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Miss Korea married her father who was more than 26 years old, 7 years in hiding, now publicly fainted

Thảo Mai12:23:08 03/05/2024
In recent days, Korean netizens have been abuzz with the news that former Miss Korea Keum Nana secretly married construction giant Yoon Il Jeong who is more than 26 years old 7 years ago.

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Who is Miss Korea Misunderstood "Family is No. 1" star Hwang Jung Eum?

JLO19:32:11 05/04/2024
Jo Ha Eun - a beauty born in 1996 who participated in the Miss Korea Seoul 2020 contest was recently suddenly accused by Hwang Jung Eum of being a minor tam, interfering in a marriage with her big husband.

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Miss Korea gathers in Bachelor Hell, how beautiful is it to be inferior to idols?

Khánh Huyền11:30:05 08/02/2024
Single Hell is a survival and dating reality show that has been feverish since the first season aired. Without appointment, this is also a program that gathers beautiful beauties who have participated in beauty contests in Korea.

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The most beautiful Miss Korea in the world, the beauty bombarded many big arenas

Phi Đức14:37:10 05/02/2024
Korean beauty is often highly appreciated internationally through actors and idols on the small screen. But few people know that this country does not like Miss. Most beauties want to become actresses and singers.

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Go Hyun Jung exposes her marriage with Samsung's nephew, will she return to her ex-husband if she meets one thing?

Hoàng Phúc06:42:58 09/12/2023
On December 7, an online post titled Go Hyun Jung talking about married life with Chung Yong Jin spread widely on Korean social networks. The article mentioned that the runner-up announced that she was still ready to marry the tycoon's nephew again.

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Tran Thanh was criticized by an expert for his English pronunciation, but he tried to break his accent but couldn't?

Yang Mi17:52:14 21/10/2023
Not only is he an artist who is good at making m.oney, has a talent for speaking, and has extensive knowledge, but Tran Thanh also makes many people admire him because of his ability to speak many different foreign languages. However, recently an English expert commented on the male artist.

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Park Shi Yeon: The runner-up was former lover Song Joong Ki, abandoned by her husband and imprisoned because of drug a.buse

M.A16:35:40 12/06/2023
Runner-up Park Shi Yeon is probably the most scandalous name in the Korean entertainment industry because of her personal life. She used to go to prison for using banned substances, was abandoned by her husband when she gave birth, and the audience boycotted her.

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Thach Thu Thao "replaced" the new Miss Korea crowned Miss Earth 2022, the reason for the surprise?

N.P10:26:37 30/11/2022
The finale of Miss Earth took place with the highest position belonging to the Korean representative, Vietnamese representative Thach Thu Thao, although only stopping in the Top 20, was recently unexpectedly awarded the title of Miss Earth 2022, surprising many people. On...

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New Miss International Korea - Phuong Anh's threat: Great profile, as pretty as Kpop idols

Hoàng Phúc11:49:26 12/11/2022
The representative of Korea at Miss International 2022 surprised people with her beautiful appearance. Not only possessing a high rating for sharpness, Tan MI Han also has an extremely good profile like Phuong Anh. Despite possessing a huge entertainment industry, it seems that...

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Thuy Tien was advised to change her direction to becoming a Kpop idol thanks to her shocking "burnt out" performance

Hoàng Anh16:14:50 20/09/2022
Although it is not long before the end of a brilliant term, Thuy Tien always impresses fans with well-prepared images before appearing in public. Recently, Miss Thuy Tien surprised the online community with a very new shape, rarely seen before in Miss International. Posting a...

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Chey Tae-won - Chairman of SK Group divorced the President's daughter because of a lover and a boring ending

Hoàng Phúc07:42:35 13/05/2022
The chairman of SK Group and the daughter of the former South Korean president had a divorce that lasted many years. Top notch marriage registration Marriage with people of the same "class" is not a strange thing in the tycoon world, especially a few decades ago. However, the...

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Jang Dong G.un - The perfect gentleman betrayed the Korean runner-up, his image collapsed because of a s.ex scandal

Hoàng Phúc17:45:49 02/04/2022
From the perfect gentleman model, the "Doctor Brothers" star lost the reputation built for nearly 3 decades because of the scandal. Fans question the personality and qualities of the famous Korean actor. Growing up in a family with a tradition in construction, Jang Dong G.un was...

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The wife of Hyundai Group revealed the principle to her daughter-in-law: 5 years of studying the house rules, staying in the kitchen from 4 am

Hoàng Phúc15:53:33 19/03/2022
Looking back at the married life of the tycoon family, many people are surprised, even difficult to understand. It was thought that they had a rich and happy life, but in the end, behind that pink color is what only insiders know. In 2018, Noh Hyun Jung once revealed her life as...

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Honey Lee - "The sexiest Miss Korea" followed in the footsteps of ex-boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang to get married at the age of 39

Hoàng Phúc14:19:35 21/12/2021
The public was extremely surprised by the news that "The most beautiful Miss Korea" had officially entered the flower car. Korean media recently simultaneously reported that Miss Honey Lee was officially married today (December 21). It is known that Honey's wedding with her...

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Honey Lee went to the US with her new non-celebrity boyfriend, and is getting married?

Rosé08:59:58 27/11/2021
Fans are quite excited about this news! Honey Lee's agency, Saram Entertainment, was quick to address rumors that the "One the Woman" star was leaving for the United States with her non-celebrity boyfriend. Accordingly, after successfully wrapping up the latest SBS drama, a...

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YouTuber Lee Jin Ho reveals the real reason Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee broke up after 7 years of being together

Rosé08:59:43 10/11/2021
This can be seen as the most beautiful couple in the entertainment industry, who broke up in regret. Up to this point, the broken love story of Honey Lee and Yoon Kye Sang still makes many fans regret. Once there was information, because the actor surnamed Yoon did not want to...

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Honey Lee - The bravest Miss Korea is still willing to work as Kim Tae Hee's "bodyguard"

team youtuber22:45:16 03/06/2021
Although she has been crowned Miss Korea for more than 14 years, the mark of Honey Lee has not faded. She has always been the model that Korean public opinion always mentions when the contest takes place every year. Because after becoming the most beautiful g.irl in kimchi in...

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Sung Hyun Ah | The runner-up is not afraid to take off her clothes, the scandal of e.cstasy and p.rostitution shocked Korea

team youtuber11:03:06 27/01/2021
Miss Korea is the most famous and long-standing beauty contest in this country. Over half a century, Miss Korea has become a long-standing prestigious contest, a stepping stone for beautiful young girls to enter the entertainment industry. There have been many bright names from the contest, but there are also countless scandalous beauties

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A series of Korean stars receive a bitter ending when being a bride and groom

team youtuber10:06:59 17/09/2020
As a g.irl, everyone wants their fiance to have a solid financial foundation, but getting married to a rich man is not a simple matter, the richer the family. not easy to swallow, the series of Korean stars below even live as a maid, a birthing machine for her husband's family, suffering from a lot of pain and suffering, from...

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