Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise

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Besides the progress and wedding planning, people are also paying attention to Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan's way of raising and addressing his two twin children.

Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan are one of the most famous same-sex couples in Vietnamese showbiz today. Not only do they have successful careers, they also have a happy home with two extremely adorable twin babies named KaKa - Muoi Muoi.

Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise - Photo 1

Being both a father and a mother, Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan was sometimes confused and faced many difficulties. However, because of their love for their c.hild, the two overcame everything. The proof is that the twin babies are growing bigger, healthier and plump.

Besides taking care of their two children, many fans are also curious, what will Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan let the twins call them? And recently, Thanh Doan revealed a rather special way of addressing him and his boyfriend with two little "angels".

Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise - Photo 2

Accordingly, Thanh Doan and Ha Tri Quang had a week-long business trip abroad. Before leaving, both of them were so attached to their c.hild that they couldn't let go. Thanh Doan also wrote an emotional message to his children: "Stay at home, my two angels. Dad and I will be home for a few days. I love you two little angels so much."

Through advice, people quickly realized that Thanh Doan addressed KaKa - Muoi Muoi as "father", and Ha Tri Quang as "father". This is also a good idea, because both of their outward appearances are still male, so it is completely reasonable for them to be called that way.

Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise - Photo 3

It is known that Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan's twin children were born at the end of 2022 in bursts of happiness. When the babies turned one month old, the couple decided to r.eveal their appearance to the public.

The twins Ka Ka and Muoi Muoi are the joy and motivation for Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan to work hard every day. That's why, no matter how busy they are, the two "milky" dads still always take time to care for and play with their children.

Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise - Photo 4

Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan will hold their wedding this year (2024). The two spent a lot of time planning and preparing carefully for this special wedding.

They initially planned to have their wedding in May, but then postponed it to November this year so that everything could be more organized. Similar to many other Vietnamese stars, Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan's wedding will also take place in 3 places: Dong Thap, Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc.

Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise - Photo 5

In a recent interview with the media, Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan revealed the reason for choosing Phu Quoc as one of the wedding locations. Accordingly, the couple expressed their inspiration from the wedding of Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang with the romantic setting on the beach.

For many years, the two have always cherished and waited for such a wedding. Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan plans to only invite about 60 - 80 guests to celebrate and will pay all accommodation and travel costs for everyone.

Tell more about the wedding of Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang, which took place in early November 2019 in Phu Quoc. The two artists also covered plane tickets and hotels for hundreds of guests to attend a romantic beachside wedding. This was one of the highlight events of the showbiz world 5 years ago.

Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise - Photo 6

After moving into the same house, at the end of 2020 the couple welcomed their first daughter, named Ong Yen Nhi (nicknamed Winnie). Currently, Dong Nhi is pregnant with her second c.hild and also a g.irl.

As for Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan, their love story is very famous in the LGBT community and the art world and received a lot of support. Previously in October 2023, the couple held a grand engagement ceremony in Dong Thap and will soon get married.

Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise - Photo 7

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