Thai Tu Khon has a hard life, his career is hard because of the asset blockade of VND 230 billion

Hoàng PhúcApr 15, 2022 at 12:37

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The $ 10 million fortune of famous Chinese male idol singer - Thai Tu Khon was frozen after he had a dispute that led to a lawsuit with his old management company.

Sina newspaper reported that Cai Xukun had his personal assets and representative offices frozen with a total value of 64 million yuan, equivalent to 10 million USD (more than 230 billion dong) within a year after getting into a dispute. economy with the old management company.

Specifically, the young male singer was entangled in a dispute of economic interests related to the copyright of the album Me and Young with Beijing Idol Century Culture Media and Tianjin Idol Century Culture Media. These two units applied to the court to freeze the assets of Cai Tu Khon and were approved.

Thai Tu Khon has a hard life, his career is hard because of the asset blockade of VND 230 billion - Photo 1

Therefore, currently, the male artist born in 1998 cannot use the above m.oney for artistic activities or personal consumption. This information immediately became the focus of Chinese-language media because Thai Tu Khon is currently one of the influential names in Chinese showbiz. In neighboring countries, like Vietnam, he also has a large fan base.

According to Sohu, two companies filed a lawsuit against Thai Tu Khon, the male artist's management company while he was active as a member of the group Nine Percent - a group born from the idol search program Idol Producer from 2018. After a year of cooperation, the group Nine Percent disbanded and Cai Xukun worked separately.

Responding to the dispute, the representative of Thai Tu Khon said that having the property sealed is a normal judicial procedure, subject to the right to guarantee the property to ensure the rights of the plaintiff before the trial. Thai Tu Khon's side also emphasized that the albums Me and Young were both released after he ended his management contract with the two companies and switched to freelance activities.

Thai Tu Khon has a hard life, his career is hard because of the asset blockade of VND 230 billion - Photo 2

The production process of the two above-mentioned music products is paid for and self-made by Thai Tu Khon. The parties have signed a clear copyright agreement, so Thai Tu Khon believes that the current demands of the two companies mentioned above are unreasonable, hindering the male artist's career.

According to Chinese media, Me and Young are in the top 3 highest-grossing singles and albums in the Chinese-language music industry. Me's sales volume is more than 13 million USD, while Young's is 11.3 million USD.

Thai Tu Khon, born in 1998, became famous after w.inning the first place of the show Idol Produce (2018). During the exam, he was considered as an outstanding contestant because of his experience, charisma and eye-catching appearance. He won with 47 million votes from the audience.

Thai Tu Khon has a hard life, his career is hard because of the asset blockade of VND 230 billion - Photo 3

After the competition, Thai Tu Khon quickly established a name, having a large fan base as the captain leading the Nine Percent group. Thai Tu Khon is famous throughout Asia and is considered a new generation idol, replacing old names such as Loc Ham, Ngo Dich Pham.

However, Nine Percent's activities lasted only a year, and after that, Cai Tu Khon operated separately. In a solo role, he is more and more famous for his good looks and outstanding talent.

Cai Xukun dominated the Chinese music charts for a long time since his debut and set an impressive sales record. The first individual MV of Thai Tu Khon - Pull Up reached more than 10 million shares. Album Young has a high turnover with more than 9.4 million USD.

In 2020, thanks to his popularity, he was invited to be a mentor for the program "Youth with Friends 2" with Lisa, Jony J and Ella Tran Gia Hoa. The charisma in the show gave him the opportunity to become a fixed member of the hit show Keep Running (Running Man Chinese version). He is also the face of nearly 30 different brands.

Thai Tu Khon has a hard life, his career is hard because of the asset blockade of VND 230 billion - Photo 4

However, since his debut, the male artist often has trouble with the management company. In 2018, he was sued by Shanghai Y Film and Television Media Company for violating the terms of the contract and voluntarily participating in the TV show Idol Producer under his personal name. After that, he was declared victorious, canceling the contract without compensation.

In December 2021, Cai Xukun's management company was fined by the Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau for organizing an illegal commercial music show. The male artist was warned for releasing albums in a trickle, affecting consumer rights.

Sohu and Sina newspaper said that the move to freeze Thai Tu Khon's assets by the two former management companies is causing obstacles for the male artist. Currently, Thai Tu Khon cannot withdraw or pledge assets for a year. This puts the male artist at risk of being hindered in his immediate and long-term career development.

In addition, the lawsuit with the former management company may make it difficult for the 24-year-old vocalist to maintain her role in the musical life because of the lack of financial resources. On many music forums, the audience expressed sympathy for Cai Tu Khon and demanded justice for him. The lawsuit does not seem to affect the male singer's image or fans' affection for him.

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