Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors

An NhiJun 22, 2022 at 18:41

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Quang Trung is one of the talented young comedians with a large fan base. In addition to his acting ability, he is also loved by his sweet and inspirational voice.

As a talented and promising actor, Quang Trung increasingly asserts his virtuosity in acting through many clear comedic, tragic and painful roles. With his ability, effort as well as clear career orientation, Quang Trung will be a name that shines even more in Vietnamese showbiz in the near future.

Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors - Photo 1

Possessing a handsome face, bright stage, skillful impersonation skills and charming humor. After 5 years of artistic activities, Quang Trung finally got his own place in the hearts of the audience.

Quang Trung's career path

University is the goal of most young people in Vietnam to open a new door in their life and Quang Trung is no exception. But who would have thought that the entrance to the Fashion Design Faculty of Hoa Sen University would have to give up a bright opportunity because there was not enough m.oney to pay for tuition.

Is it luck or an arrangement of fate, when the university door slammed in front of Quang Trung, the theater school door opened, and the story of the multi-talented actor begins here.

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Quang Trung actively participates in many roles in plays and game shows to accumulate experience. However, he is only known to the audience through the green fairy in "Odam's fairy tale", where is Kojiro in Pikachu, Laughing through Vietnam 2016, ...

The most powerful acting career development was the roles in Parody Duyen I missed, Rain sister Parody, Tam Cam Untold Story, Nam Thu Continuity, ...

In particular, the first video "Love Charm" reached the top #1 of Thinh Hanh on youtube, which was a great success for Quang Trung. With a talent for impersonating a charming g.irl, with civilized comedy, moderation and diverse transformations in many different situations, Quang Trung has gradually proven his strength.

Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors - Photo 3

In addition, he had the opportunity to appear in the hit films Loto, Vu Quy, his assistant, ... If in Loto, Quang Trung's role of Le Lieu took away the tears of the audience. For example, Manh's role in his assistant sister brought more laughter. Having a predestined relationship with same-sex roles, Quang Trung has diversified, showing a variety of different character personalities.

The fact that artists pretend to be girls is not too strange, but actor Quang Trung did not follow the path, he clearly studied the character's personality and expressed in a natural and honest way, he brought the ordinary life to life. theatrical and occasionally produce light, reasonable laughter.

Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors - Photo 4

Whether a comedy role with a few fleeting minutes, or supporting roles, Quang Trung seriously studies his own acting style to breathe life into each character. From a comedian, he became a real actor. In addition to acting, Quang Trung also has a surprisingly good voice. Despite being quite successful, Quang Trung needs to try harder to be able to take on heavier roles.

Not only working hard in comedy and movies, he is also a bright face in many gameshows such as Lyric Arena, Lightning fast, Run and wait for the Vietnamese version...

Currently, there are many young people who want to be famous and become actors, Quang Trung shared: "Pursue if you are really passionate about that profession, not because of the external glamor that misunderstands that And when doing art or doing other jobs all have their own difficulties, prepare yourself with a true love of the profession, try to improve your ability every day, try not to stop thinking, Always learn from those who have gone before ... then you will have the opportunity to reach for success."

Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors - Photo 5

Mentioning that there is a section of young people who also want to be famous, they have applied ways such as: dress offensively, make statements that cause fever, use non-artistic tricks to attract attention and s.hock... Quang Trung said: "Those things are not too new. Those who have the desire to become famous from those jobs will easily achieve their wishes. But it only stops at the level of popularity, and fame. In the literal sense of the word "famous", the audience will "know" you, but whether the audience will love when they remember your name is another matter.Only real talent can. recognized and loved by the audience".

Rumors of dating actor Quoc Khanh

Quang Trung and Quoc Khanh are two of the young comedians who are receiving a lot of attention from the audience with their distinct comedic qualities. The duo also regularly appear on TV shows. Quang Trung was once known as the "Saint of Curses" at Comedian Challenge, while Quoc Khanh won the Champion of Laughing Through Vietnam Tieu Lam Hoi 2017 program with the Tiny Dinosaur group.

On social networks, both are quite h.ot characters, attracting a lot of fans because of their wit. Due to their close actions, sweet calls to each other, and still living in the same house, many people think that the two are dating. In particular, in the clips on tiktok, when asked by fans about "who is the wife, who is the husband", the comedian duo had "hidden heads and tails" that made fans turn their heads.

Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors - Photo 6

Quang Trung and Quoc Khanh are suspected of gay dating. The two themselves are always funny when it comes to rumors, like: "Everyone, don't go to a closed group and spread rumors about Khanh and Quang Trung falling in love again... Let us and our wife be alone." .

Once when a fan asked: "Who is Mr. Khanh and Mr. Trung, who is the wife and who is the husband?", Quang Trung immediately said: "Oh my god, me and Khanh are just friends playing with each other. Mein Khanh filmed a clip calling Trung to act, claiming to be husband and wife for fun, but Khanh and Trung are just normal friends, nothing to make it public.

Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors - Photo 7

But while Quang Trung was insistently denying it, Quoc Khanh opened the door and entered and caught the phrase "Hello, my wife just returned" into the camera. The actor also rushed to kiss and give m.oney to Quang Trung, causing the owner to "open his mouth and catch the strap".

The two also have a "sweet tooth decay" clip when Quang Trung challenges Quoc Khanh between kissing the most beautiful person in the world but losing 1 million and kissing Quang Trung and getting 100 thousand. Quoc Khanh immediately said of course he would choose to kiss the most beautiful person in the world and give 1 million to Quang Trung. But in the end, the person that Quoc Khanh kissed was Quang Trung, making the opponent "excited". The duo's "wage pay" performance made fans only "jealousy".

Many fans suspect that they are dating, but there are also quite a few who realize that this is just a kind of joke of the artists. The two are inherently close colleagues, when they see the audience pay attention and make everyone happy, they also enthusiastically create more entertaining clips.

Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors - Photo 8

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