Miss International's side stated 7 important criteria to win, Phuong Anh has everything but is out top

Nam PhươngDec 15, 2022 at 17:09

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Mr. Stephen Inventor-Diáz (marketing director) of Miss International once frankly stated 7 important criteria at this beauty playground. Accordingly, the Miss International contest emphasizes the beauty of the soul and the understanding and standard behavior according to Japanese culture.

Miss International's side stated 7 important criteria to win, Phuong Anh has everything but is out top - Photo 1

Recently, Miss International 2022 has officially named Jasmin Selberg, a 22-year-old beauty from Germany who was crowned the highest position. In addition to the consensus opinions, many viewers expressed regret. Even disgruntled when many excellent representatives were absent from the final night. Including Phuong Anh, a long-legged man from the city. Although Ho Chi Minh was highly appreciated, he left empty-handed. Not accepting any extra prizes. In fact, Vietnam once had 3rd and 8th runner-up, but compared to the previous 2 representatives, Phuong Anh was not inferior. Netizens wonder, what is the criteria to achieve high rankings at Miss International.

Miss International's side stated 7 important criteria to win, Phuong Anh has everything but is out top - Photo 2

Recently, beauty queen fans shared the statement of Mr. Stephen Inventor-Diáz, marketing director of Miss International. Specifically, in an interview with Missosology, Stephen mentioned 7 important criteria that the contest is looking for.

1. The prettiest g.irl doesn't always win

While this is a beauty contest and beauty is one criterion, applying makeup or even plastic surgery to get the perfect face doesn't guarantee you'll win the crown. MI emphasizes inner beauty. That's why the girls participate in many activities to organize MI to test their personalities multiple times. How many times have we seen beautiful girls who only focus on looks and then fail to achieve anything in the finale? There are many things that beauty fans can't see behind the scenes.

Miss International's side stated 7 important criteria to win, Phuong Anh has everything but is out top - Photo 3

2. What? No semi-finals?

Those who follow beauty pageants are often familiar with the semi-finals. Of course that is absolutely true. But what about MI? Where's the semi-final? Basically, MI's daily activities already include the semi-finals. The girls are judged on how they behave and appear in public.

3. Feel, understand about Japan

The president of MI is a Japanese woman and her staff and volunteers are mostly Japanese. Traditionally, the jury in the final night also included elite Japanese. In order to s.how o.ff their quintessential aura from activities to the final night, contestants need to understand how the Japanese appreciate the type of woman. There can be many qualities, but it should be noted that they never like aggressive girls (this word can be interpreted as aggressive or too determined to win by all means), noisy and often late.

Miss International's side stated 7 important criteria to win, Phuong Anh has everything but is out top - Photo 4

4. Learn the dress code

Japan is a very fashionable country. Famous brand goods everywhere, especially Tokyo. So there are times when contestants will be judged on the clothes they wear and the bags they carry. Is it a Prada or a Louis Vuitton or a Burberry bag? Therefore, in any important event or activity sponsored by the MI organization, the contestant needs to make sure that she doesn't get mixed up in the crowd. She has to stand out, but in the right way. Contestants need to be knowledgeable about the event she attends and choose elegant and fashionable outfits.

5. Importance of English

English is the official language of MI. Does that mean that non-English speaking contestants have no chance of w.inning? The answer is NO. MI upholds the tradition of memorizing and memorizing the final night speech and the topic of the talk has remained unchanged for decades. Therefore, there is no reason why non-English speaking candidates should be unprepared. In fact, in Japan, it's more admirable for a contestant from a country that doesn't speak English but is trying to speak English than a contestant who speaks English as a first language. During the competition activities, it is also important to communicate with the staff and VIP guests in English. You can't make excuses that you can't speak English because Japanese people also struggle with this language even though they have 6 years of compulsory English in school. So try to speak English.

Miss International's side stated 7 important criteria to win, Phuong Anh has everything but is out top - Photo 5

6. What to expect in the finale?

Most die hard fans of Miss Universe think that MI is not worth watching because of its boring format and unattractive program production. They don't understand that the MI finale is not a TV show. Instead, the finale of MI was where the girls shined, that's why all the contestants were shown one by one in national costumes, swimsuits and evening gowns. The winner is the one who leaves the strongest impression in the activities as well as in the final night. MI doesn't have intense rehearsals for the finale. However, the girls' stamina and patience will be tested on the final day because the rehearsal ends just 2 hours before the actual finale.

Miss International's side stated 7 important criteria to win, Phuong Anh has everything but is out top - Photo 6

7. Understand the examiner

As mentioned above, girls must be aware that they are valued in each activity. Many activities take place with the participation of one or two finale judges. They are there to see which contestant appeals to them. When there are 5 or 6 activities taking place in turn, the head of each agency or business that the contestants visit will act as a judge. Another point to note is that most of the judges met the girls before the finale. So in many cases, the judges already have their favorite names in mind. The g.irl who is lucky enough will be in the top of the contestants with a speech in the final night to convince the judges why she should be crowned. Remember that most of the people who graded the g.irl did not speak English very well."

Miss International's side stated 7 important criteria to win, Phuong Anh has everything but is out top - Photo 7

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