Pharmacist Tien blamed Mei Wu for being scolded by Qing Hang like slapping water, denying favoritism towards Huong Jiang

Hoàng PhúcOct 09, 2023 at 10:01

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Pharmacist Tien has just responded to making the rules of the game vague, causing the Thanh Hang team to lose in episode 9 of The New Mentor. He insists he has never deviated from the program's goals out of his own heart.

Accordingly, in the recent episode of The New Mentor, Thanh Hang expressed her displeasure because she thought that Pharmacist Tien made vague regulations that put her in a situation of breaking the law.

Specifically, in the food promotion video, Pharmacist Tien assessed that the Mother-in-law's team did not meet the requirements when Thanh Hang let her nails stick to the frame. This prevented her team from w.inning the main challenge.

Pharmacist Tien blamed Mei Wu for being scolded by Qing Hang like slapping water, denying favoritism towards Huong Jiang - Photo 1

Pharmacist Tien's comment made Qing Hang unhappy. At the end of the show, the supermodel expressed her displeasure and shared: "Tien's law is very vague. Tien is the creator of the law, but he forgets another law, which is the law of cause and effect." The supermodel then walked away in the surprise of Pharmacist Tien.

Regarding Thanh Hang's frustrations in the program, Pharmacist Tien has just responded. He said he had previously clearly communicated the law to Mai Ngo but because the model born in 1995 did not communicate carefully with the coach, leading to misunderstandings. Pharmacist Tien added: "Episode 8 is phase 3, the show has determined for the model to take the title, not the coach anymore. So the loss of content or deviation of the topic in the communication process is the difficulty of this stage."

Pharmacist Tien blamed Mei Wu for being scolded by Qing Hang like slapping water, denying favoritism towards Huong Jiang - Photo 2

"Regulation is regulation, one is giving, two is not. It is difficult to judge whether that mistake brings high or low efficiency to the final product. It's hard to say that two fingers, or one hand, or an entire arm are the influence. And once allowed, meaning that the coach is allowed to appear in place of the model, then stop the 4 great trainers," Dr. Tien added about the rules of the program.

Explaining more about the decision to save Tra My in episode 9, Pharmacist Tien said that the model's answers were content, only problems with voice and communication. Meanwhile, Pong Chuan and Le Thu Trang were the 2 models he saved in the first episode, so Pharmacist Tien decided "not to save them for a 2nd time in the show". "I've always understood what my program was created for and who to look for. I'm proud that I've never gone wrong with my own heart," he said.

Pharmacist Tien blamed Mei Wu for being scolded by Qing Hang like slapping water, denying favoritism towards Huong Jiang - Photo 3

"I was empowered to disqualify and save during the stages of The New Mentor so I needed to set my own rules. I will not save a model 2 times. Because if I insist on using my right to save the same model over and over again, that's subjective and authoritarian. If it's a mistake, saving her once is enough to wake up. And if you keep miscarried, you need to go back to learn to focus more", Pharmacist Tien frankly.

It can be seen that recently, The New Mentor program produced by Pharmacist Tien and Huong Giang has become "explosive" in all media channels.

Pharmacist Tien blamed Mei Wu for being scolded by Qing Hang like slapping water, denying favoritism towards Huong Jiang - Photo 4

As a producer, Pharmacist Tien said he was pressured and had many difficulties when implementing the program.

He said: "The biggest difficulty I faced was overcoming myself, other people's disapproval of my position. Because, 4 Super Mentors are all people with positions in the industry. These are also people I've worked with for the first time. I have to prove for these people to accept my position. I asked myself, "Will everything I did from episode 1 to the last episode go smoothly and get their approval throughout?

Pharmacist Tien blamed Mei Wu for being scolded by Qing Hang like slapping water, denying favoritism towards Huong Jiang - Photo 5

Second, the pressure comes from audience acceptance. As you can see, in the first 4 episodes, the biggest recipients were me and Huong Giang. Huong Giang was criticized for her decisions and statements, and I didn't recognize the position I was in. People always ask the question: "Why does Dr. Pharmacist as a host have so many rights?" This inadvertently put me in a difficult position. People see everything I do as unreasonable. Because audiences are taking the mold of some other reality TV show format they've seen about the role of a host and applying it to my own position.

The New Mentor is a new program, with a new format, the host will have new functions within the program. I just want to make it clear to myself that I'm not abusing power. All I do in that program is everybody's pre-agreed right. Many people commented that I spoke in limbo, unconvincing,...

Pharmacist Tien blamed Mei Wu for being scolded by Qing Hang like slapping water, denying favoritism towards Huong Jiang - Photo 6

Already a jury in which there will be many judges and I will be part of many judges only. Many judges will have many perspectives and expertise with multi-dimensional perspectives. In the first 4 episodes, people didn't even figure out who I was looking for. The fact that I sit there ensures that the stage will keep the exact path, the right element that the program seeks. The greatest difficulty overcomes oneself, overcomes contradictions. Every 'brick and mortar' I read and was hurt."

Pharmacist Tien blamed Mei Wu for being scolded by Qing Hang like slapping water, denying favoritism towards Huong Jiang - Photo 7

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