Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints?

Bảo YếnJun 12, 2024 at 17:51

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Most recently, Phuong Ly and Andree attracted attention when they appeared together at a music event. Not only that, the singer My Sun also publicly posted photos taken with her close friend, both of them comfortably standing next to each other like "talented b.oy - beautiful girl".

Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints? - Photo 1

Female singer Phuong Ly and male rapper Andree are both faces admired by many young music lovers. In particular, they are famous for being close friends for a long time in the Underground world. However, many viewers believe that this duo is more than just a friendship even though insiders have denied that they are dating.

Having been close to each other for many years, recently, Phuong Ly and Andree have been constantly entangled in dating suspicions due to a series of hints that "love is broken". In addition to going to music shows, the singer My Sun and Andree were also "examined" by people when they had a rather romantic moment of having dinner together. Not to mention, the close friend duo is also said to use special characters when talking about each other.

Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints? - Photo 2

Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints? - Photo 3

Specifically, not long ago, Phuong Ly flexed a text message with quite sweet content and wrote two pink hearts, making fans "awkward". After that, Andree also shared a picture of Phuong Ly's eyes and left the characters identical. Although she did not officially acknowledge her identity, the online community still easily discovered it because not long ago, female singer and rapper Andree caused a stir online with a series of sweet moments on the beach in Phu Quoc.

Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints? - Photo 4

Faced with rumors of dating Andree, the singer My Sun once said: "Up to now, Andree and I have been close to each other for nearly 10 years. We hang out with the same group of friends, every day I and Andree still talk to each other in the group chat.

Andree and I can share many things with each other from music to fashion, and stories from work and life. It can be said that we are quite close and understand each other, but there is no love story." At one point, Phuong Ly admitted that Andree was "an exception", but in the same way she had feelings for other members of the friendship group.

Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints? - Photo 5

At the age of 30, Phuong Ly is still nominally a single, cheerful female star. Until now, the female singer rarely shares personal love stories, so the audience is very curious. Talking about this issue, the singer born in 1990 once said: "I know the audience likes to hear about my personal life, it's always been like that. Even I always go to listen to the stories of foreign artists all day long. I like to listen to their personal life stories because it's interesting. However, I find my personal life story uninteresting.

I just want to keep it to myself. I learned from experience that if I can keep my private life to myself, I will be much happier. I try to focus on the product and hope people like it. I also know that everyone says this but it's true for me."

Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints? - Photo 6

Emerging with the title of hotgirl and the label of singer Phuong Linh's younger sister, the voice of Cua Em Sun gradually affirmed her musical ability through many hits. Phuong Ly's music products have new colors that captivate the audience. And to achieve her current success, this female singer has put in a lot of effort. That's why she wants the audience to pay more attention to her music instead of her personal love life.

Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints? - Photo 7

As for Andree, this male rapper is famous for his talent, handsomeness and charm. Before being caught up in dating rumors with singer Phuong Linh's sister, this male rapper publicly dated female supermodel Minh Tu. After breaking up, Andree and the famous supermodel remained friends, the two occasionally appeared together as if they had never "gone their separate ways". However, Minh Tu emphasized that she and rapper Andree are now just close friends.

Currently, this couple's recent series of moves has made fans constantly look forward to it. Many comments have given Phuong Ly and Andree's blessings, while many comments have frankly expressed their wish for the couple to "come home" soon to have the opportunity to "have an online wedding".

Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept revealing intimate hints? - Photo 8

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