Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens "green tea" rats gnawing sacks of rice?

JLOAug 23, 2023 at 10:30

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The images in singer Thieu Bao Tram's MV received public attention. Many people think that considering a boyfriend is a comet, a mouse is a "green tea" is a deep subtext?

Since being rumored to break up with Son Tung, M-TP because Hai Tu interfered in the love affair, Shao Bao Tram received a lot of support from netizens. Taking advantage of her hotness, Thieu Bao Tram released many music videos and received the attention of the public. Her hotness is much hotter than when she was rumored to be in love with Son Tung M-TP.

Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens green tea rats gnawing sacks of rice? - Photo 1

Recently, the singer released a new MV that was praised for her voice, lyrics and dance.

Specifically, the MV must have the heartache that takes viewers to the fairy village that produces rice. They are girls of the fairy's descendant generation, but none of them have the power. Worshipping the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, thinking that only those with pure hearts are worthy of becoming descendants of Aphrodite, girls choose to store their hearts carefully and love no one.

Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens green tea rats gnawing sacks of rice? - Photo 2

One day, the g.irl in the village – Shao Bao Tram – falls in love with the b.oy from Comet (played by Denis Deng). After a couple of dates, vibrating, ignoring the judgmental eyes of other girls, Shao Baochen broke the tears and gave his hidden heart to this guy. But like Comet "hurry to hurry", the b.oy disappears, leaving the g.irl with a broken heart. Having experienced pain and understood love, the g.irl is given the strength to become the next generation of the goddess Aphrodite - whom she herself admires.

Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens green tea rats gnawing sacks of rice? - Photo 3

"Be brave to love, experience, immerse, even risk sacrificing for it, so that every day we understand more about the beauty of love. Even if there are many breakups, the past journey always contains many other meaningful experiences, not just pain," Shao Baochen said.

The whole MV is a cute and sad love story, but the details in it make the audience consider. First, her boyfriend is a comet — does she imply that her former lover is a woman with bad luck? 2nd, the image of the rat is "green tea" when the g.irl worked hard to sew a bag of rice when it came to take away the fruit.

Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens green tea rats gnawing sacks of rice? - Photo 4

Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens green tea rats gnawing sacks of rice? - Photo 5

Some netizens think that Shao Bao Tram is hinting at being a solid rear, being a lover in Son Tung's "shadow", but after the singer became more and more famous, the beneficiary was Hai Tu, not her. However, this is just speculation of the audience.

It is known that Shao Bao Tram was rumored to be dating Son Tung for 8 years without publicity. The two have been spotted living in the same house, having couples, and even meeting their parents. Then, for unknown reasons, the couple broke up in 2021 – also the time when Hai Tu – the new muse of Son Tung company appeared. So far the speculation has not been voiced by insiders, and the audience is still constantly interested.

Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens green tea rats gnawing sacks of rice? - Photo 6

Recently, Shao Bao Tram has also shared the subtext of the romance that caused the online community to stir. Specifically, she said: "No matter how deeply you have been hurt, there will always be someone who will show up and make you forgive all the difficulties that life has caused before."

Many people believe that she has found new love after breaking up with Son Tung, although not long ago, she caused a stir by sharing as a subtext that she is single: "My sister said to enjoy the days are girls who are not anybody's. In a few years, these days near Tet are worried about the house, husband, children, parents, parents-in-law are very busy. Don't go drink milk tea h.anging around ha ha hi hi shouting anymore."

Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens green tea rats gnawing sacks of rice? - Photo 7

She also shared about her ideal type: "That's not what you look for in a man. You should look for a man who is mature, hard-working, planned, trustworthy, has goals, vision, and is looking for a relationship. Know how to treat women, put them on the throne and see them as a queen. Now you look for a man and you don't see any of it, it's just a mediocre guy."

Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens green tea rats gnawing sacks of rice? - Photo 8

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