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Rosé (BLACKPINK) was excited to receive Instant Pho even though she was working in France

Phương Thảo15:16:34 27/02/2024
Once again, Rosé made fans extremely excited with her expression when fans gave her Vietnamese instant pho. Even though she has a schedule in France, Blackpink's main vocalist still receives her favorite food.

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Rosé (BLACKPINK) caused an incident at the airport and confirmed the establishment of her own company

Uyển Đình10:44:15 26/02/2024
Rosé is the most silent member while the other 3 members opened their own companies. Recently, when appearing at the airport, the Australian rose attracted a lot of attention when she first talked about her future plans.

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BLACKPINK raced to become president, Rosé secretly did something that made Lisa and Jennie devastated

Quỳnh Quỳnh11:45:51 25/02/2024
While BLACKPINK members took turns announcing their own companies, Rosé made fans curious about her solo activities plans. Although she has been quiet, she recently set an unprecedented record, surpassing her entire sister group.

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Rosé followed Jennie's example, Lisa started her own company, posted teaser photos and was attacked?

Kim Lâm09:09:19 18/02/2024
According to Korean media, in the near future, Rosé will continue to follow in the footsteps of Jennie and Lisa to establish her own company. This move shows that the BLACKPINK members are trying for solo activities and maintaining their personal brand.

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Rosé was wished a birthday by BLACKPINK, "doubled" new music to r.eveal a love secret?

An Nhi08:18:40 13/02/2024
On Rosé's birthday on February 11, BLACKPINK had warm wishes for their close sister. More surprisingly, Rosé also released a demo of a new song that made fans stand still.

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Rosé "doubled down" fans on her birthday, made a "suspicious" move about new plans

Phi Đức12:12:14 12/02/2024
Rosé constantly has surprise gifts for fans on her birthday. She also showed off her new music and released hints r.evealing her solo plans in the near future, making fans extremely excited.

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Taylor Swift was "messed up" by Rosé fangirl at the concert, doing more things than losing to the end

Nguyễn Kim14:05:32 08/02/2024
BLACKPINK's Rosé's appearance at Taylor Swift's concert in Japan attracted a lot of attention. In particular, the Australian rose also did not hesitate to throw enthusiasm with idols at the performance.

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Rosé was silent amid BLACKPINK's rumbling "job explosion", career deadlock after leaving YG

Kim Lâm14:30:14 04/02/2024
After leaving YG, the BLACKPINK members are having exciting solo activities. However, Rosé is the g.irl that many fans can't help but worry when she has been quite quiet recently.

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Kim Kardashian was surpassed by Rosé, no Asian has ever done it

Thiên Di10:30:55 03/02/2024
In today's entertainment industry, Kim Kardashian is seen as one of the most ambitious, wealthiest women. Recently, Rosé wowed as the 2nd person in the world to do 1 thing only after Kim Kardashian.

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BLACKPINK reveals fear: Lisa is afraid of ghosts, Jennie almost cried when this thing "attacked" her in Vietnam

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:43:36 31/01/2024
Being shining stars, appearing strongly on stage, does not mean that the 4 BlackPink members do not have their own fears. All 4 girls also have many things they disagree with like everyone else.

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Was Rosé mocked by SM's rookie for her voice, or was it just "good interaction"?

Vân Anh17:30:17 19/01/2024
RIIZE - rookie SM caused controversy when he supported an account that mocked senior BLACKPINK Rosé's voice. Netizens were angry with this action of the boys.

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Rosé has a notorious "backing" force, full of powerful people, and a feverish identity

Thiên Di07:07:56 15/01/2024
Not only does she impress with her achievements and position in the music world, Rosé (BLACKPINK) also makes many people admire her by having close relationships with many famous stars and billionaires in the country and around the world.

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Rosé is the most "quiet" in BLACKPINK but shows signs that she is about to do something terrible

Châu Anh14:49:56 12/01/2024
If Jennie and Jisoo work in their own companies, Lisa develops abroad, then Rosé makes fans confused and worried about her upcoming future. As the most secretive member of the group, no one knows what activities the Australian rose will have in the near future?

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Trang Phap was suddenly criticized for her singing voice, still looks similar to Rosé (BLACKPINK)

Phương Thảo16:57:57 11/01/2024
Trang Phap was first criticized when she showed off her voice in a cover song posted on social networks. Even though she even wrote the lyrics in French, the audience still couldn't help but comment extremely frankly on an obvious mistake when listening to this song.

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Rosé who was once questioned about her sexuality, now revealed to be a "middle man", is a cult actor?

Thiên Di09:29:35 09/01/2024
The dating story of 4 BLACKPINK girls is always a h.ot topic of public interest. In particular, Rosé was previously questioned about her gender when she revealed a series of hints dating Suzy. So what would the ideal type of lover of the Australian hybrid rose look like?

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Jisoo - Lisa "won the jackpot" at the end of the year, "oldest sister - youngest sister" set up impressive consecutive achievements

Kim Lâm07:00:59 26/12/2023
At the end of 2023, Jisoo and Lisa made fans proud by continuously reaping many admirable achievements. If the eldest sister dominates the music market, the youngest sister becomes the Instagram queen.

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Rosé - Lisa welcomed Christmas with a "special person", Jisoo turned into "Santa Claus", Jennie was the most shocked

An Nhi16:45:56 25/12/2023
In the Christmas atmosphere, the 4 members of BLACKPINK made fans restless as they continuously shared their most beautiful moments. While Lisa was slandering France, Jennie did something that made the whole internet stir.

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Rosé (BLACKPINK) 'presented' the 'Black Rose' ensemble, becoming the first Korean artist to do so

Phúc Sen12:15:22 16/12/2023
Rosé (BLACKPINK) caused a storm on the internet when she suddenly became the first Korean artist to have this privilege, showing off all three remaining girls in the group, Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo. Increasingly showing one's class and reputation.

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Rosé (BLACKPINK) continuously received "good news", the moment with a Samsung member's photo frame caused a stir

Phi Yến14:34:01 12/12/2023
The fan community couldn't help but feel proud when Rosé was praised by Rolling Stone Australia and New Zealand magazines. They call her one of the best performers in the entertainment industry today.

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Lisa - Jisoo roamed the skies in France after the news of contract renewal, netizens discovered something unusual

Vân Anh16:45:24 08/12/2023
2 days after the news that all BLACKPINK members officially re-signed with YG Entertainment, the international fan community recently spread pictures of Jisoo - Lisa dating privately in France.

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Rosé acts strangely after BLACKPINK re-signing, surprising truth revealed

Gia Nhi09:15:33 08/12/2023
In the midst of the news that BLACKPINK re-signed with YG Entertainment, fans were overjoyed when suddenly member Rosé made a surprising post when he apologized.

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Rosé (BLACKPINK) revealed that her family opposed her career and had to do this to convince her parents.

Bình Minh15:39:53 27/11/2023
As the main vocalist of a famous music group, she broke many records when working solo, but few people know that Rosé was once prevented from becoming a singer by her family. The reason her family opposed her pursuing a career was also revealed.

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Rosé's expression caused a fever when someone mentioned BTS, BLACKPINK received the medal of honor from King Charles

Nguyễn Tuyết14:30:12 23/11/2023
At the state banquet between Korea and England, Rosé had an attention-grabbing reaction when hearing the name of the group BTS. After the event, the 4 female idols were awarded medals of honor by the king.

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YG plays a "cat and mouse" game with BLACKPINK fans, taking advantage of the "chicken that lays golden eggs" to shoulder the company's revenue.

Quỳnh Quỳnh06:46:00 20/11/2023
The contract between BLACKPINK and YG is an issue of particular interest to fans and the media at the present time. Although the contract status has not been announced, YG continuously marks ownership over the members, making everyone confused.

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