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Phuong Ly denied dating Andree but kept r.evealing intimate hints?

Bảo Yến17:51:44 12/06/2024
Most recently, Phuong Ly and Andree attracted attention when they appeared together at a music event. Not only that, the singer My Sun also publicly posted photos taken with her close friend, both of them comfortably standing next to each other, looking like a talented b.oy and a beautiful g.irl.

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Phuong Linh apologized for singing Van Mai Huong's hit, admitting she knew but did it intentionally

Bút Máy16:59:06 27/05/2024
Phuong Linh has just apologized to Hua Kim Tuyen and Van Mai Huong for singing without permission. She said she would work with both sides to avoid unnecessary litigation.

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Phuong Ly shows off her beauty as an only c.hild: At the age of 33, she confidently leaves her face bare without makeup

Hương Duy15:25:18 20/03/2024
Besides her sweet, clear voice, her beauty is one of the factors that help Phuong Ly gain sympathy from the public. At the age of 33, the female singer did not hesitate to o.ff her bare face, making many people admire and admire.

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MCK recreated G-Dragon exactly like the original, and thanked Son Tung, for what?

Minh Ngọc16:25:28 09/03/2024
MCK created a truly big explosion on March 8 amid a series of Vbiz songs released. However, his remake is probably the most talked about topic after its public release.

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Fang Li revealed the photo with his son, where the b.aby is now, the identity of the unexpected father

Thiên Di06:47:00 05/01/2024
On social media, a series of pictures of Fang Li appearing with her son are being widely shared. Previously, she was questioned about having children at the age of 19 and being a single mother. Later, the identity of the b.aby's father was also investigated by cyber detectives.

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Minh Tu and her fiancé have been in love for 11 years, where is Andree Right Hand during this time?

Phi Đức12:00:09 24/11/2023
The news that Minh Tu proposed to her foreign boyfriend on November 23 caused a stir in the online community. Besides, the information that the two have been dating since 2011 makes many fans wonder and wonder: so where has Andree Right Hand been during this time?

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Ha Anh Tuan suddenly lifted Ha Ho dress while singing, causing netizens to stir

Thư Kỳ20:51:50 03/11/2023
The clip of Ha Anh Tuan performing but suddenly bending down to lift the skirt of senior Ho Ngoc Ha has taken social media by storm. Many expressed their compliments, sophistication for the singer.

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Jack was stoned for color, hired a cast of bodyguards to escort him after 60 billion drama 'tense', voice criticized

Thư Kỳ16:26:46 10/09/2023
The image of the singer born in 1997 hired up to 4 bodyguards to escort, protecting himself strictly to avoid being disturbed by fans even though there was no one around him is receiving a wave of heated discussion on social networks.

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JayKii and Orange surprised by the great progress of "Star of All Fun" season 3 contestants

Thư Kỳ15:35:14 24/08/2023
The Star of All Fun Season 3 Finale Gala with the theme for the entire night of the Sing Vang Sao Love Vietnam competition took place at Song Hau Park, Can Tho City with the participation of many famous names of Vbiz.

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HIEUTHUHAI, Orange, JayKii and Vbiz stars explode at the 'Star of All Fun' gala night

Yaya18:45:44 23/08/2023
Despite the weather to bring explosive, optimistic from the top 10 overall, as well as a cast of famous guests such as HIEUTHUHAI, Phuong Ly, Ha Nhi, Quan A.P, MC Hoang Rapper, DJ WOKEUP, and 2 mentors Orange and JayKii

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Andree - Phuong Ly: From friendzone to "on friendship", rumors of being in love still do not correct

Nhật Hân13:41:22 21/07/2023
Since being suspected of falling in love, Andree - Phuong Ly has never once clarified all the speculations of netizens. No longer close friends, Andree - Phuong Ly has now upgraded to a love relationship?

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Andree - Phuong Ly officially dated after many years of being close friends, publicly posting pictures of the other party?

Kiko14:43:01 16/06/2023
Phuong Ly - Andree repeatedly revealed dating evidence and was pushed by the fans, however, in response, both repeatedly confirmed that they were just close friends. However, recently the couple suddenly made a public move.

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Ha Phuong revealed a photo that caused a storm of public opinion after the noisy divorce from the billionaire husband, all the truth behind was exposed

Phúc Sen15:43:55 08/06/2023
Cam Ly's sister - singer Ha Phuong has just been discovered by netizens in a photo that caused a stir in public opinion. People quickly exposed the truth behind the marriage with billionaire Chinh Chu, clarifying divorce rumors.

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Cat Phuong was suspected of "being close to Tran Thanh, harming Ly Hai", then responded with a question that surprised anyone?

Xuân Xuân12:37:52 02/05/2023
After r.evealing the details of the film Ly Hai and receiving thousands of bricks and stones, Cat Phuong continued to be suspicious of Tran Thanh's closeness, so he secretly harmed Ly Hai. Before this noise, the actress once again responded. In recent days, the focus of social...

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Cat Phuong revealed the time to eat and sleep with Ly Hai, telling Minh Ha: 'Don't hate me'

Neko08:38:19 25/03/2023
Recently, the trio of artists Minh Nhi, Ly Hai, and Cat Phuong had the opportunity to meet each other at an event. According to shared information, it has been many years since they had the opportunity to meet "all faces" like this time. On his personal page, artist Minh Nhi...

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NEW: An Nguy's reaction when Cat Phuong "calls her name", r.evealing that she used to love Kieu Minh Tuan

Nam Phương11:18:04 16/05/2022
The audience is now waiting for an answer from Vlogger An Nguy. On the afternoon of May 15, Cat Phuong shocked when she confirmed breaking up with Kieu Minh Tuan after more than 12 years together. The actress revealed that the two officially "went their separate ways" on...

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Phuong Ly - H.ot g.irl who is a single mother at the age of 19, who is the rumored love of BigDaddy?

Như Ý11:16:43 26/01/2022
Who is Phuong Ly? Phuong Ly's real name is Tran Phuong Ly, born on October 28, 1990, used to be a pretty popular h.ot g.irl in Hanoi and the younger sister of singer Phuong Linh. In the past, Phuong Ly had all the elements to become a famous star in the entertainment industry, but...

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JustaTee - Rapper without scandal and full life with Yoona Vietnamese version

Duyên Trần11:37:32 31/10/2021
JustaTee's real name is Nguyen Thanh Tuan, born in 1990 in Hanoi. He is a young singer coming from the underground world, his name has become familiar to the audience through a series of hit songs such as: C.razy B.oy, Stranger at the End of the Road, Forever Alone, Who There...

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