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Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise

Snow15:20:03 17/04/2024
Besides the progress and wedding planning, people are also paying attention to Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan's way of raising and addressing his two twin children.

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Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang broke up despite getting married, insiders spoke up

Tuyết Ngọc17:54:42 19/03/2024
While they were still on good terms, the famous couple Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan was suddenly rumored to have broken up. Faced with malicious words from netizens, the two actors officially spoke up to clarify everything.

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Thanh Doan caused confusion when he said "it's over" to Ha Tri Quang, what's going on?

Phượng Vũ16:02:23 15/03/2024
Since announcing their love story, Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan has always received attention from fans. While happily together, the actor from Dong Thap caused confusion when mentioning the ending.

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Ha Tri Quang choked back tears, accepting to trade his whole career to come out

Minh Lợi07:09:52 09/01/2024
Since returning home, Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan often o.ff their happy moments on social media, taking care of the two children together. Recently, the couple welcomed the good news when they received an a.ward honoring them of the year.

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Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan did not give in to Puka, got married in 3 places, and had 1 special thing in common

Bảo Nam13:57:34 19/12/2023
Recently, sharing about the big day, actor Ha Tri Quang said it will be held in 3 different locations, including 2 traditional weddings in Dong Thap and Ho Chi Minh City, and 1 wedding announcement party in Phu Quoc. .

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan organizes a grand b.aby shower for two children, netizens are c.razy about one thing?

Anh Thụy10:01:17 29/11/2023
Recently, Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan's family held a grand b.aby shower for their two children. The photo frame of the whole family happily gathered together makes the audience admire it. In particular, people also focused their attention on one thing.

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan showed off their same-sex married life after the wedding, the two kids took the spotlight

T.P06:37:54 25/11/2023
The same-sex couple, actors Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan, just posted a post that made the public stand still, admiring their love when showing off their kissing life after the wedding. Most notable is the image of the two children.

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan engagement ceremony: Decorated with 1 million roses, Thanh Bach was the MC, burst into tears because of one thing

JLO10:02:33 19/10/2023
After 5 years of being together and having twin children named Kaka and Muoi Muoi, Ha Tri Quang and her boyfriend will hold an engagement ceremony on October 19. The couple's wedding is expected to take place in 2024.

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan publicly announced what was done after the same-sex wedding, the fans applauded and praised him highly

Đức Trí15:45:32 28/09/2023
The same-sex couple, actors Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan, just posted publicly what they are planning to do after the wedding. Netizens who read it all praised it, expressing their appreciation.

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Ha Tri Quang and her boyfriend revealed that they were having the biggest wedding in the region, and their parents' attitude near the big day attracted attention

An Nhi07:12:01 22/09/2023
Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan has always been a couple that has received attention and support from the audience ever since they went public. In the near future, the two will hold a solemn and grand wedding, making many people exclaim: Never seen anyone do it so big.

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Ha Tri Quang knelt down to propose to her same-sex boyfriend, Thanh Doan emotionally shared 1 thing before marriage

Minh Lợi09:37:15 30/08/2023
Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan are a couple that has attracted a lot of attention from the public recently when publicizing their romance and also have 2 lovely children together. Recently, Ha Tri Quang suddenly publicly proposed to his lover.

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan responded when two children were laughed at for not having a mother, gentle but profound!

Hoàng Phúc11:07:05 28/02/2023
Constantly encountering negative comments about the twins, Ha Tri Quang's same-sex lover did not hesitate to respond. He frankly stated about the biological mother of two children. Specifically, most recently, on his personal page, Thanh Doan posted a video with the content...

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan stayed up all night to look after their children, did not dare to hire a maid, the netizen suggested 1 thing

Hoàng Phúc16:19:35 10/02/2023
Although it was hard to take care of her children at night, Ha Tri Quang and the same-sex love Thanh Doan were extremely happy. The two revealed that the first time was a bit extreme, but when they got used to it, everything was light. In addition, the couple also explained the...

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan built a new house in Ho Chi Minh City after 4 months of celebrating the housewarming of a 3,000 m2 villa

Minh Lợi16:17:39 07/02/2023
Besides the beautiful same-sex love, Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan also owns a huge fortune to dream of. In addition to the garden villa of thousands of square meters, the couple recently built more spacious villas in Ho Chi Minh City. Accordingly, since the publicity of their love...

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Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan spent nearly 1 billion in lucky m.oney for their relatives, 2 children together received terrible gifts

Minh Lợi10:53:36 03/02/2023
Ha Tri Quang's lover revealed that this is his dream ever. When he is doing well, he wants to help his aunts and uncles on both sides with some m.oney so that they can make ends meet. Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan are one of the rare couples of Vietnamese artists who openly declare...

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Ha Tri Quang tells the story of coming out, asking her to be loved by the same s.ex Thanh Doan, being watched for how to take care of her children

KENG11:33:52 20/12/2022
From the day of welcoming the twins Ka Ka - Muoi Muoi to their home together, Ha Tri Quang and her boyfriend's life became more and more complete. On their personal Facebook page, the couple regularly updates a series of happy family moments or the journey of being a "b.aby dad"...

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan shows off photos taken with two children together, same-sex love reveals an unexpected family background

Hoàng Phúc09:24:53 10/12/2022
Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang officially promoted after about 1 year of waiting. The couple constantly updates the situation of their children on their personal page. Ha Tri Quang and his partner were so touched that they could not express this joy in words. Specifically, on the...

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Ha Tri Quang's homosexuality talks about being transgender, revealing the huge income to raise 2 children

Hoàng Phúc09:36:36 23/11/2022
Since going public with their relationship, Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan have received many voices, but both are still quite comfortable in sharing their daily lives and preparations for the future of their small home. Recently, during an interaction with fans on TikTok, Thanh...

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan first talked about the mother of 2 common children, angry because of this 1 thing!

Hoàng Phúc11:36:36 21/11/2022
Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan since publicizing their romance have received many blessings from the audience. In particular, when revealing that they are going to have a c.hild together, the couple received more attention. Recently, the couple was extremely angry because of the...

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan left property to their children, revealed about the wedding, responded to antifan with high hands?

Hoàng Phúc11:46:49 18/11/2022
After publicly planning to welcome the twins in December, Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang is busy preparing furniture and mentally to take care of the two b.aby angels. In addition to supportive and congratulatory comments, a part gave sarcasm. Therefore, Thanh Doan responded "deeply"...

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Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan revealed the secret that caused a stir about the two twins who were about to be born: Number of benefits!

Nắng16:00:19 17/11/2022
As previously announced, in the coming December, Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan will welcome two children together. With the support of the family, the couple freely shared daily life pictures, revealed that they had chosen a name, prepared everything well to become "three...

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Ha Tri Quang and homosexuality Thanh Doan are about to welcome 2 "100% biological children", please netizens for this one thing!

Hoàng Phúc13:03:25 05/11/2022
After a period of publicizing many love images together, the couple Ha Tri Quang and Thanh Doan had a happy ending when they were accepted by their families and supported by many fans. The two recently announced more good news about their children when they said they were about...

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Ha Tri Quang was criticized for wearing a pair of clothes with Thanh Doan, "same-sex love" responded very strongly

Hoàng Phúc09:30:02 20/10/2022
Thanh Doan, Ha Tri Quang is one of the couples that receive a lot of attention from the public, the two often appear together with extremely lovely couple outfits. However, recently, the couple was commented by an audience as "inferior" just because they often wear couple...

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Ha Tri Quang absolutely believes in homosexuality Thanh Doan: Bringing all the sands to the show

Hoàng Phúc11:44:16 14/10/2022
Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan is a lucky same-sex couple with the support of both family and fans. Both also make many people admire when owning valuable assets at a relatively young age. In addition, Ha Tri Quang is also known for pampering and respecting her boyfriend when she...

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