Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manh's husband, accused of owing staff salaries

Gia NhiApr 09, 2024 at 19:28

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"Fat Princess" Quynh Anh is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to Vietnamese netizens. She is the wife of famous football player Do Duy Manh. Many people are interested in the h.ot g.irl's life after returning to her husband's home.

Nguyen Quynh Anh is one of the WAGs who receives a lot of attention from football fans because she is the wife of famous player Do Duy Manh. At the same time, she is also the daughter of the former President of Saigon Club. Currently, she and her husband are living a happy and fulfilling married life with their two children.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 1

However, in order to receive such sweet results, before that, "fat princess" Quynh Anh also had many accusations and was scandalized by netizens. In 2020, Quynh Anh was suddenly accused of having a quarrel with her husband Duy Manh. The male player was accused by his wife of "going on the wrong side" after getting drunk. This noise caused a stir in the media at that time.

The incident started when Quynh Anh posted a story with angry words: "Oh, when you get drunk do you have the right to curse and use insulting words to your wife and children?". Although not mentioned by name, this sharing by the daughter of the former president of Saigon Club is said to be referring to Duy Manh.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 2

Before that, many people discovered Duy Manh with Editor Quang Minh, singer Tuan Hung and a few other friends going out drinking. On his personal page, editor Quang Minh also excitedly boasted: "I thought I wasn't drunk but I was incredibly drunk. A truly fun dinner with my family and brothers." A few minutes after posting, Quynh Anh deleted the status line, making the rumor "Duy Manh got drunk, scolded his wife and children" more accurate.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 3

A day after the rumors broke out, Quynh Anh went online to say that she was still loved and pampered by her husband. "The past 5 years have been difficult, there have definitely been arguments, but I haven't thought about leaving each other. Mom and dad have loved each other since they both had nothing in hand, their monthly salary is 5 million, dad still takes the Dream car to pick up mom every time. When I go out, sometimes I even run out of m.oney for food.

And now, day by day, we try to create a foundation and have enough economic conditions to welcome our b.aby into the world. Parents now not only live their own lives, but also know how to love their children, take care of them with enough love and develop them at their best.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 4

So will parents let their happiness be easily lost? The life ahead is still very long, as he told and wished to our parents, no matter what we encounter, our family will still try to hold hands and move forward."

Duy Manh's side also had a sweet message for his wife: "In life there are happy and sad things, but when something happens, I feel even more appreciative and loving to the person next to me. That is family. love my fat wife".

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 5

This is not the only scandal that Quynh Anh has encountered. In 2021, Quynh Anh and her sister Huyen Mi (wife of football player Van Quyet) opened a cosmetics shop. They were accused of owing their employees salaries, and the victim said they lost them. 3.5 million VND. Immediately after that, Huyen Mi - representing Quynh Anh's side, spoke up about the noise. "That friend has been an employee at the shop for 1 year and of course both sides must be satisfied with each other to work together for 1 year. You are also an energetic person so when you asked for leave Mi also asked you a few questions. Let's see if you think carefully.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 6

Regarding your salary: Mi shop representative transferred you 5 million in fixed salary and told you that if you agree to return after the translation to hand over the completed work to the shop, the shop will send you your full bonus. enough. When we go to work and decide to quit, the process of handing over to the next person is normal in all other groups or companies, not just in shops.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 7

Not only was she accused of "stealing" m.oney from her employees, in November 2020, Quynh Anh was also accused of not having good PR. Specifically, on Facebook, the "fat princess" wrote a review when giving birth to b.aby U at an international general hospital, accompanied by many compliments. However, Duy Manh was spotted checking in with doctors working at Hanoi Obstetrics Hospital.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 8

At this point, netizens expressed confusion because the wife showed off giving birth at an international hospital but the husband appeared at Hanoi Obstetrics Hospital. In addition to the photo, netizens also found a commitment form the couple signed at the hospital around the same time. Faced with a series of mixed comments, Quynh Anh's hospital review post was later deleted from her personal page.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 9

Currently, after the noise has passed, in recent years Quynh Anh has gradually regained her image. Although she comes from a "young lady with jade leaves and golden branches", Quynh Anh does not rely on family background, she always takes the initiative to make her own m.oney. Remember that in 2020, Quynh Anh excitedly posted a photo on her story, which stated that Quynh Anh's total online sales amount reached more than 240 million/day and about 1.7 billion VND/month. Thus, it is likely that up to now, it can be seen that the income of a WAG born in 1996 is not less than billion VND a month.

Quynh Anh: Troubled by football player Duy Manhs husband, accused of owing staff salaries - Photo 10

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