Dear Pam, she is upset when Long's father feeds her: Salim is "hot-faced" because her husband is too clumsy

Nhật DuyMar 22, 2024 at 17:00

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Eating moments for many families seem quite normal, but for the "Dear Pam" family, there is a slight abnormality that makes people constantly laugh because it is so cute.

At the present time, "Dear Pam" seems to be a "child force" with a large number of fans. The older he gets, the more attractive he becomes, thanks to his trademark square face and a series of super funny expressions. This is what has helped b.aby Pam always receive warm welcome from fans. Not only the little b.aby, but Pam's father - nicknamed Dragon Seed Jasmine - is equally funny. There are also many loopholes that make netizens laugh out loud.

Dear Pam, she is upset when Longs father feeds her: Salim is hot-faced because her husband is too clumsy - Photo 1

Both good at business and loving towards his wife and children, young master Nguyen Hai Long quickly became the image of husband and father that many women wished for. However, many people still can't help but wonder what this talented father will be like when looking after his children?

However, unlike the gorgeous, glittering images that many women imagine, the young master of the garment corporation looked extremely flustered while feeding his c.hild. He was so clumsy that it made Salim's wife standing next to him "hot-eyed". Many people even teased him: "He works as a boss outside, but when he comes home, his wife glares at him and "burns his face".

Also because he is not the main person responsible for feeding Pam, the new father is somewhat clumsy, clumsy and extremely stressed.

Dear Pam, she is upset when Longs father feeds her: Salim is hot-faced because her husband is too clumsy - Photo 2

Although the wife next to her gave very enthusiastic instructions, it seemed that Pam's father was still not very used to it, and was afraid of the c.hild vomiting while feeding. So we know how stressful the weaning phase is for parents, especially in the beginning when their children are just getting used to eating large grain porridge, foods mixed with non-puréed foods...

Dear Pam, she is upset when Longs father feeds her: Salim is hot-faced because her husband is too clumsy - Photo 3

Dear Pam, she is upset when Longs father feeds her: Salim is hot-faced because her husband is too clumsy - Photo 4

Watching the clip, everyone burst out laughing because of the cuteness of Pam's family. Although Dad was clumsy, he still tried very hard to complete his task. Everyone has their first time, right? Surely young master Hai Long would do better if he fed b.aby Pam regularly. As for little Pam, she was also very cooperative and willing to eat, but she also did not forget to show her attitude towards the ministry with lovely gestures and facial expressions that made viewers extremely excited. As for Salim's mother, she is "cool" without question, from taking care of her c.hild to disciplining her at the dinner table, everything is very commendable.

Dear Pam, she is upset when Longs father feeds her: Salim is hot-faced because her husband is too clumsy - Photo 5

Below the video, many comments encouraged father "Long Jasmine Seed": "Rescue young master Long Jasmine Seed, turn off the camera and go to work with mother Salim and Pam", "Everything needs to be learned, especially is learning to be a father, it's so difficult it's no joke", "That shows how difficult it is to feed your children, dads come in and learn quickly"...

B.aby Pam's real name is Hai Duong, she also has the nickname "Square-faced Pam". The b.aby was born in early April 2022. Recently, b.aby Pam has become famous on social networks with a series of adorable and humorous everyday moments.

The kid's parents even created a Tik Tok channel, which currently has more than 1.5 million followers. Pam's videos all attract millions of views, a number that many people dream of. Many Vietnamese stars even expressed that they are fans of little Pam. Pamela Hai Duong is also the first c.hild in Vietnam to own a photo with up to 1 million likes on Instagram.

Dear Pam, she is upset when Longs father feeds her: Salim is hot-faced because her husband is too clumsy - Photo 6

Besides, Pamela also had a life of "holding a golden spoon" since childhood. The proof is that Pam's father - businessman Hai Long is a young master of a large garment corporation with 4 subsidiaries and 7 factories distributed in many provinces and cities across the country. Under the care of her family, Salim's daughter becomes more and more beautiful, adorable and also very obedient.

Dear Pam, she is upset when Longs father feeds her: Salim is hot-faced because her husband is too clumsy - Photo 7

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