The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah

Quỳnh QuỳnhFeb 18, 2024 at 10:05

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The news that the Bearded G.irl tiktoker suddenly got into a labor circle has caused a stir among netizens. Although it is not known how real it is, the incident is still being shared and discussed widely on social networks.

Bearded G.irl is a TikTok channel with the main appearance of a guy, specializing in giving negative reviews when reviewing restaurants, often entangled in noisy accusations back and forth on social media. This Tiktoker used to "war of words" with many people such as: TikToker Long Chun; Tiktoker Noi No, owner of a tea brand...

The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah - Photo 1

Recently, the online community is abuzz with information that Tiktoker named Bearded G.irl with more than 1.1 million followers must be sentenced to 1 to 2 years in prison for Property Destruction. Accordingly, an anonymous message said that this male Tiktoker was criminally sued by a former collaborator. However, on February 16, 2024, the Bearded G.irl still voiced the clip denying the rumour.

The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah - Photo 2

Unexpectedly, on the evening of February 17, the Bearded G.irl page suddenly posted a video of a person claiming to be the assistant of the male Tiktoker, announcing that the Bearded G.irl had set out to execute the sentence as rumored. In addition, the assistant added that the Bearded G.irl has withdrawn from the drama with Noah No, officially receiving the white loss.

"The Bearded G.irl says a dear goodbye to everyone. I didn't expect it to be so sudden. I also miss the Bearded G.irl. May everyone love and bless him," the assistant shared.

The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah - Photo 3

The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah - Photo 4

Although it is not clear how real it is, this information still surprised the online community. It is known that the fuss between Noah and the Bearded G.irl all this time has created a bad impression in the eyes of netizens. Many netizens think that the two are just creating a show together to become famous, others suggested that the Tiktoker couple should stop before things go further.

Previously, Noah was the one who spread the information that the Bearded G.irl received a criminal lawsuit for Destruction of Property. He revealed that he himself also filed a lawsuit against the Bearded G.irl for i.nsult and defamation that affected the honor of others. For those who don't know, Noah has been the "archenemy" of the Bearded G.irl for many years. This male Tiktoker is also a controversial figure with the statement "Reveal the poor old lady in the lonely winter" at the end of 2022.

The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah - Photo 5

As a tiktoker, the main content on the Bearded G.irl channel is about issues revolving around daily life such as restaurants, courses, restaurants... With a rather sharp, negative, blunt review that touches many other TikTokers. Like Noah, because going to review is critical, many restaurants are "wary" or exempt from the Bearded G.irl.

The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah - Photo 6

Each TikToker will have their own ways to grow their channel, helping it get more viewers. One of the tricks used by some TikTokers is to create drama. Like The Bearded G.irl, after the drama on the internet, the guy suddenly announced the deletion of the channel and then "turned the car", returning to the livestream just a day later. He himself admits that it is just a method for him to catch views and increase interaction for the channel. However, a TikTok channel is viewed by many people not only because of drama but also because of the useful content it brings to the audience.

The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah - Photo 7

The Bearded G.irl also once confided in people about the hidden corner of the content creation profession on social networks. He said that if you want to m.ake m.oney, you have to do content that people are interested in, h.ot online, even drama. TikTok is a hard work he built for more than 1 year, there are many people who love him, so he can't just because of a few noises delete the channel, delete all his enthusiasm.

The news that the Bearded G.irl suddenly served a 2-year prison sentence, the reason related to Noah - Photo 8

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