How rich is 'papaya salad saint' Ty Thy before announcing the closure of her restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Phi ĐứcMay 15, 2024 at 16:26

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Ty Thy officially said goodbye to the people of Saigon after 6 years of opening the restaurant here. After many years of struggling, Ty Thy became a self-made rich woman, accumulating an admirable fortune.

Recently, information about the "papaya salad saint" Ty Thy closing in Ho Chi Minh City after 6 years of operation is receiving the attention of many people. In her latest vlog, Ty Thy opened up about her recent business story as well as some future plans. Besides, the reason Ty Thy closed also made many people curious. It is known that one of the reasons why Ty Thy moved the restaurant to Binh Duong was because the business situation in general was not favorable.

How rich is papaya salad saint Ty Thy before announcing the closure of her restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City - Photo 1

In addition to being a salad shop owner, Ty Thy also creates content on YouTube with a channel with 264 thousand subscribers. Here, Ty Thy is not afraid to share about her income and business methods and makes many people admire her ability to m.ake m.oney.

Ty Thy, also known as the "papaya salad queen", is a familiar face in the online community and those who are passionate about eating. She had a difficult life before emerging as an internet phenomenon inspiring everyone thanks to her story of determination. What surprised the online community is that after just a few years of business, Ty Thy both has her own house worth billions and has rented more space to expand her shop.

How rich is papaya salad saint Ty Thy before announcing the closure of her restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City - Photo 2

It is known that Ty Thy was born in 1989 and grew up in a poor family in Cambodia. Born as a b.oy, Ty Thy decided to change gender to live according to her true gender. Ty Thy can speak 4 languages because she has a Cambodian mother, grew up with her family and moved to many countries: Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Therefore, Ty Thy can speak the languages of this country fluently.

How rich is papaya salad saint Ty Thy before announcing the closure of her restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City - Photo 3

Most recently, on her Youtube channel, Ty Thy told the story of gathering all the gold to sell on the occasion of the gold price going up. In 2 days, the total amount of gold she sold was about 1 billion VND, a profit of about 190 million.

On the first day alone, she sold nearly 264 million VND, equivalent to 4 months' rent: "Today I heard the price of gold went up and it was time to pay the house, electricity and water bills, so I sold all the gold. Thy bought this gold." It's been 2-3 years, but I rarely wear them now, so I'll see how much I can get for a few hundred million. But I bought three necklaces and earrings, so it probably won't get much price."

How rich is papaya salad saint Ty Thy before announcing the closure of her restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City - Photo 4

"I couldn't imagine that gold would go up so much. The necklace that Thy wore like a chain made a profit of 25 million. Then, adding the butterfly made a profit of 20 million. In general, each item made a little profit." - Ty Thy said after selling gold on Monday

After selling the gold and making a profit, she also said she would invite all the staff to dinner.

It is known that initially, Ty Thy did not intend to specialize in selling salads but would sell it with many other items such as cosmetics, Thai products, second-hand clothes, etc. But unexpectedly, just a few days after selling it, it would go viral. on social networks, attracting so many people that for the first year or so, customers had to line up to get a table to eat. Because it still had a lot of customers selling it all the time, Ty Thy decided to do big business.

In addition, she also revealed that after 3 years of selling papaya salad, she bought a house for 7.5 billion VND and spent 300 million to repair the house.

Regarding income, Ty Thy said she previously earned about 100 million/month and now about 30 - 40 million. "People are used to making a lot of m.oney, but when they have a little m.oney, they start to get discouraged. But Thy is not discouraged because compared to the past, she only earned 7-8 million. Now when she earns 30-40 million, it's ok to do it. When not to? "If he earns m.oney, if he still goes into debt, I'll just close the shop" - she confided.

How rich is papaya salad saint Ty Thy before announcing the closure of her restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City - Photo 5

Work is busy but Ty Thy is also willing to spend m.oney on domestic and foreign travel. She went to France, Korea, Thailand,... and did not forget to make vlogs to record her journey to share with everyone.

How rich is papaya salad saint Ty Thy before announcing the closure of her restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City - Photo 6

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