New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols

Hoàng PhúcNov 12, 2022 at 11:49

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The representative of Korea at Miss International 2022 surprised people with her beautiful appearance. Not only possessing a high rating for sharpness, Tan MI Han also has an extremely good profile like Phuong Anh.

Despite possessing a huge entertainment industry, it seems that Korea has forgotten about beauty contests. The proof is that over the years, representatives of the land of Kim Chi are often not appreciated in the international beauty arena and were eliminated very early. But recently, the representative that Korea sent to the Miss International 2022 arena made beauty fans think again.

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 1

Accordingly, the beautiful Kim Su Jin will represent Korea to compete at Miss International 2022. The beauty born in 1997 was crowned Miss Korea in 2021, possessing an appearance that is considered to be suitable for the criteria of the contest. this international competition. Even beauty fans think that Kim Su Jin is as beautiful as actors and idols.

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 2

- There's a lot of beauty like this in Korea, so I think going to Miss International or Miss World is the best.

- I feel beautiful. Personally, I think it's prettier than the K-pop idols I know.

- This year, Korean big 6 is all beautiful.

-She looks like Park Min Young, but she also looks like an idol.

Not only beauty, Kim Su Jin is currently working as a TV reporter and actress. Therefore, beautiful people will have an advantage in the field of foreign languages and performances. Beauty fans hope that the Korean representative can achieve high results after many failures at international competitions.

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 3

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 4

Miss International - Miss International was born in 1960, was held for the first time in the US and went to China. But in its more than 60 existences, most of the time Miss International takes place in Japan and is also owned by the Miss Paris Group.

Miss International President is Miss Paris Group CEO - Ms. Akemi Shimomura. Unlike the president of other beauty pageants, Ms. Akemi Shimomura is a private businesswoman. This powerful woman now runs more than 150 beauty salons across Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and training schools.

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 5

Akemi Shimomura herself is also the inspiration that makes the difference of Miss International. She initiated the International Women's Entrepreneurs Forum within the framework of Miss International, which revolved around discussions about the role of women in the business world.

Recently, beauty fans spread the news that Miss International may soon have a new owner, but no source has confirmed.

Miss International 2022 will be held in December, but only in August, the organizers officially announced the cessation of accepting more candidates for this year's contest. Previously, the organizers said that due to the epidemic situation, the contest will only accept a maximum of 70 contestants.

Soon after, the beauty site Sash Factor released their first ranking of the heavyweights at this year's Miss International.

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 6

Accordingly, at the top of this list is Peruvian beauty Tati Calmell. In Latin America, Tati Calmell is considered a strong candidate. She is 27 years old, is a model and actress in her hometown. Tati Calmell competed in Peru's Next Top Model at the age of 18, she also starred in the Cinderella-inspired film 'Danielle'.

Second on the list is French beauty - Maya Albert. She is 22 years old, currently a professional model. The French beauty owns an extremely beautiful face and beautiful b.ody. She is considered the strongest candidate of the European region at Miss International 2022.

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 7

Third on the list is Filipino beauty Hannah Arnold. She is mixed Filipino and Australian. The beauty is 24 years old and has a 'terrible' height of up to 1m80.

In fourth place is the Mexican beauty - Yuridia Durán. She was born in 1998 and is considered an experienced beauty contestant. Before that, she was also appointed as Miss Charm Mexico 2021.

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 8

Closing the top 5 is runner-up Pham Ngoc Phuong Anh. Possessing a beautiful beauty, outstanding height, attractive b.ody and especially a "terrible" education, runner-up Phuong Anh is considered a strong candidate in Asia.

The remaining beauties appearing in the top 10 prediction table are: Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela and the Czech Republic, respectively.

New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols - Photo 9

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