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Thuy Ngan 'hot-faced' because of being associated with a series of male stars, declaring bluntly: 'No one has the right to decide'

T.P10:24:51 04/09/2023
Actress Thuy Ngan has just responded directly to the online community, when entangled in a series of dating rumors with many male Vbiz stars. The harsh claim that not just pushing the boat is in two.

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Zhencheng revealed that his illness caused him to give up his position as a gameshow judge, limiting his television appearances

Bảo Tiên12:53:51 09/08/2023
Although still a h.ot name in today's TV shows. However, it is undeniable that the frequency of Zhencheng's appearance is getting less and less, which makes the audience worried.

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Lien Binh Phat: The bland American man still "owns" entertainment, shocking when he admits he loves Song Joong Ki?

N.P16:28:08 07/11/2022
Despite being famous for being a bland handsome man with the most saltless 'throwaway' screens in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, Lien Binh Phat still has a large fan base and often appears densely on entertainment gameshows of the entertainment industry. Vietnamese...

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Quang Trung - A promising comedian of Vietnamese showbiz and same-sex dating rumors

An Nhi18:41:22 22/06/2022
Quang Trung is one of the talented young comedians with a large fan base. In addition to his acting ability, he is also loved by his sweet and inspirational voice. As a talented and promising actor, Quang Trung increasingly asserts his virtuosity in acting through many clear...

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BB Tran - "The god of dirty play" Running Man is famous for pretending to be a g.irl and a gay love story for nearly a decade

An Nhi10:52:03 13/06/2022
Noted with a series of comedy clips on Youtube, BB Tran gradually asserted her humorous charm when following the path of a professional actor. Accordingly, the guy is gaining more and more success. BB Tran is a famous comedian loved by young people. After participating in the...

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Jack "flies color" from 'Running Man', r.evealing a series of fake charity photos?

Hậu Hậu12:25:17 20/08/2021
Recently, Lan Ngoc and Thuy Ngan simultaneously made new moves on social networks. The two beauties in the Vietnamese Running Man cast together checked in to inform fans of the situation when they arrived in Korea. While Thuy Ngan complained of hunger, Lan Ngoc said she was very...

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The manager revealed that Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc had been to Singapore to treat pre-cervical cancer

team youtuber16:26:01 06/11/2020
In the last episode of the show Our Sisters, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc surprised the audience when she revealed that she had suffered from cervical cancer. According to Lan Ngoc's manager, it was revealed that during the filming of Running and Waiting for Chi, Lan Ngoc's health was...

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