Mai Ngo caused controversy for "standing up" to Le Thu Trang: If I didn't let her stay, there would be no champion.

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On the evening of October 15, the 10-episode journey of the reality TV show The New Mentor 2023 ended with the victory of model Le Thu Trang, member of the Super Mentor Lan Khue team.

This result quickly became a h.ot topic of discussion in the online community and besides congratulations and recognition of the efforts of the new champion, there were also many opinions that the remaining runners-up like Mai Ngo or Nhu Van deserves to be named for the highest position.

Mai Ngo caused controversy for standing up to Le Thu Trang: If I didnt let her stay, there would be no champion. - Photo 1

Responding to the media after w.inning the 1st runner-up title, Mai Ngo humorously teased her friend: "If everyone watches the team selection round in episode 1, Pharmacist Tien asked Mai if she wanted to give Le Thu Trang "If you don't nod tomorrow, there's no way there will be champion Le Thu Trang today!". At that time, because pairing up to complete the challenge and eliminating everyone left regrets for the program, Host Pharmacist Tien decided to ask for a vote only once to save Thu Trang.

Mai Ngo caused controversy for standing up to Le Thu Trang: If I didnt let her stay, there would be no champion. - Photo 2

Although it was just a joke, some viewers thought that Mai Ngo was being arrogant and deliberately bringing down her colleagues.

In addition to sharing about the new champion, Mai Ngo also shared more about her journey to participating in All-round Model 2023 with many beautiful memories. She always wants to help and support her teammates, progressing together towards the common goal of elevating model status in the current Vietnamese fashion scene. Perhaps, runner-up Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 has accomplished what she has cherished throughout many years of artistic activities and the title is no longer so important when the audience all recognizes her efforts at the show. .

Mai Ngo caused controversy for standing up to Le Thu Trang: If I didnt let her stay, there would be no champion. - Photo 3

As for the new champion of The New Mentor 2023 - Le Thu Trang, she also expressed her excitement when she was suggested to compete again with her friend Mai Ngo, who will be the mentor of Miss International Queen Vietnam next season. There are many similarities between these two girls and they have the same starting point as long-time working models, struggling to find their own glory. Hopefully in the future, the audience can see Thu Trang and Mai Ngo break through even more and create many strong marks for the country's fashion industry.

Mai Ngo caused controversy for standing up to Le Thu Trang: If I didnt let her stay, there would be no champion. - Photo 4

It can be seen that Le Thu Trang's ascension to the throne caused a lot of controversy because in 9 reality TV episodes, she and super mentor Lan Khue did not win any challenges. Before the final night of the competition, Ho Ngoc Ha also commented that the new champion's journey at the competition was not outstanding. On social networks, some opinions say that models Nhu Van or Mai Ngo deserve to win the championship a.ward more than Le Thu Trang. However, some other viewers thought the 26-year-old model's victory was deserved because they thought she had enough skills and experience to become a new mentor.

Before the controversy over the results, the judge - host Pharmacist Tien - said from a personal perspective, he saw that Le Thu Trang presented fluently, with internal strength and explained clearly, fully and clearly the reasons she did. Currently, the viral clip has been prepared in advance with content promoting tourism and cuisine in Hanoi - where she was born. Meanwhile, in the challenge of posing for photos with a wind-blown platform and performing the new collection of designer Do Long, he judged that the top 3 had similar catwalk, posing and photo-taking abilities.

Mai Ngo caused controversy for standing up to Le Thu Trang: If I didnt let her stay, there would be no champion. - Photo 5

"The competition always has elements of performance and luck. Today, maybe the champion is only a little luckier than the two runners-up. Trang in the 9 reality TV episodes did not have any drama or arguments back and forth. Technique Trang's speaking ability in the final surprised and amazed me. On the final exam night, I judged based on the criteria not of how other contestants were in the past, but of who has the highest score at this moment." I said.

Mai Ngo caused controversy for standing up to Le Thu Trang: If I didnt let her stay, there would be no champion. - Photo 6

As for Le Thu Trang, when talking about not w.inning the challenge but being crowned champion, the beauty said it was just a coincidence and hoped everyone wouldn't think too much and the result was the judge's assessment. Besides, Le Thu Trang added about Lan Khue: "Miss Khue tried her best for the team, there were times when she was angry, times when she was happy and times when she was sad. I felt a lot of emotions when working with her." Khue and the love she has for us is like the younger siblings in the family. Khue has never recognized me as a student but only thinks of us as part of the family."

Mai Ngo caused controversy for standing up to Le Thu Trang: If I didnt let her stay, there would be no champion. - Photo 7

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