Dong Nhi shows off her "extremely good" visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties

Nhật DuyFeb 27, 2024 at 14:54

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Since announcing her second pregnancy on February 14, it seems that every activity in Dong Nhi's life has always received a lot of attention from the audience. Everyone wants to know more about the beauty and appearance of pregnant mothers.

Dong Nhi - Ong Cao Thang are always known as one of the most beautiful couples in Vbiz, the couple's life always receives a lot of attention from netizens. That's why, on their personal page, Dong Nhi and her husband regularly update happy everyday moments to interact with fans.

Recently, the singer "For Whom for You" suddenly attracted attention when sharing photos of her family's weekend vacation in Vung Tau. In addition to posting fun and happy moments of her husband and children, Dong Nhi also attracted attention when she revealed her full figure for the first time since announcing her second pregnancy.

In this photo, Dong Nhi wears a tank top and a long skirt, showing off her s.exy beauty while pregnant. From the series of photos, it can also be seen that the female singer has gained quite a bit of weight in the first months of pregnancy. At a side angle, she revealed her pregnant belly. However, the 8X female star still impresses with her beautiful, fresh appearance.

Dong Nhi shows off her extremely good visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties - Photo 1

It is known that Ong Cao Thang's wife is 3 months pregnant with her second b.aby. In the early months of her pregnancy, in addition to spending time with her family, the female singer still regularly performed shows to serve the audience. This is not too strange for those who follow Dong Nhi, because when she was pregnant with b.aby Winnie, even though her belly was "exceedingly large", Dong Nhi was still not afraid to wear high heels and perform exciting choreography. floating on stage.

Dong Nhi shows off her extremely good visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties - Photo 2

As for b.aby Winnie, ever since she found out she was about to become a big sister, she always showed understanding by trying to encourage her and stay close to her mother. In a recently shared clip, little Winnie also demonstrated humming a lullaby to her sister and also enthusiastically demonstrated for her parents to see.

Faced with her daughter's adorable actions, Dong Nhi happily shared: "It's time for someone to sing a lullaby for me."

In the comments section, many netizens praised this kid's adorableness and cuteness. Previously, Ong Cao Thang's wife also posted a video of her daughter and her mother going for a regular prenatal checkup.

Dong Nhi - Ong Cao Thang announced that they are about to welcome a new member to the family on Valentine's Day, February 14. She confided: "Valentine's 15th year is especially meaningful because the small family officially has a new member, and b.aby Winnie has been excited for the past 3 months because she is 'promoted' to become a big sister. Looking forward to 'b.aby dragon' ' from parents and sister Winnie".

Dong Nhi shows off her extremely good visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties - Photo 3

After more than 10 years of dating, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang decided to hold the wedding of the century in November 2019. Famous stars in Vietnamese showbiz came to attend the couple's happy day. Nearly a year after moving into the same house, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang happily welcomed a new member, whose name at home is Winnie.

Dong Nhi shows off her extremely good visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties - Photo 4

Since becoming parents, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang have often shared their daily lives. The couple also posted pictures of Winnie's growth process on their personal page, which has hundreds of thousands of followers. A series of small family moments have caused a storm on social networks, with some even reaching millions of likes and interactions.

Dong Nhi shows off her extremely good visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties - Photo 5

While Ong Cao Thang has almost retired to the background to develop his entertainment company, Dong Nhi is very active in artistic activities. Many times, fans caught the moment when the female singer was waited outside by her husband and daughter to pick her up after performing. At the same time, Dong Nhi - Ong Cao Thang and his daughter also became the representative faces chosen by many brands.

Dong Nhi shows off her extremely good visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties - Photo 6

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