyone has anything to look at for me, Hang can see the emotion in everyone's eyes. As everyone has been waiting for this for Thanh Hang for a long time.

Thanh Hang was taught by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent - Photo 6

Thanh Hang has and can possess everything, except for her half which is still left open. And today, the night of the party, is also a complete thing. Hang feels everyone's rising emotions. If Hang is happy, everyone is happy. Today is a dinner party so everyone won't see clips of both of their journeys, but standing here, I know I should do it. what, and I know what I should do. Today, Hang has complete emotions."

Thanh Hang was taught by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent - Photo 7

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