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Meritorious Artist Tu Suong: Son of the family, 3 times to find happiness, half a world away from her husband

JLO16:07:07 12/05/2023
In addition to her sweet voice inherited from her family, Tu Suong also has a beautiful appearance, which is compared by composer Nguyen Phuong as "the jade of the stage of Vietnamese classical opera". Meritorious Artist Tu Suong is the daughter of talented artists Truong Son -...

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Artist Tai Linh: "Video Queen" says no to scandal and nail life after retirement

Hoàng Phúc07:33:42 08/12/2021
Once a cult record queen, artist Tai Linh now has a peaceful life in the US. Referring to Tai Linh, people will remember an artist who possesses a high, clear and inspiring voice. Originally a reformed actress, when she turned to new music, she still conquered the audience...

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