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BamBam-Barry: G.irl group about to debut in Thailand, shaking up the T-Pop world

Bảo Yến18:06:01 18/06/2024
A famous music label in the golden pagoda country, E29 Music Identities, is expected to launch a g.irl group to compete with B.aby Monster, gathering many talented Thai hotgirls, promising to cause a stir in the T-Pop world.

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Meritorious Artist Anh Thai: Played the role of Mr. Dau in the movie "Chi Dau", passed away due to an accident

Đình Như17:05:11 17/06/2024
According to the family of Meritorious Artist Anh Thai, on the way to receive his pension, he had a traffic accident. After a week in the hospital, the hospital announced that it could not be cured. His family took him home, and after 2 days, he passed away at 2:55 p.m. on June 15.

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Chu Thanh Huyen sobbed, implying that she had been mistreated when she was about to give birth and begged

Nguyễn Kim10:16:21 15/06/2024
Although she is in the final stages of pregnancy, recently, Chu Thanh Huyen was suddenly caught up in a plagiarism drama on social networks. Quickly, Quang Hai's wife spoke up, crying and explaining on the livestream.

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Having a b.aby with IVF: U50 dad responded with disdain, having a new member just for fun

Lan Chi18:14:20 12/06/2024
A real life story that feels like a movie, a U50 grandmother in Hanoi who has a grandchild still wants to be pregnant, and even more unique is letting her son-in-law instead of her husband take her to a prenatal check-up. Not only that, the daughter and her biological father were also misunderstood because they kissed every time they met

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Mai Davika is suspected of being eliminated from Pedal the Wind 2024 after the noise of "beautiful butter" Suni Ha Linh

Bút Màu17:02:00 10/06/2024
Mai Davika's absence in the 4th round of the show made people suspect that she had been removed from the show. The actress also no longer posts promotions for Pedal the Wind as much as before.

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Doan Di Bang went for a prenatal checkup, asked to run away from home after knowing the gender of her c.hild?

Hoàng Phúc18:42:30 08/06/2024
Doan Di Bang and her husband Quoc Vu are preparing to welcome their 4th c.hild thanks to in vitro fertilization (IVF). After medical intervention, the couple happily received the news that they were pregnant and waited for the day the b.aby was born.

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Lam Minh showed an emaciated look, carrying heavy things to work by herself after announcing her 2nd pregnancy

Bút Mực12:34:30 08/06/2024
Lam Minh was seen wearing a sun jacket and a tight mask walking down from the car to the photo studio. Meanwhile, Decao did not make any further moves, continued to block social media accounts and completely lost interest.

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Actor Thanh Truc burst into tears after receiving the bad news in her first motherhood

Lan Chi15:26:33 07/06/2024
For the first time becoming a mother at the age of U40 by IVF, actor Thanh Truc suddenly received bad news. She burst into tears and shared that her pregnancy had placenta previa, which she was warned could be in serious health danger

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Decao's wife found out that she was pregnant for the 2nd time after being "interacted" by her husband and had to break up

T.P10:31:15 07/06/2024
Female model Lam Minh - Decao's wife shocked people when she suddenly publicly announced that she was pregnant for the 2nd time with her husband. It is worth mentioning that before that, she had just declared a noisy war on the Decao family, accused of physical impact, and now the two have also broken up.

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Kha Ly is pregnant with an obsessive psychology because she has lost her c.hild, Thanh Duy's husband "forbids the door"

Trí Nhi14:47:52 06/06/2024
Actress Kha Ly has just announced the good news to fans when she is pregnant with her first c.hild with her husband Thanh Duy. After 8 years of painstaking looking for a c.hild, the two are now complete. Because it was quite difficult to get pregnant, Kha Ly said that she was very careful in everything.

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The case of a family of 3 people who died in Thai Binh: Grandmother escaped, suspected daughter

Hoàng Phúc12:09:38 06/06/2024
Regarding the case of 3 people in a family who were found dead in Trung An commune, Vu Thu district (Thai Binh) that occurred on June 4, the Thai Binh Provincial Police announced the results of the initial investigation.

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Lady Gaga is suspected of being pregnant, her boyfriend scores points with a "cool" thing

Bút Màu11:54:40 05/06/2024
38-year-old pop star Lady Gaga revealed her big second round when she attended her sister's wedding last weekend, sparking rumors that she is pregnant. Previously, she was found to have gone to live in the same house with her boyfriend Michael Polansky.

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Kanyawee - Lisa's best friend caused memories with a "silver" face, attracting 5 million fans

Kim Oanh17:47:10 04/06/2024
Thanaerng Kanyawee became the most popular jewel of the Golden Pagoda entertainment industry after her role in Age of Rebellion 3. With attractive appearance, personality beauty, impressive height of 1m75 and extremely cool fashion sense, hotgirl born in 96 fast...

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Mysteriously the temple contains the eunuch's cemetery, where Thich Nhat Hanh died

Bút Bi10:39:01 03/06/2024
Tu Hieu Pagoda is a famous spiritual tourist destination in Hue, recently became more and more known when Thich Nhat Hanh came to retreat. Few people know that the ancient temple is also called the Eunuch's Pagoda, marking their bitter and tearful fate.

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The mysterious Vietnamese b.oy recounted his past life and insisted on going home to meet his parents

Thiên Di16:18:31 31/05/2024
In Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province, a story has been circulating for several years about a b.oy claiming to be a c.hild who passed away more than 10 years ago. Many of the stories the b.oy could tell about his parents in the past surprised everyone.

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Ngoc Lan was suspected of being pregnant a few days after her ex-husband posted wedding photos, what is the truth?

Kim Lâm14:01:05 31/05/2024
Not only is she a successful actress in her career, Ngoc Lan also makes many people admire her for her independent life. Recently, Ngoc Lan's strange image sparked rumors of her second pregnancy. Quickly, the actress also responded.

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Viet Phuong Thoa revealed her midsection and was suspected of being pregnant, fans pointed out a series of suspicious signs

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:30:49 31/05/2024
Viet Phuong Thoa and her boyfriend Chi Thanh are admired by many people for their love story of many years. Recently, the female TikToker was suspected of being pregnant when her midriff was exposed. Right after that, she shared something that made everyone angry.

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Doan Di Bang received bad news after announcing her pregnancy, and the couple cried their eyes out

Gia Nhi06:46:40 31/05/2024
District 7 tycoon Doan Di Bang made netizens feel sad when she just announced the sad news after being pregnant for the fourth time thanks to IVF test technology. The businessman's husband also expressed regret and encouraged his wife.

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May Bae reappears after a noisy "little tam" raised 8.5 billion, does Vbiz support it?

Bút Màu10:31:05 29/05/2024
Recently, May Bae officially reappeared and pursued a professional music path, organizing a music night with the participation of many Vietnamese stars and TikTokers. Previously, H.ot TikToker was caught up in a scandal and was accused of being a minor and receiving 8.5 billion VND from his lover.

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Pimmy Pimprapa: Thai muse from a great family, once entangled in suspicion of being a minor

Bút Mực19:13:09 27/05/2024
Coming from a wealthy family, Pimmy Pimprapa soon became a c.hild star of the Golden Temple. The actress was once rumored to be the third person involved in her co-star's love affair.

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Doan Hai My is nearing the day of "delivery", Doan Van Hau has an attitude when he has to do one thing

An Nhi06:56:00 27/05/2024
Doan Van Hau - Doan Hai My are one of the most beloved couples on social networks. To prepare for the birth of her first c.hild, the WAG shared an extremely cute moment with her famous husband, making people excited because she was so cute.

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Puka posted a sad story related to Gin Tuan Kiet, expressing loneliness after half a year of marriage

Kim Lâm13:25:04 25/05/2024
Since coming together, the married life of Puka and Gin Tuan Kiet has always received a lot of attention from the audience. Recently, the actress posted a message expressing her loneliness and was at a loss for words because of her husband's actions.

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Puka's pregnancy photo is revealed, Van Trang - Toc Tien are detailed about their pregnancy?

Bảo Nam16:31:29 24/05/2024
The dragon is considered the most sacred animal in the Asian calendar, symbolizing the power of ancient kings. Therefore, people believe that giving birth in the year of the dragon will bring luck and prosperity to the whole family.

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Chu Thanh Huyen's attitude, glancing at Quang Hai, the CDM sarcastically mocked her mother-in-law for liking m.oney

Uyển Đình07:10:33 24/05/2024
After holding a wedding ceremony with Quang Hai and publicly having a b.aby, Chu Thanh Huyen's life has always been of interest to everyone. In a recent clip, people were surprised by the WAGs' serious attitude towards her husband.

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