The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: “So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break!”

Hoàng PhúcJan 05, 2023 at 07:02

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After a long time working hard to review restaurants everywhere, in early December 2022, Bearded G.irl suddenly opened her own restaurant. However, his shop has repeatedly encountered unnecessary incidents even though it has only been operating for a few months.

Recently, the male TikToker himself also uploaded a clip criticizing the staff at his restaurant. He did not hesitate to r.eveal that he was intending to fire all employees.

The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break! - Photo 1

Talking about this, he said: "I'm so annoyed with my family's waiters. I prioritize recruiting students because I really want to create favorable conditions for us. There are many customers in my shop that they appreciate. brother, they come, they eat, they tip us.

I work for you to earn extra income, besides being near you, I also know your influence as well as your income. You're wanting what I got right? You want our lives to be like mine in the future, right? But to me, we're just a bunch of people wasting my time. If we don't work properly in the future, if we don't get it right, I'll give you a break. And after Tet, I will hire more professional waiters."

The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break! - Photo 2

Worth mentioning, just a few days ago, he confidently showed off his 10X staff. He also asserted that he hires students not because it's cheap. Nam TikToker said on his personal page: "My shop is often rated as poor service, this I also accept and recognize. I hire staff, I usually give priority to students.

These kids have to go through training for a while before they can be fine, but from childhood to adulthood, they all have their parents' clothes, so when they get to work, they're a bit drowsy. But I have said it over and over again every day. Many of you also told me to hire students because it's cheap, but my side is actually paying the staff 25,000 an hour. This is close to the ceiling, everyone."

The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break! - Photo 3

Although it has only been open for a few months, the shop of the Bearded G.irl has continuously shown "unstable". Before, the food at the restaurant was judged to be of poor quality, the price was more expensive than the common ground... Every time a food reviewer gave a bad opinion, the male TikToker was busy making a response clip.

He always insists that his shop is not what people say, selling with quality, not taking advantage of popularity. He even did not hesitate to r.eveal that he is aiming for the goal of one facility per district. The male TikToker's way of handling unruly communication also quickly became a topic of public discussion for a long time.

The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break! - Photo 4

Although controversial, he was not always stoned. Most recently, the male TikToker's shop also let the customer lose their car, and the person who got it back was the employee. Immediately, the Bearded G.irl took the responsibility and compensated the customer for a 100% new car. This action helps him win the sympathy of the audience.

The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break! - Photo 5

It is known that to open this restaurant, male TikToker also had to spend a lot of time, effort and m.oney. Despite constantly facing unexpected "incidents", the Bearded G.irl is still very confident about her restaurant. Currently, his shop also has a stable number of customers, but in terms of the goal of one facility per district, male TikToker still has to work harder.

The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break! - Photo 6

The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break! - Photo 7

Previously, when asked about her future income goal, the Bearded G.irl frankly said: "One of Tung's goals before the age of 30 is to earn more than 100 million a month. As for the long-term goal. The deadline is a month I have to earn 1 billion.

I will do everything so that in 1 month at least I have to have an income of 1 billion. And I think if you just get famous, do KOL reviews, act in movies, you won't reach this number.

So she is famous for her business. In the long run, I don't care about popularity. I only care that I'm famous enough to make me rich."

The Bearded G.irl demanded to fire all the staff: So annoyed with these waiters…you give them a break! - Photo 8

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