Phuong Ly shows off her beauty as an only c.hild: At the age of 33, she confidently leaves her face bare without makeup

Hương DuyMar 20, 2024 at 15:25

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Besides her sweet, clear voice, her beauty is one of the factors that help Phuong Ly gain sympathy from the public. At the age of 33, the female singer did not hesitate to o.ff her bare face, making many people admire and admire.

Phuong Ly, in addition to impressing the audience with her sweet, pure voice and possessing a series of hit songs that many people have memorized, also makes people sobbing with her youthful beauty, despite the signs. of age. This is considered a factor that helps the female singer "win points" in the eyes of fans. She was even given the nickname "national wife", because of her appearance, everyone who looks at her wants to love her.

Recently, on her personal page, Phuong Ly suddenly posted a new photo and received a "rain" of compliments from fans. The Missing You singer caused a stir when she shared a moment with her bare face and seemingly only applied a little lip balm but still attracted attention with her smooth, even-toned, flawless skin even though she was almost 33 years old.

Phuong Ly shows off her beauty as an only c.hild: At the age of 33, she confidently leaves her face bare without makeup - Photo 1

Not only that, Phuong Ly also wore a simple outfit with a black tank top, accidentally r.evealing her seductive bare shoulders and attractive collarbones.

Below the post, many people expressed their excitement, constantly praising Phuong Ly's beautiful beauty regardless of time. Many comments also expressed skepticism, not believing that this is the beauty of a mother of one c.hild, because looking at her photo, she looks no different from school-aged girls.

Phuong Ly shows off her beauty as an only c.hild: At the age of 33, she confidently leaves her face bare without makeup - Photo 2

Recently, Phuong Ly attracted attention when it was revealed that she was dating rapper Andree. Before that, the online community was stirred by Phuong Ly and Andree's emotional moment at a beach in Phu Quoc. The two gave each other a sweet kiss and did not forget to record beautiful images of each other during this trip. Many fans have expressed excitement as this is the first time the couple has revealed a clear "hint" about their relationship.

Recently, this couple has also often revealed evidence of dating on social networks. While Phuong Ly is not afraid to talk about the other person, the male rapper also boldly and humorously expressed his feelings for her.

The two are close because they have a group of friends in common and have been together for more than a decade, but Phuong Ly and Andree have a better understanding in many activities. Even though they rarely take private photos together, every moment they share together still makes people "crazy" with their sweetness.

Phuong Ly shows off her beauty as an only c.hild: At the age of 33, she confidently leaves her face bare without makeup - Photo 3

Before that, Phuong Ly - Andree was caught up in dating rumors and was actively "coached" by fans. However, the couple continuously denied their relationship and repeatedly affirmed that they were just close friends. The singer My Sun once said: "Andree and I can share a lot of things with each other from music to fashion, and stories about work and life. It can be said that we are quite close and understand each other." each other, but not in love."

Phuong Ly shows off her beauty as an only c.hild: At the age of 33, she confidently leaves her face bare without makeup - Photo 4

Phuong Ly's real name is Tran Phuong Ly, born in 1990, was once a famous h.ot g.irl in Hanoi and is the younger sister of singer Phuong Linh. Phuong Ly was famous at the same time as Chi Pu, and is also one of the most famous hotgirls in the capital thanks to her beauty.

But besides her admirable beauty, there are also many rumors about Phuong Ly having plastic surgery or nose surgery. Facing doubts, she frankly revealed that when she was 18-19 years old, she asked her sister to take her to get plastic surgery because her nose was too ugly. For Ly, "plastic surgery" is not bad and women always have a great need for beauty. However, the doctor said that Ly is at a developmental age and her features are not yet complete, so she needs more time to wait before it can be corrected. After a while, she completely gave up the idea of having cosmetic surgery because she was afraid of pain and long-term consequences.

Phuong Ly shows off her beauty as an only c.hild: At the age of 33, she confidently leaves her face bare without makeup - Photo 5

Phuong Ly shows off her beauty as an only c.hild: At the age of 33, she confidently leaves her face bare without makeup - Photo 6

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