The streamer who was once likened to an "angel" revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir

Hoa TuyếtMar 16, 2024 at 21:12

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Standing out with her personal beauty and top makeup skills, streamer Thien Thy has attracted a huge fan base and continuously makes people admire her with her magical transformations.

Phan Hoang Thien Thy is a name that is no longer strange to the online community, especially when it comes to the image of a h.ot g.irl with a h.ot and seductive appearance. This famous female model, cosplayer, and streamer in the Vietnamese gaming community is considered by fans to be an "angel" in real life. Since then, she has attracted a large number of viewers and warm support every time she goes on air.

The streamer who was once likened to an angel revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir - Photo 1

The special thing about Thien Thy is her unpredictable photography style, always surprising fans in different poses. There are times when the female streamer makes fans unable to take their eyes off her when showing off her "burning" curves.

The h.ot g.irl always knows how to choose outfits that highlight her b.ody's curves while still maintaining sophistication and elegance. She also showed her investment in diligently updating fashion trends, always refreshing herself in the eyes of her fans.

The streamer who was once likened to an angel revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir - Photo 2

However, very few people get to see the face behind Thien Thy's neat pictures and sharp makeup. In fact, when not appearing in public, the female streamer often leaves her face bare, letting her skin breathe after hours of heavy makeup. This is a method to help her improve skin quality.

Recently, this beautiful g.irl boldly publicized her transformation process, through which fans can clearly see her beauty before and after makeup. Although less cheerful than usual, her charisma and confidence still received many positive comments from the public.

The streamer who was once likened to an angel revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir - Photo 3

The streamer who was once likened to an angel revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir - Photo 4

It can be seen that, even without using a photo editing app, her top "face painting" talent is enough to help Thien Thy appear sparkling in front of netizens. Sharing this video, she shows off her true image, confident in her natural beauty.

From there, we become closer to fans and reach out more widely to a large part of the public who loves simplicity. It can be said that this factor has been the secret to helping female streamers shine and continuously develop in their career.

The streamer who was once likened to an angel revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir - Photo 5

Phan Hoang Thien Thy (born in 1995, from Nghe An) stands out with her unique beauty through her hair color and is passionate about many careers from streamer to makeup, KOL, freelance photo model...

Having a talent for learning foreign languages since childhood, Thien Thy was a student at Da Nang University of Foreign Languages. Her future after graduation, according to everyone, will be a foreign language teacher or interpreter. However, this g.irl chose art and determined to develop her career on this path.

The streamer who was once likened to an angel revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir - Photo 6

Having had an affinity for modeling since her first year of university, Thien Thy once applied to be a model "for fun", and began to try her hand at it and gradually fell in love with it. After "participating" in many fashion and outdoor photo sets... she received the attention of the online community and the youth sections of some newspapers.

Gradually, many opportunities opened up for Thien Thy. After receiving more and more interaction on social networks, the h.ot g.irl from Nghe An decided to "encroach" on working as a live entertainment and online game streamer with the guidance of some previous friends who were working. .

The streamer who was once likened to an angel revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir - Photo 7

Thien Thy feels that she is quite confident in communicating in life and in front of the camera and has experience doing livestream singing. Therefore, she easily adapted to the streamer job right from the beginning. The female streamer found that this job gave her a lot of joy and a good source of income.

After working as a streamer for a while, Thien Thy confided that competition for work combined with hidden corners and temptations, if not alert, will fall into many "traps". The pressure of work makes her mood tired, but she easily overcomes it because she is open-minded and steadfast.

Currently, Thien Thy has shifted to the field of beauty, makeup, KOL, and freelance photography in Hanoi. "Makeup work is more behind the scenes and quieter, which is also a job that I quite like," she shared.

The streamer who was once likened to an angel revealed her true beauty, causing fans to stir - Photo 8

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