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Thanh Hang was "taught" by Mai Ngo to do this in front of her newlywed husband, a beloved student who was absent

Gia Linh16:10:03 23/10/2023
Supermodel Thanh Hang's wedding last night was definitely the most explosive event in Vbiz this time when it gathered many famous stars. Accordingly, the absence of a character makes people stir.

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Thanh Hang "crowed" because he lost 2 "war chickens" by Ha Ho, Huong Giang was behind the beneficiary

Tuyết Ngọc16:14:13 19/08/2023
The first time did not go well, supermodel Thanh Hang's team suffered heavy losses because Ho Ngoc Ha eliminated two strong contestants, right in episode 2 The New Mentor 2023 aired recently.

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Huong Ly, Bui Ly Thien Huong will face Miss Universe VN, which name will be called?

Ngọc Sa14:06:57 19/07/2023
The copyright holder of Miss Universe Vietnam has just announced that it will hold the contest in the coming September. Through the contest, the contestant holding the noble title will represent Vietnam in the Miss Universe 2023 beauty contest taking place in El Salvador.

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Bui Ly Thien Huong, Chung Huyen Thanh registered at The New Mentor, fans kept calling Mai Ngo

Keng07:20:13 26/05/2023
Information about beautiful Bui Ly Thien Huong and her family Ho Ngoc Ha - Chung Huyen Thanh enrolled in the program "The New Mentor" is receiving the attention of many fans. As the first contestant of The New Mentor, Bui Ly Thien Huong surprised and delighted the audience. She...

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Bui Ly Thien Huong did not take the MGVN exam, the reason was related to "aunt Dung", Ngoc Chau was played badly by Thuy Tien's team?

Thảo Mai14:12:08 20/04/2023
Only a few more months, Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 will officially return. Recently, people have been constantly spreading the word about the names that are predicted to be "war horses" who will participate in the contest to continue to succeed Miss Doan Thien An. One of the...

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Be Quyen announced "withdrawal" from MGVN, the reason is related to Nam Anh and Bui Ly Thien Huong?

Minh Lợi17:18:13 16/04/2023
Information around this year's Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 and Miss Grand International contests held in Vietnam attracted the attention of the public. In particular, beauty fans are eagerly waiting for the names that will participate in Miss Peace Vietnam 2023. After leaving many...

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Bui Ly Thien Huong: "I am more important to my parents than studying for the future"

Đức Trí12:41:16 12/04/2023
Beauty Bui Ly Thien Huong has experiences about her career, failures and successes after many years of rolling through many beauty contests, affirming her thoughts on the criteria of a beauty queen. Pretty. Since the achievement of Top 10 Miss Grand Vietnam 2022, it can be seen...

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Bui Ly Thien Huong was "pushes" on the stage "back and forth" extremely harshly, Minh Tu was pitiful as the background?

Xuân Xuân11:18:41 03/04/2023
Le Thanh Hoa's fashion show is currently becoming the focus of dramas on the sidelines, from the fact that Bui Ly Thien Huong was "pushy" by Vu Quynh for going wrong to supermodel Minh Tu having to pity her as the background for the flowers. Queen. Recently, a clip recorded the...

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Miss Bao Ngoc catwalk with the model of terraced fields in the Northwest weighing 30 kg

Yaya23:07:56 02/04/2023
On the evening of April 1, 2023, LOOK 2023 Spring Summer Fashion Week officially opened with the presence of 5 designers, 5 collections, Miss, supermodel, and c.hild models. The presence of Tiktok Content Creators (commonly known as H.ot Tiktoker) also brings many new colors to...

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Bui Ly Thien Huong "hidden" beauty contest, Thao Nhi Le, Bui Quynh Hoa no longer have doors?

Phương Nam14:09:22 23/03/2023
Originally considered a beauty with a rare beauty that no one can match, Bui Ly Thien Huong recently suddenly hinted at going to a beauty contest. Immediately, beauty fans divided into two opposing opinions, arguing thoroughly. Bui Ly Thien Huong is a name that is no longer a...

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Huong Ly, Thien Huong and the beauties with the most failed "comeback" in the Vietnamese beauty village of the year

Hoàng Phúc07:51:37 22/01/2023
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, beauty contests have come back stronger than ever in 2022. This year recorded the appearance of dozens of large and small contests, with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people. students across the country. In addition to new faces...

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Thien Huong - Controversial beauty when out top MG: No m.oney to go to university, rejected at dating show

Nắng16:42:08 04/10/2022
The final night of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 ended on the evening of October 1. However, the final result still makes fans talk about a lot because there are highly rated contestants who can't go any deeper; including the case of contestant Bui Ly Thien Huong. Through many stages...

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Thien Huong - the beauty out of the top Miss Grand because of a dirty background, the manager is angry that the pet chicken is played badly?

Nam Phương10:38:14 04/10/2022
"Media tycoon" Luong Trong Nghia said that Bui Ly Thien Huong converges many factors from skills to beauty. The removal from the top 5 is a regretful result in the hearts of the public. Miss Grand - Miss Peace Vietnam officially ended with the victory belonging to Doan Thien An...

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Luong Bang Quang "kicked" the name-calling at Miss Grand VN as a "transgender contest"

An Nhi10:27:40 30/09/2022
After comedian Viet Huong and supermodel Xuan Lan, male singer Luong Bang Quang was also surprised when he reviewed the names of the contestants on the final night of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022. Recently, the final night of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 (Miss Vietnam Peace) took place in...

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Bui Ly Thien Huong - beauty "lost" to Ngoc Chau at HHV was called to compete Miss Grand

Nam Phương16:07:49 30/06/2022
After the achievement of Top 16 Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, Bui Ly Thien Huong continues to be called by the online community to participate in the Miss Grand Vietnam crown race. Before that, she was also a "heavyweight" beauty, always at the top of the list with Miss Ngoc Chau...

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Thien Huong - "potential factor" won the crown of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022

Nam Phương17:19:14 13/06/2022
After a convincing victory in episode 9 I am Miss Universe Vietnam, Thien Huong is considered a "seed factor" to shine on the sprint at this year's contest. She is also mentioned as one of the active beauties with charity activities, for the community. By "breaking all limits"...

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