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Pimtha is compared to Hai Tu, who is Son Tung's most stylish worshipper?

Đình Như15:19:17 10/06/2024
Son Tung M-TP officially launched its 2nd music product in 2024 called Don't Make My Heart Hurt. In addition to music, the MV was also invested by the guy, inviting a Thai female star.

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Son Tung suddenly publicly "engaged" to his Thai girlfriend?

Mỹ Hoa08:55:55 10/06/2024
Despite being entangled in private life noises about his nameless relationship with Thieu Bao Tram, Son Tung still chose to remain silent. But last night, the Boss suddenly publicly announced his new love, surprising Sky.

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Thailand's No. 1 hotgirl loves Son Tung, how beautiful is it that "kicks" Hai Tu?

Bút Chì17:05:28 01/06/2024
Son Tung attracted attention when he just released the MV poster "Don't Make My Heart Hurt". The co-star in the upcoming music video is Thai actor Pimtha. She was born in 1993, has a pure, gentle appearance.

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Thieu Bao Tram clearly "flourished" after completely ending her 8-year relationship

Vân Anh16:32:05 27/03/2024
Since officially going their separate ways with an 8-year relationship with Son Tung M-TP, Thieu Bao Tram has improved in terms of both beauty and new steps in her career. Not only that, she has also returned home. Love when you have a new boyfriend is amazing.

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Thieu Bao Tram is dating a handsome young lover, after an 8-year relationship with Son Tung

Khánh Huyền09:34:15 26/03/2024
After a long period of noisy love affairs, many people expressed sympathy for the youth of female singer Thieu Bao Tram. Up to now, after going their separate ways with Son Tung, she has revealed for the first time a hint that she has a new lover who is extremely tall and handsome.

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Son Tung "scolded" Hai Tu straight to his face, calling him my friend: His "muse" expression attracted attention

Trường Nguyễn17:02:35 21/03/2024
The moment Son Tung MTP scolded Hai Tu right backstage is receiving a lot of attention from the online community. Many comments expressed surprise when witnessing the angry moment of Vbiz's top 1 male singer.

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Son Tung reveals Hai Tu's true personality, more special than anyone?

Mẫn Nhi17:08:39 16/03/2024
In the behind-the-scenes clip of the MV We of the Future, Son Tung constantly praised Hai Tu. This makes people feel that the pet chicken is really loved by the president and thanks to the boss's sharing, many people understand why Hai Tu is so loved.

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Thieu Bao Tram publicly praised Hai Tu, but is he still better than "chicken" Son Tung?

Bảo Nam14:19:12 13/03/2024
Romance rumors between Son Tung M-TP, Thieu Bao Tram and Hai Tu once consumed a lot of ink in the press. Until now, these questions are still a topic of discussion and curiosity in the online community.

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"Hai Tu takes his children out" on a h.ot search, Son Tung's name was called out for an unexpected reason

Thảo Mai16:42:43 11/03/2024
After officially returning as the female lead in the MV We of the Future after many years of hiding without any activities, Hai Tu has recently been very active in sharing many photos and interacting with fans.

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Son Tung and his old love group Ty Ty Dap The Wind Turn The Wave: 2 Vietnamese beauties, 1 Thai beauty

Kim Lâm16:55:26 09/03/2024
Recently, Son Tung and Suni Ha Linh were mentioned a lot by the public for their activities in the music field. During this time, many fans suddenly realized that Son Tung used to have the fate of being paired with the beauties of Billionaire Wind and Wave.

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Son Tung was again scrutinized by the audience for "plagiarism" the idea of You Go and Marry My Husband?

Phong Trần11:20:42 08/03/2024
Although only released, Son Tung's MV We Of the Future M-TP continues to be questioned about borrowing the idea of Korean movies that have been h.ot for a while, "You Go and Marry My Husband".

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Son Tung - Hai Tu tacitly confirmed his feelings after years of being involved in private life

Phi Đức10:52:39 07/03/2024
Son Tung and Hai Tu's latest move for the singer's new song makes fans implicitly understand that the boss wants to quietly confirm all the questions of the audience all the time about the relationship between the two.

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Thieu Bao Tram made fans shake their heads when she wore a nightgown to a party

Phương Thảo15:19:55 09/12/2023
Appearing at a birthday party, Thieu Bao Tram made fans extremely disappointed with her choice of outfit this time. The female singer caused confusion when wearing a dress that looked like a nightgown to attend the party.

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Kay Tran and Hai Tu quietly came to see Son Tung M-TP perform, confirming their special relationship?

Phong Trần13:32:55 30/11/2023
The relationship between Son Tung - Hai Tu, Son Tung - ex-girlfriend, Son Tung - Kay Tran is always a h.ot topic of special interest to netizens. Because the male singer is an extremely private person and has never spoken out about any rumors about his relationships.

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Son Tung - Hai Tu continue to r.eveal details about sharing a house, fans affirm: It's too clear, there's no debate!

Phúc Sen14:54:51 24/11/2023
Male singer Son Tung and his rumored lover, actor Hai Tu, continue to be exposed to a series of dating details from the online community. It seems to become more and more clear, making everyone firmly affirm that this is the truth.

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Hai Tu revealed himself after the noise of secretly giving birth to Son Tung M-TP's c.hild, fans discovered a suspicious detail

Hoa Tuyết19:13:08 17/11/2023
Constantly being questioned about having a c.hild with Son Tung, Hai Tu recently shared a series of moments that made the online community restless. The couple's supposedly rare move made many people speculate.

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Hai Tu revealed his actions amid the noise of being accused of secretly giving birth to a c.hild for chairman Son Tung, netizens were talking loudly.

Thanh Phúc13:43:31 14/11/2023
Hai Tu just made people stir when he suddenly revealed a new move amidst the noise, being directly accused by Son Tung's neighbors of secretly giving birth to a c.hild for the president. Netizens are talking excitedly because of this attitude of the actress.

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Son Tung - Hai Tu "revealed hint" about to get married, Shao Bao Tram blamed himself for being a failure?

Gia Hoàng08:21:46 04/11/2023
Recently, the fact that Son Tung was exposed by senior Pham Quynh Anh about getting married received attention from the internet. Accordingly, Shao Baochen constantly made hidden posts during this time.

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Son Tung MTP shows first quarter photo, confusing move of singer's mother amid attention-grabbing question?

Gia Linh09:42:44 06/10/2023
Previously, Son Tung MTP was suspected of having a c.hild with h.ot g.irl Hai Tu, the singer did not speak up, making the incident not stop. Recently, 1 photo said to be the prince of the Son Tung family is going viral.

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Matt Liu's new girlfriend posted a photo of her kissing, tagging Huong Jiang directly in the face, referring to "old things"

Hoàng Phúc14:10:12 09/09/2023
As a couple who took the show by storm when they came out of Who He Is, Huong Jiang - Matt Liu caused regret when announcing their breakup in August 2022. After the public breakup, Huong Jiang and Matt Liu's every move was still noticed by the people.

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Son Tung again dressed in the fashion of "pants", publicly posting dating photos, Hai Tu made a tacit move to confirm

Quỳnh Quỳnh17:01:05 05/09/2023
The relationship between Son Tung and Hai Tu has always been the talk of netizens. Recently, when Son Tung posted a series of dating photos, Hai Tu's personal page also made a remarkable move, implicitly confirming that the two went together.

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Hai Tu was "abandoned" by Son Tung, officially "out, out of time" at the company: new "pet chicken" is about to appear?

Đình Thi10:53:11 25/08/2023
Son Tung is known as a multi-talented male singer, the most famous in Vbiz. Over 1 decade of artistic activity, Son Tung M-TP made a strong mark in the hearts of fans with a series of hit songs.

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Shao Baochen kicks old love with new MV: Boyfriend is a comet, likens "green tea" rats gnawing sacks of rice?

JLO10:30:30 23/08/2023
The images in singer Shao Bao Tram's MV received public attention. Many people think that considering a boyfriend is a comet, a mouse is green tea is a deep subtext?

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"Cousin Son Tung" is far ahead of MONO - invited to Korea to work, related to BLACKPINK?

Đình Thi18:26:31 19/08/2023
Nguyen Quang Lam - nicknamed MeMe (SN 2000 in Hanoi) is often referred to as his cousin Son Tung. Recently, the guy revealed that he has just received an invitation to visit Korea - this information makes many people excited, mixed with skepticism

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