Son Tung suddenly publicly "engaged" to his Thai girlfriend?

Mỹ HoaJun 10, 2024 at 08:55

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Despite being entangled in private life noises about his "nameless" relationship with Thieu Bao Tram, Son Tung still chose to remain silent. But last night, the Boss suddenly publicly announced his new love, surprising Sky, the female protagonist is a young Thai g.irl.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 1

Specifically, the love story of Son Tung M-TP and the "lucky girl" is in the latest MV called Don't Make My Heart Hurt, marking the official return

of the Boss on the music track. As usual, when the MV was just released, it ran to the top of trending.

The MV Don't Make My Heart Hurt is the 2nd MV released by Son Tung in 2024. Sharing at the song's debut showcase in the afternoon of the same day in Hanoi, Son Tung said that this song was composed 4 years ago along with the time of making the MV We of the Present. The MV was made entirely in Thailand and has the presence of the famous h.ot g.irl of the Land of the Golden Temple - Pimtha.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 2

When hearing the name of the song, many viewers thought that this was a tragic love song, but when the MV was released, netizens broke down when Son Tung brought an extremely fresh, loving and sweet energy.

The MV Don't Make My Heart Hurt, brings an extremely joyful Son Tung, full of "good" energy, it is not even wrong to call the guy who has "sawed the horns" in this comeback!

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 3

The song Don't Make My Heart Hurt was handled by Son Tung with an extremely soaring voice with this product, and especially the lyrics can be heard very clearly! The song also has a fairly new and unexpected structure, showing Son Tung's increasingly impressive composition.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 4

The content of the MV expresses the love story of an office worker, starting his somewhat tedious and repetitive working day, but his life immediately turns a colorful new page every time he hears a joyful melody from the "headphones" he always wears.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 5

Immersed in the sweet melody, every step of the b.oy cheered to the rhythm of love flying to his daughter. Immersed in the MV are happy images of Son Tung next to the female lead Pimtha. The two went out together, listened to music, and even exchanged marriage proposals.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 6

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 7

But the end of the MV is a surprising twist that brings many emotions to the audience when the b.oy returns to real life. However, this is an extremely meaningful message that Son Tung M-TP wants to convey in this music product. Let's open our hearts to music, to the lovely surprises of life, and to love, and then we will receive back the sweet fruits, the interesting things that life brings.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 8

In addition to analyzing the meaning of the MV content, the audience is extremely interested in Boss Tung's cooperation with the female lead this time. Someone brought the Thai g.irl and Hai Tu on the scale to compare, and affirmed that the hotgirl born in 96 ate the visual of the muse Hai Tu.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 9

In terms of Pimtha's appearance, she scored points with her sweet, pure beauty like a first love with a loose hairstyle and gentle and feminine makeup. The thin cardigan combined with the white T-shirt of the beauty of the Golden Temple also makes it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off. In addition to the bright spot of face ID, Pimtha was praised by netizens for her good acting.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 10

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 11

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 12

Pimtha (born in 1996) is a popular h.ot g.irl in Thailand and is known as the "Barbie doll" of Southeast Asia thanks to her beautiful, sweet appearance and trend-leading fashion sense. Currently, she attracts more than 4 million followers on Instagram. After the MV aired, Pimtha also actively shared to promote Son Tung's new music product.

Son Tung suddenly publicly engaged to his Thai girlfriend? - Photo 13

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