Joy (Red Velvet) cheered the event up with shocking visuals, overwhelming the two seniors Kang Ye Won – Ahn Eun Jin

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Recently, the press conference to launch the movie The One And Only took place in Seoul, attracting the attention of the Korean media as well as the audience.

The press conference had the participation of the main cast of the film including Joy (Red Velvet), Ahn Eun Jin, Kang Ye Won and Kim Kyung Nam.

Joy (Red Velvet) cheered the event up with shocking visuals, overwhelming the two seniors Kang Ye Won – Ahn Eun Jin - Photo 1

Appearing at the event, Joy (Red Velvet) became the focus when wearing a striking white dress. The tight-fitting dress exalted her slim b.ody, seductive shoulders, eye-catching long legs, and s.exy curves worthy of the "holy body" title of the beauties born in 1996. Despite light makeup, Joy's face was still pretty "want to faint" and somewhat overwhelmed the two seniors Kang Ye Won - Ahn Eun Jin.

Joy (Red Velvet) cheered the event up with shocking visuals, overwhelming the two seniors Kang Ye Won – Ahn Eun Jin - Photo 2

Joy (Red Velvet) cheered the event up with shocking visuals, overwhelming the two seniors Kang Ye Won – Ahn Eun Jin - Photo 3

Regarding Joy (Red Velvet) and Crush, they are one of the most popular Kpop couples today. The couple has a 4-year age gap and has been in a relationship since August. Recently, the goddess Red Velvet and the male singer Goblin revealed a love photo together, proving that their love is still passionate.

After that, Crush took another action to show his "infatuation" with his girlfriend with no way out. After a very h.ot performance on KBS Gayo Daechukje 2021, Joy posted a behind-the-scenes photo showing off her s.exy b.ody, s.exy first bust "sprayed with blood" on her personal page. This series of photos quickly went viral on social media, attracting 1.8 million likes. Not only fans love it, Crush also openly "drops" photos of his girlfriend. This is a rare action in Kpop, because dating is a relatively sensitive thing and couples will often avoid interaction even when they are publicly together.

Crush's actions made the fans very excited and kept talking. Although he is in the army, he still cares about his girlfriend. Although it was only made public in August, the couple had feelings for each other after collaborating on the song "Mayday" in May 2020. Crush and Joy have a simple date like any other normal person, often walking the dog together. The couple's relationship received the support of fans and the public.

Earlier, Sport Chosun published the first photos of the couple's romantic date. In two exclusive photos, Joy and Crush are seen walking their dogs at an apartment complex in Ichon-dong, Yongsan District, Seoul. Joy wears a covered hat, wears comfortable clothes, combines a short-sleeved T-shirt with wide-leg pants and slippers. The two walk the dog side by side and chat. According to the reporter, the two wore masks to prevent Covid-19 but their eyes were still very sweet. It is known that the two share the same hobby of taking care of dogs and often have simple dates like normal people.

Previously, when appearing as a guest on MBC's Radio Star, Crush humorously described his ideal type. He said, "My ideal type of girlfriend is someone who puts in the best effort at work." That's why my ideal type is Irene."

Joy (Red Velvet) cheered the event up with shocking visuals, overwhelming the two seniors Kang Ye Won – Ahn Eun Jin - Photo 4

However, in the episode of Radio Star that aired last October, Crush shared, "When we were working together, Joy told me that she watched me (talking about Irene) on Radio Star, because So I feel pretty shy." Following Crush, MC Kim Gu Ra jokingly asked, "So Joy is your bridge with Irene?". Hearing this, Crush replied, "No no. Actually, my real ideal type is Joy.

In response, Joy prepared a cover of "Alone" for the talk show Happy Together. Red Velvet's female member's emotional voice perfectly expresses the emotions of Crush's original song. Besides, Joy's decision to cover this song proves that she is also a fan of her future boyfriend. Looks like both Crush and Joy are each other's #1 fans.

Both shared, before meeting for the first time, Joy and Crush were fans of each other. Many people guess that they will be nervous when they meet for the first time. However, when they first met, Joy and Crush were not shy at all. After the dating news was announced, fans watched Joy and Crush's first meeting. Everyone noticed that it was as if the pair had a close relationship from that point on.

Joy (Red Velvet) cheered the event up with shocking visuals, overwhelming the two seniors Kang Ye Won – Ahn Eun Jin - Photo 5

In terms of popularity of both, it can be seen that both Joy - Red Velvet and Crush have stable careers and are loved by many fans. Crush was born in 1992. When he debuted, the male singer impressed the Korean audience with the song "Red Dress". Currently, he is one of the successful solo singers in Korea. Popular songs of the male singer include: Hug Me, Sofa, Oasis, Sleepless Night...

As for Joy, she is called the "goddess" in the Red Velvet group because of her beautiful and pure appearance. The female singer was born in 1996. Since debuting in the same group, Joy and Red Velvet have impressed with a series of hits such as: Ice Cream Cake, Dumb Dumb, Peek-a-boo, Red Flavor... Currently, Red Velvet is currently working. is one of the most popular K-pop g.irl groups in Korea. In addition to singing, Joy is also active in the acting field. In 2017, Joy was given her first lead role in The Liar and His Lover.

Joy (Red Velvet) cheered the event up with shocking visuals, overwhelming the two seniors Kang Ye Won – Ahn Eun Jin - Photo 6

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