Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesn't want his ex-wife to live well after divorce

Minh LợiApr 05, 2024 at 15:13

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Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo became charmed after working together in the drama "Descendants of the Sun." Unfortunately, this seemingly beautiful marriage ended quickly.

At the time Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo announced their divorce, the reason they both "went their separate ways" consumed a lot of media ink.

Recently, Song Joong Ki made a cameo appearance in the movie Queen Of Tears starring Kim so Hyun and Kim Ji Won.

Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesnt want his ex-wife to live well after divorce - Photo 1

In addition to being reminiscent of the films that made Song Joong Ki's name such as Werewolf B.oy (2012), Descendants of the Sun (2016), The Victory Ship (2021), Vincenzo (2021), and The Youngest Tycoon (2022), Song Joong Ki's comeback also made the noise of divorce from Song Hye Kyo recalled.

Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesnt want his ex-wife to live well after divorce - Photo 2

Specifically, during the process of handling the divorce case on behalf of Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won) Baek Hyun Woo (Kim so Hyun), Song Joong Ki's character is frustrated with the reason for ending the marriage given by the male protagonist's lawyer as "irreconcilable differences" to the point of swearing in Italian. He said that reason caused public opinion to judge Hae In abandoned by her husband because of her bad personality. Later, Vincenzo offered some other suggestions to write into the divorce papers such as "They have become distant due to busy schedules", "They have agreed to remain good friends" and "They wish each other the best".

Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesnt want his ex-wife to live well after divorce - Photo 3

When Hong Hae In objected to include the last sentence, Vincenzo explained, "As far as I know, none of my clients wish so. They said yes."

Netizens rated Song Joong Ki's dialogue about divorce as common reasons used by couples in Korean showbiz when announcing the end of a relationship. It was true for both Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo in 2019.

Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesnt want his ex-wife to live well after divorce - Photo 4

Some people suspected that Song Joong Ki meant to "tease" his ex-wife because 5 years ago, Song Hye Kyo's agency said that the cause of the dissolution of the marriage was a disagreement in personality, which could not be reconciled. Meanwhile, the actor born in 1985 refused to go into the matter, only expressing hope to resolve things peacefully instead of blaming and criticizing each other. In addition, viewers speculated based on the last line, the Hopeless actor did not want his ex-wife to live well after "going their separate ways".

However, many people defended Song Joong Ki. They said that the character lines, written by the screenwriter, were not related to the actor. Not to mention, many other couples in Korea use the same reason for divorce, not just Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesnt want his ex-wife to live well after divorce - Photo 5

It's unclear if there's any subtext behind the dialogue, but Song Joong-ki's cameo helped Queen of Tears achieve a 16.1% viewership rating — its best performance since it aired. The actor also thanks to that partly restored sympathy in the hearts of the audience.

Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesnt want his ex-wife to live well after divorce - Photo 6

2023 can be called the most turbulent year of Song Joong Ki's entertainment career. Already in the first month of the year, he announced his remarriage to former British actress Katy Louise Saunders and has children. Since then, Song Joong Ki has been attacked by netizens for a long time, especially after learning that he met his second wife just a few months after divorcing Song Hye Kyo. Many people believe that he is a fake person when he directs public opinion to attack Song Hye Kyo with suspicions of infidelity, while he is the one who started a new relationship first.

Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesnt want his ex-wife to live well after divorce - Photo 7

Not stopping there, Song Joong Ki was constantly involved in personality scandals, had a condescending attitude to reporters. He was also criticized when he said in an interview that he worried about getting married and having children affecting his work. Viewers also accused the Nice Guy star of having star disease while taking center stage during the promotion of Hopeless. In a survey conducted by Sports Kyunghyang, he was listed among the 5 worst behaved artists voted by 55 film reporters.

Song Joong Ki implies Song Hye Kyo is bad, doesnt want his ex-wife to live well after divorce - Photo 8

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