Taylor Swift was joked about being "unattractive" by the famous Vietnamese editor on television

Phi ĐứcFeb 24, 2024 at 16:16

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Famous sports editor Quoc Khanh was heavily criticized by Taylor Swift's fans in Vietnam for his unflattering statements on television about the singer's love life.

On February 23, Taylor Swift's fan community expressed outrage at MC Quoc Khanh's statement about this female singer. Specifically, in the newly aired sports program, MC Quoc Khanh commented: "Taylor Swift will kick this guy out soon, why is he acting so grumpy and losing his image, he needs to sit quietly." and listen to the song "Safe & Sound" over and over again .

Taylor Swift was joked about being unattractive by the famous Vietnamese editor on television - Photo 1

The Taylor Swift fan community in Vietnam is currently very upset by this statement. Many fans believe that this statement is not appropriate to be broadcast on television. At a time when Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce were still together, the statement "Taylor Swift will let him go soon" was considered "unreasonable and thought it was funny" because it meant a bad prediction. about the inherently happy couple.

Quoc Khanh is a famous editor of Vietnam Television. He hosts many programs such as 24h Movement, 24/7 Sports, 7-Day Sports Impressions or the recent favorite entertainment program Weekend Appointment.

Taylor Swift was joked about being unattractive by the famous Vietnamese editor on television - Photo 2

Previously, he was considered an extremely charming organizer/MC, but with his statements this time, the audience seemed confused and silently deducted points from him.

This is not the first time Taylor Swift has been the victim of vulgar comments about her love life.

Also this year, the female singer appeared at the 2024 Golden Globes. She attended the awards ceremony because the movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour , which she produced, was nominated in a new category - Film with cinematic achievements and revenue.

The MC of this year's event is comedian Jo Koy. With the awards ceremony program lasting more than 3 hours, the role of the host is decisive in the success or failure of the awards ceremony.

Host Jo Koy said he accepted the role of hosting the awards ceremony two weeks before the official event took place. Previously, a number of other MCs refused the invitation of the Organizing Committee.

Taylor Swift was joked about being unattractive by the famous Vietnamese editor on television - Photo 3

In fact, at this time, Jo Koy is receiving mixed reviews after hosting the show. He was judged as not being graceful in his jokes, lacking humor, and not bringing the necessary level of entertainment to the show.

During the awards ceremony, Jo Koy made a joke that made Taylor Swift immediately feel "less happy", she expressed her attitude right in the auditorium and left early. Specifically, the male MC said: "Do you know what is the difference between the Golden Globe awards ceremony and a match in the American National Football League? That is, at the Golden Globes, the camera has no direction." about Taylor Swift too much, because there are many other things of interest here."

Taylor Swift was joked about being unattractive by the famous Vietnamese editor on television - Photo 4

Jo Koy's joke not only touched Taylor Swift's ego but also reminded her of the fact that recently, Taylor Swift often cheers on her boyfriend - rugby player Travis Kelce - every time he goes on the field.

Taylor Swift was joked about being unattractive by the famous Vietnamese editor on television - Photo 5

Cameras on the football field were constantly pointed at Taylor Swift, which caused some football fans to complain that Swift's presence on the field reduced the audience's concentration on the match.

Taylor Swift was joked about being unattractive by the famous Vietnamese editor on television - Photo 6

The love story of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began when Travis attracted the artist's attention at the Eras Tour concert in July 2023 in Kansas (USA). They kept their relationship private to get to know each other. Two months later, Taylor and Travis announced their relationship publicly, and since then, the singer has been regularly present at her boyfriend's matches.

Taylor Swift was joked about being unattractive by the famous Vietnamese editor on television - Photo 7

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