Phuong Anh was kicked out of the top by her opponent, out of the top 15 finalists of Miss International

Nam PhươngDec 13, 2022 at 11:33

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Fans couldn't help but worry when the Vietnamese representative was surpassed at the ranking voting portal. Currently, Phuong Anh is urgently making efforts to enter the final of Miss International 2022.

Known as the "voting powerhouse" in the beauty arena. Vietnam has many times honored to receive this a.ward. Among them are Miss Khanh Van (Miss Universe) or Thuy Tien and Thien An (Miss Grand). Recently, the organizers of the Miss International 2022 contest announced that the contestant with the highest number of votes will officially participate in the final at 2 p.m. (Tokyo - Japan). Therefore, on the media, the audience is actively calling for support for the beautiful Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Anh. Top 15 is an important factor to help candidates shine through important competitions such as prom, swimsuit. Better than reaching the top of behavior to touch the noble crown.

Phuong Anh was kicked out of the top by her opponent, out of the top 15 finalists of Miss International - Photo 1

Nearly 2 weeks of fighting at Miss International, Phuong Anh made fans proud with a very good performance. However, according to the announcement from the organizers of Miss International 2022, currently the representative of Vietnam is no longer leading the voting portal in the Asia-Pacific region. Instead there is the relatively new country of Northern Mariana. Besides, Peru and Cape Verde are two countries located in Latin America and Europe. However, Phuong Anh still has the opportunity to go deep in the final with her own strength.

Phuong Anh was kicked out of the top by her opponent, out of the top 15 finalists of Miss International - Photo 2

Ahead of the ranking, a number of prestigious beauty sites have also released their prediction charts. Specifically, Sash Factor favored Phuong Anh as 2nd runner-up, Missosology did not appreciate Vietnam and sadly stood at number 9.

Having 2 years to prepare for the Miss International journey, Phuong Anh constantly improves her knowledge and learns more foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. Therefore, in the activities of BTC, the 24-year-old beauty is quite comfortable and confident. In particular, she is also considered as the contestant with the most professional style. In terms of performance skills, Phuong Anh has time to practice with supermodel Minh Trieu. She also devoted a lot of effort to the national costume contest with an outfit inspired by "Poinsettias". Recently, runner-up Phuong Anh was also praised for her good performance in the swimsuit and Smart Casual Costume Wear competitions at Miss International. Here, she flaunts her confident, elegant but no less seductive catwalk steps.

Phuong Anh was kicked out of the top by her opponent, out of the top 15 finalists of Miss International - Photo 3

Responding to comments that the image was too safe and less prominent, the beauty said that the contest she attended had a polite and elegant style, so this is also the image she and the stylist agreed to build in the current time. in. Knowing that many viewers expect international beauty pageant contestants to have professional catwalks or bold outfits... due to the influence of many recent contests, Phuong Anh herself is not comfortable with these activities.

Phuong Anh was kicked out of the top by her opponent, out of the top 15 finalists of Miss International - Photo 4

The beauty revealed that she loves the minimalist fashion style of Nordic women, but does not know how to dress in a minimalist but beautiful, luxurious and outstanding fashion, so she still prefers feminine, elegant and rich costumes. shrug.

In the process of attending, Phuong Anh was also assigned by the organizers to be "class president" because she often came the earliest. This shows that the Vietnamese representative stands out and is highly focused on the Miss International 2022 journey. Even the contestant's manager commented on Phuong Anh on the livestream: "I am very proud of the representative of Vietnam, she is very good"

Phuong Anh was kicked out of the top by her opponent, out of the top 15 finalists of Miss International - Photo 5

Sharing before the final, Phuong Anh said that she had tried her best and was satisfied with the moment she appeared in the country of cherry blossoms. The rest just depends on luck. "One of the things Phuong Anh is satisfied with in the past few days is that she left a very good impression because she is always on time, proactive, lively and dynamic. Things from the organizers helped her have a basis. To confirm this, because the candidate management board also trusts me, assigns me the responsibility of managing the candidate as a 'class president'.The organizers also asked me to represent some of the students speaking and more. These are exchanges and flute-playing shows to give the Vietnamese representative a stronger impression," Phuong Anh confided.

Phuong Anh was kicked out of the top by her opponent, out of the top 15 finalists of Miss International - Photo 6

Pham Ngoc Phuong Anh owns an extremely dazzling profile when 12 years in a row as a good student, studying French at Le Hong Phong School for the Gifted. Won the French Olympic Gold Medal in 2014 and 2015, the first prize in the French language city in 2014, a four-year full scholarship at RMIT University, fluent in English and French and has IELTS 8.0 and French Delf C1.

Not only studying well, Phuong Anh is also an active and active g.irl at the photography club with the position of vice president and school union. With such a beautiful transcript and achievements, Pham Ngoc Phuong Anh was immediately recruited into Foreign Trade University and University of Technology.

In addition to academic competitions, Phuong Anh also participated in the Vietnamese Ao Dai contest for girls and won two prizes: Miss Ao Dai and Best behavior in 2015.

Phuong Anh was kicked out of the top by her opponent, out of the top 15 finalists of Miss International - Photo 7

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