Seohyun (SNSD) who debuted 16 years ago is still being praised for her golden personality, saying one sentence that made netizens applaud

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Surely, netizens are no stranger to the controversy about the "sloppy" behavior of some idols with the crew, but they have never been angry with the staff during the process of artistic activities. is rare and hard to find.

In the latest episode of the show "Point of Omniscient Interfere" aired not long ago, Seohyun - SNSD's "youngest girl" made fans extremely proud of her kindness and gentleness, making netizens praise all of them. word.

Seohyun (SNSD) who debuted 16 years ago is still being praised for her golden personality, saying one sentence that made netizens applaud - Photo 1

Specifically, Seohyun's working and supporting staff is called "Onsa Gong Vengers", an abbreviation for "Avengers to protect the famous princess". When asked about Seohyun, the members could not hide their infinite love for her because of the female idol's kind personality:

"She treats us very well, I have never seen her get angry or grumpy with the staff. She also buys a lot of delicious food, so everyone always loves her. Even on breaks. , we also don't rest, we just like to cling to her."

The hair stylist also praised Seohyun, "I've been Seohyun's fan since her debut. At that time, she looked very pretty and seemed kind, but when she worked directly, she didn't. I just found it true. She is really good."

Seohyun (SNSD) who debuted 16 years ago is still being praised for her golden personality, saying one sentence that made netizens applaud - Photo 2

At the set, when asked if her kind personality was innate, Seohyun also humbly replied, "It's all thanks to my parents' foster care." The fact that the youngest g.irl of SNSD is in the ranking of Korean artists with "golden personality" is not strange to Kpop fans. Not only that, Seohyun is also famous for being the idol with the purest private life of the land of kimchi. Whether it's music or acting, she has never been involved in any dating scandals. Even Dispatch had to say goodbye to 5 times 7 followers but only saw Seohyun going to a cafe to read a book.

Seohyun (SNSD) who debuted 16 years ago is still being praised for her golden personality, saying one sentence that made netizens applaud - Photo 3

Some netizens' comments:

- What a person who is both beautiful and talented and well-spoken, so it's great for fans to have an idol like Seohyun.

- 15 years of operation without any scandal, such a good personality.

-Nonfan but extremely sympathetic to little sister Seohyun.

- SNSD's golden maknae and silver maknae.

- That's why I used to be anti-SNSD but I still support Seohyun, I like Seohyun until now, I still like it, just looking at it makes me feel so kind.

Regarding Seohyun (SNSD), recently the movie "Love And Leashes" that Seohyun (SNSD) participated in is facing a lot of criticism because of the sensitive scenes that appear in the movie. This is said to destroy the previous innocent image that Seohyun took more than 10 years to build.

Seohyun (SNSD) who debuted 16 years ago is still being praised for her golden personality, saying one sentence that made netizens applaud - Photo 4

Audience comments:

- I turned off the movie while watching. I can't really watch the scene where the male lead transforms into a dog.

-Where is Seohyun's image of the docile maknae.

- Seohyun is working hard to transform her "innocent maknae" image since You Think. How old is she now? She is an adult and does adult things!

- I think people need to understand that she's an actress and that the types of roles actors do have nothing to do with their real-life personalities. It's good that she's working hard and experimenting with her roles.

- I can't get over her acting.

In fact, Love And Leashes does not have any daring scenes, but the story of BDSM is quite difficult to absorb for the general audience. Pampering each other by pretending to be pets, saying obscene sentences, doing acts of torturing the opponent's b.ody, ... are all scenes that make the audience get goosebumps. In the drama, Seohyun plays a female office worker who accidentally discovers the strange hobby of her new coworker and agrees to be his "owner".

Seohyun (SNSD) who debuted 16 years ago is still being praised for her golden personality, saying one sentence that made netizens applaud - Photo 5

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